Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Bump in the Night

It was a mobular shoot out extravaganza! We did get a little Ned, Alexis and Julian which was nice. It was mostly Franco, NuJase, Ava and Robin in the mix of things. Helena made an appearance as well.  

Quite a few extras lost their lives this week with the shootout at Julian's and Helena plugging some poor guy in Anna's.  #MomentOfSilence 

So, let's get going! What should we have today? I say martinis from The Metro. They look pretty good up there! 

Here's the  RUN-Down (get it?)   NuJase and Robin drive to Port Chuck-- yabbering all the way. I thought for sure they'd get in an accident but no! Jason goes to Sonny's (notice NOT to Sam's-but hey, Sam happens to be there for the first time in 2 years! ) and then Robin goes to her Mama's. Of course, Jason is taken by ZE-Goon squad and Robin finds Helena. That all didn't end well, did it? 

Whoops. Ava's giant freak-out over hitting someone seemed a bit..over the top, no? She's fleeing for her life-- and is really really REALLY concerned about the guy she just totally ran over. Anyway, she had enough of a mind to call Jordan who figures out it's her car that hit NuJase, so SHE can take the blame while Ava goes and--decides to hide at MORGAN's. (Great choice there, Ava!!)  Liz gets the honor of holding St. Jase's hand first and he squeezes it to let her know he's alive. Aawwww. Of course, he has bandages all over his face so, well, you know that drill. 

Helena... I love her but Damn it--it's the same ol' stuff EVERY. TIME. I guess this stint  she's at least taking Robin to Paris, so there's that. Robin Skypes with Anna and Patrick. In the back of the car--which I guess they didn't really notice. They buy her stupid story about leaving town. You'd think at least ANNA would get it. We know Paddy's dumb, but Anna? 

Ava was taken by Sonny's goonies--big giant gun fight all over. Like GIANT Gun fight. You'd think the entire block would have been on notice. LOL. At least it got her not to  take Sabrina's abortion pills. 

Franco learned that Carly did sleep with Sonny thanks to him pestering poor Kiki. (who spilled pretty easily). So, what does he do? Well, he proposes to Carly! Seems that he wants to play with her like a cat ready to kill the mouse.  I'm can't wait  for my Todd to unleash his powers. (He was SO Todd with Kiki/Starr it was amazing!)

Scotty chooses Bobbie, which sent Lucy into a tizzie. She ran back to Duke's arms for comfort. Anna's like "yeah, whatever, I don't care, I trust Duke"!  Bobbie and Scott went to the birthday party. Which as far as I could see--had NO CAKE! 

Fluke's name was mentioned 8 million times as people are starting to piece things together with him. Tracy FINALLY looked as though she might start having doubts. Anna has suspicions, and so do Patrick, Sam...Lante. 

SCENE AND FACE O' the WEEK: Yep..Ava running over NuJaseFace!! Great screen cap!! I couldn't get a good photo of  the actual run-over but it was gruesome! She just ran him down.

PROP of the WEEK: We saw them so much it was impossible not to notice the awesome black sneaks. AND they were borrowed from the guy Jase knocked out at the clinic.  Double Duty

This week was just average, imo. The Jason Run-Over was exciting but boy, I am so sick of the mob crap-- and Kiki and Morgan/Michael I could scream.  NuJaseFace will have those bandages on into October so we can be bored with that part of things. The one stand out this week was Jordan who comes off as a great bad-ass in the vein of Anna long ago. (she did it all in heels too!) Not sure how I feel about the Franco Carly story.  Mad Franco may be fun to watch for a bit, especially if he gets Nina in on the game. Plus? A Halloween wedding? You know that's going to be fun. 

Have a good week --- autumn is in full swing here and we've had gorgeous weather. Get that cider and doughnut combo!!! 


  1. Karen: when Liz was pumping Jason's chest and on her tiptoes, did you or anyone else get the feeling she was gonna recognize him and straddle and mount him in the ER?

  2. Cosmo, you are hilarious! lol

    Is anyone else hoping the hit man takes a shot at Michael and takes out Kiki? That would definitely send Frankentodd over the edge too, and finally give Kiki a storyline I might watch. (providing she doesn't survive.)

    I really didn't buy all that remorse from Ava. I was half expecting her to kick the body out of her way and drive off. It must be the hormones humanizing her.

    I'd love to see Anna and Jordan working together on more cases. She's one newbie who's really good. I hope she's the one to take out Fluke.

    I guess Franco's tumor is growing back. *insert eye roll* That might make for some interesting storylines for him too. If he hurts Carly, Sonny and him will be butting heads for sure.

  3. They have one script for Constance every time she guest stars on the show. She shows up to work, and they simply change the name of the person she threatens. It's been that way for over 30 years.

    Its a shame. Its a waste of talent for such a good actress.

    Lately, I think they are doing the same for many of the actors on the show.

  4. Cosmo..NO! LOL but I did note her weird "NURSE TONE"
    "Hello. you are in General Hospital."
    NUrse ratchet

  5. "Karen says #MomentOfSilence"

    *Moment of silence*

    "Whoops. Ava's giant freak-out over hitting someone seemed a bit..over the top, no?"

    Actually, I thought it was excellent. Altho her calling him sir was funny! :) And Liz called him sir too hahahaha!

    "I couldn't get a good photo of the actual run-over but it was gruesome!"

    Yeah no kidding it was!!! WOW!

  6. " Cosmoetica said... when Liz was pumping Jason's chest and on her tiptoes, did you or anyone else get the feeling she was gonna recognize him and straddle and mount him in the ER?"

    ROFL! Oh Cosmo!!! :) No I didn't get that feeling! :)

  7. Isn't everything Ava does, or any of the Cartini characters for the matter, completely over the top? I am enjoying my hiatus from watching the show and based on blog comments I won't be tuning in again anytime soon.

    As for people calling him sir, he is a grown man whose name they do not know, what are they suppose to call him? Especially Liz in a professional setting. Hey you?

    Is there any news on when Ric is returning? Or news on when Sonny is leaving> His 6 month vacation was the only "spoiler" I was looking forward to.

  8. Neither Jason or Robin went to their spouses home to protect them and their kids. It made perfect sense to me. It's nice that they are letting Liz help save Jason. We all know nothing substantial will come of it, but it's nice.

  9. I loved Ava running over Saint
    Jason. I loved that Helena shot the thug that didn't get the done. If it was Sonny he would talked him to death.

  10. Yes, Helena's storyline is repetitive as hell and I wish she would be given something to do besides kidnapping and threatening people, but damn it, I love watching Constance Towers, no matter how deja vu the script is. I've always thought she should be given something to humanize her a bit, like they've done with Leisl Obrecht (via her relationships with her children, Britt and Nathan). Like Kathleen Gati has, Constance would excel at playing a more complex villain if given the chance. The trouble is --and this applies to Robin Mattson/Heather as well--the character is written as very one-note. If the writers could put in a little more effort to flesh out Helena's character and not keep going back to the same lather-rinse-repeat storylines, the show would be better for it.