Thursday, September 25, 2014

Patient John Doe

Why would Ava go to Morgan's house? I mean seriously. He's 20 something, does zero and isn't very smart. Great running. Did she park her giant Caddy Escalade out front too? She tells him Sonny is going to take the baby and then kill her. He won't believe it. Knits his eyebrows.
Ava wants to hide at the Brownstone.
where? In the Attic? Belfry? 

Jules looks for Ava at Sonny's. Sonny taunts him. Julian leaves. Shawn says he's going to find Ava. 

NuFaceSt.Jase is wheeled into GH-- the lights dim and hush falls. Liz puts an IV in his royal arm. His face is all banged up. SURPRISE!  Liz tends to him and asks him who he is. You don't recognize that belly button? She has to give him CPR.

Alexis and Ned. Alexis is jelly of Olivia! They are on a "date" together. Julian then walks in and Alexis certainly smiles like she is glad to see him.  She goes to talk to Julian and Olivia walks in and sits with Ned not realizing that 

Flea and Mac see Maxie

Lante sees Rocco.  Nik and Britt find out Victor and Stavvy "died"...Who the hell ever really dies on this show?


Di said...

Poor baby Rocco didn't seem very happy to see Lulu. lol

cooks7570 said...

Kim will be back for a longer stint in Nov.

Di said...

She may have arrived in Paris by then. lol

sonya said...

Sonny's home: Julian and Sonny scene! Awesome! Oh Sonny! Stop pretending you are a tough man! And you shoot fire your men they suck! Well don't fire that one guy in the suit. The one who wanted to talk to you when Sam wanted to show you pictures of Danny. That guy is smoking hot! :)

Metrocourt: Alexis and "Ted" date YAY! Hahaha Ted! Oh Julian you slay me. :) Julian won the line of the day!

Julian: I know he doesn't make you quiver. I know he doesn't break your back the way you like it. And I know he doesn't love you the way you do. Go ahead take him for a spin. It's not going to work. Eventually you will realize that nothing compares to me, then you will be back.

WOAH HOT DAMN! That was HOTTTTT! *Fans self* Great line! Yowzer! :) Ahem anyway did you all notice the look on Olivia's face when she found out that Ned and Alexis were on a date? She looked bothered by it. Oh Olivia likes Nedly! :)

Police station: I'm glad Maxie is back with her parents, and Nathan is back with his older sister. :) And I love how Nik talked to him, and called him cousin awww! Too bad they aren't! WHO IS NATHAN'S DADDY?!!?! Is it Fluke?

Brownstone: Wait Morgan has Ava take his bedroom and he is taking the couch!?!?!!?! This is the brownstone! There should be more then one bedroom! WHAT THE HELL?!!?

Lante home: Awww Olivia and Nik happy to see Lante. :) Lante alone talking zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Love seeing Rocco and his little curls. :) Lante is talking way too damn much. They think things are going to go back to normal! NOT!

Hospital: Sabrina you better be careful or people might be suspicious of you! Sabrina is being very impatient!! ROFL! And with Jason and Liz, Liz calls him sir! ROFL! Just like Ava did! Too funny.

delcodave said...

actually, Georgie, Alan Sr. and Alan Jr. died. You know, the "good" guys. It's evil that never dies.

Julie Langley said...

When Julian told Olivia that she quivered when he raked her back like she liked...well, let's just say the fall day suddenly felt a lot warmer in Georgia! Whew!

sonya said...

"Julie Langley said.. When Julian told Olivia that she quivered when he raked her back like she liked..."

Yeah I don't think Olivia heard that, cus she was busy talking to Ted! ROFL!

"well, let's just say the fall day suddenly felt a lot warmer in Georgia! Whew!"

*fans self* I know what you mean. :)

nance24 said...

all I could think of was shouldn't Liz have recognized some part of Jason's body??? As for Sonny he's a joke to me now, MB really needs to take a vacation and come back fresh after a few months