Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful Day...

It was too nice to watch GH today--I went to a pub and had PUMPKIN BEER!! Yes, I DID damn it! LOL
So, how was it? Should I bother to watch or will Sonya's recap be enough?! 


  1. Hahahaha Karen. :) Hope you had fun! :) How was the pumpkin beer? :)

    Carly and BobTodd's home: Awwww BobTodd gave her an eye necklace! Now I'm thinking is there a camera in it?! :) And as it turned out, THERE IS!!! Oh this wedding is going to be so good! Oh there is Sonny showing up talking to Carly about her wedding to BobTodd. And of course he doesn't want them to get married. There is Connie talk. During the commercial, they had that soap opera digest commercial, and it said that on Halloween the Carly and Sonny fans are going to be scared. Oh because of Halloween? :)Or because of BobTodd's plan? OH I CAN'T WAIT!

    Lante home: More talk about Luke. The same as yesterday. Patrick and Sam show up to talk about Luke.

    Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Julian Jerome does not own that gallery. His sister Breathless Mahoney does.


    Sam's home: Sam, Patrick, and Alexis talking more about Luke. Sam wants to go talk to her daddy and ask him if he is working for Luke. Patrick doesn't think it's a good idea, so Alexis says SHE will do it! Sam says no no no! But the scene quickly went to Julian's home and Alexis is at the door! I got whiplash.

    Julian's home: Jordan is trying to talk to Julian about Michael and what is going to happen to him! Julian isn't really listening and won't do anything. Julian and Alexis scene. More HOTNESS! Alexis says she wants a drink, and as she was getting some ice, Julian grabs her! *fans self* She says she wants him, and he figured out she wants something haha. Damn I love Julian! So Alexis asked him point blank if he is working for Luke!

    The hospital: Nina is trying to text Rosalie, but she is screwing up! She spelled Michael wrong hahahahaha. Nina overhears Shaun talking on the phone about Ava, and Nina wants to talk what is going on. Shaun won't give her any details and walks away! She talks to BobTodd who tells her thank you for the info about Carly and Sonny, and he found out it's true, and he purposed, but he doesn't trust Carly. He won't tell her anything about the plan! :(

    Michael's home: Michael in a towel! Rosalie shows up to plant more seeds and to flirt with him! Michael is attracted to her. He goes to put clothes on, and Mr Stiff, shows up! Rosalie won't let him in! Good girl! Mr Stiff, comes in and points a gun at Michael! Mr Stiff looks constipated. He says to Michael surprise! Uh okay. Mr Stiff talks wayyyyyyyyy too much!

    Brownstone: Ava tells Starki and Morgan that someone wants her dead! That it's Sonny!! And then she spilled the beans about Sonny shooting AJ! Oh Starki and Morgan don't you two say a word to Michael! It needs to come from BobTodd!!!!

  2. Oops forgot one other thing.

    The gym: Olivia isn't watching what she is doing, because she is looking at her phone, and plows right into Nedly!!!! Great scene! :) They talk about how Lante are doing, and about boxing. Twice Ned says that he texed Alexis about going to the gym and hoped she would come too. She didn't. So Olivia and him boxed together. :)

    Oh you should watch GH today Karen! If anything, you should watch Julian grab Alexis! *fans self*

  3. My brother and I agreed it was a pretty good show today. He feels it has been pretty interesting for a week or so.

    I hope TG is returning very soon--all this talk about Luke demands his appearance now.

    Again a ruthless hitman shows up with a gun, but tries to talk the victim to death instead and just long enough to get interrupted.