Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To Fall...

And yes, I KNOW summer isn't "officially" Over--but in the soap world it's the beginning of fall. It's also back to school. Back to work for me tomorrow, ergo who knows when I can "GH It" -- ?? I am finding it very hard to engage with the show (can you tell) and maybe another rest is in order. 

Maura West tweeted this today

I don't know Billy Miller's work at all. I'm more reacting to the fact that Jason is being resurrected than anything else.  I don't think we need it. I know we don't need it. BM might be awesome but I'm done with Jason. Maybe he'll change after being "Frozen" Who knows. :throws up hands: 

So...what say you? Are you happy?  I hope so! Twitter went nuts, btw and Billy Miller trended at number 5 in the US--during Y&R LOL  (I guess they timed that perfectly!)  He's worked with Maura (Ava), Michelle (Nina) and Emme (Lulu) before. He was also on AMC for awhile but I don't remember him at all. 


Carrrrrrrrrlos is still on! But why is Sabrina? LOL.  Carlos tells Sabrina it was Ava that gave the order to Rafe to crash the car. (we know it's not true, it was Victor) so..I guess Sabrina is going to 'go after Ava'. ahahah AHAHAHA. Um, how?? 

Nina knows Ava by photos..Ava doesn't recognize Nina.  Ava's like "you won" so let it go. Nina is like "no way"...you got his child.   Nina calls Ava out "I think they call it SLUT SHAMING".  OMG, Nina is soo good at this. She is kind of a fragile-psycho. She says she can have babies "Just like this" (stares at Ava's stomach) then she caresses it! ahahhaa.  Oh too funny. You have to watch those scenes. 

Carly watches Franco work and thinks about Sonny... of course. Then, they have a picnic. 

Kiki and Silas. Zzzzzzzzzzz. They make plans to double date. @@ 
Later, Nina rolls into Silas' office and tells him they are a-okay to have a baby. 

Morgan and Michael go see Sonny--they finally learn about Lulu being kidnapped. LOL
Lulu and Maxie try to get Pevi to give it up. Too bad he's not a Cassadine, he'd have a tunnel out of there if he was. He comes out with Lulu as a human shield. 

Carly shows up to "talk" to Sonny. 

Cabin: Surrounded. Pevi drags out LULU..she elbows him, Dante shoots... he's down! Lante make out. 
OMG..GREAT ending and it surprised me!! Just like a BATMAN film!! WOW..


ishouldreadmore said...

I am not impressed! AT the end, I am convinced the stranger was Stavros. Hence, the burning need to have Lulu in Pevi's plot.
The Nina/Ava scene creeped me out big time. Made me sick.
Folks are loving the show, judging from the ratings. I am not. There are far too many characters for me to care about any of them, or even keep them straight.
And the sooner Nina goes, the better. But instead, we will be treated with her, probably teaming up with Heather when her crazy self comes back. I don't care how good the acting is; these story lines are tedious and boring and repetitious to me. Enough of crazy!!!! Enough of bringing characters back from the dead. Let's think of some new plot lines!

Gwendolyn said...

I'm going to say it again, though it never seems to work: I want Jason QuarterMorgan *grin* I need to catch up on everything else.

Anon said...

Billy Miller can act - he's good...No worries there, BUT GH has scored several good actors recently but they are all suffering due to TOO MANY DAMN CHARACTERS! They are just wasting the guy's talents in my opinion trying to squeeze Jason back on the canvas.

sonya said...

Nina and Ava: Oh Nina vs Ava! Sweeeeeet! :) What Kiki's short for Katherine!?!?! HUH?! No Kiki's name is Lauren!!!! She calls herself Kiki cus it's a nickname she picked for herself! Boy Ava's baby bump grows bigger and then shorter in scenes. Nina touches the baby bump! Hahaha! The look on Nina's face when she was touching it! I thought she was going to say that is fake!!!! :) Nina wins the line of the day!

Nina: What do they call it these days? Oh yeah. slut shaming.


McSilas and Starki: Starki asked a good question! Is Nina a rebound? Or are you going to have a relationship with her!

BobTodd's art therapy room:

BobTodd: I want passion I want yearning. I want to see your lust for life. Everything you want in your life but that you are missing.

Oh yeah! Carly is passionately yearning and lusting after Sonny! And she is missing Sonny in her life! :)You can tell. She was thinking about him when BobTodd said that! :)

Sonny's office: Sonny and his sons! Awesome. Now the truth just has to come out!!!! Oh Carly telling Sonny for the millionth time she wants BobTodd and doesn't want Sonny! Your nose is growing Carly!

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos and Sabrina: Damn Sabrina has changed!!! I like it. Just listen to Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos Sabrina!! Stay away from Ava! And besides, Ava didn't run you, Patrick, and Emma off the road!

The cabin: The best part of the scene today, was the gas!!! I did not see that coming!!!! Who is that person who walked in and you don't see the face? I was thinking it was Fluke, but someone on another site was thinking it's Stavros. Hmmm.

kdmask said...

Those legs looked THIN... but it could be Stavvy-- I was HOPING for Helena

AND yes, too many many characters. NOTE how Jordan and Shawn have evaporated again. TJ and Molly? WHO? Alexis? What? IT's a rotation.

sonya said...

"Karen says NOTE how Jordan and Shawn have evaporated again"

They are probably off having a two week sexathon again ROFL!

LSV422 said...

I thought Nina and Ava were creepy, too, but I must say MW is great. Way too much Nina. Finally Lulu acted like a Spencer. 95% of the show was so boring. Carly and Sonny look ridiculous together, and not because she is so much bigger than him - no chemistry.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I was studying the guy in black to see if I could figure out who it was... then it dawned on me that since the face wasn't shown, it not even be the same actor who will ultimately play that "boss" character... The preview showed one of the guys in the haz-mat suits saying "it's ok to take off your mask now."... Did he mean gas-mask? Or a mask used to imitate someone else? Or just a mask to hide his face? Hope today's show is as good as yesterday's previews hinted at.