Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maze of the Clinic

Lesil shoots Victor before he can say he's NOT Nathan's father to Anna. I'm thinking his real Dad has to be Fluke, or whomever Fluke was before looking like Luke. You know what I mean. She was all scared about it.

Stavvy and Dante--Lulu..tussle, tussle...

Robin is chained up. Jason can't talk, he gets her out of the cuffs.  Sam says it's his bday tomorrow BTW

Tracy and Michael are gabbin' away, I don't even care. 


Nathan teaches Maxie to shoot.

Patrick and Sam didn't go thru with it. Awww. 

TODAY'S ENDING IS HELLA fun--LOL!!!  IT's awesome in so many ways. Camp--weird stuff, you want people to shut up and run!!



dar said...

Since these writers love stolen baby stories, I am wondering if Nathan is not Dr O's but a child she kidnapped. I know that makes no sense but nothing on this show does now.

Di said...

I was also wanting them to shut up and run. lol You wouldn't have to tell me twice.

And why would Anna tell Nathan and Maxie to stay there? She should have had someone escort them outside.

Dr. O has tried to keep Nathan safe all his life. I think that's why she gave him to her sister. His father must be some sinister figure from that time period. Damian Smith? But how would Lisle know him? Grant Putnam/ Andrei Chernin? Stavros? (That would make Nicolas Nathan's brother.),

I thought today's show was fun too. Once again it's moving quickly. I'm now wondering where Hell's is and how they all get out of a locked building in less than a minute or two. lol

delcodave said...
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delcodave said...

Dar, I have also assumed that Nathan is a kidnapped baby and stolen. Someday in the future we will have him search for his real parents.

I liked how he didnt care AT ALL that Victor was supposedly his father and all he cared about was Maxie. That was good for his character. Anyone else would have shriveled up.

So, anyone want to place bets how long it will be before our dearly departed rise from the dead and come back to the canvas when the writers cant come up ith an original storyline?

Peter Sr. and Jr. Maybe in 7 yrs.
Maxie: "OMG You're alive. But I stabbed you..."

Victor? I give it 2-3 years

Stavvros? Probably when Mommie Dearest awakens from the dead.

Today was actually worth watching.

But I think the cameraman who was assigned to the Jason character should get fired. He kept lowering the camera and all we got to see was Jason's legs. He wont be nominated for any Emmy awards for cinematography anytime soon.

ps. Thinking about this, is it possibly that Valentin Cassadine, often mentioned, never seen, could be Nathan's father? Are they ever going to bring Val around to say hello?

Kat Tu said...

What if Nathan is Anna's son that she thought she and Duke lost?
That would be awesome...

sonya said...

Sam and Patrick: YES THEY KISS! :) Glad she stopped it from going any further, cus I just want them to kiss. They don't have to go overboard. He thinks he misread the signals hahahaha. He is so cute. :) No Patrick you didn't misread anything. She wanted to kiss you. It was written all over her face. :) And she is right about too many things on their plate right now and how they both broke up with their significant other.

Michael and Tracy: Mmmmm Michael hitting the punching bag. :) Why isn't he shirtless?!!?! :)Poor Tracy is worried about Lulu. :(

The clinic:

Maxie and Nathan: Nathan has a softer face when he is with her. :) Her face and lips must be a laxative. :) Oh he is teaching her how to shoot a gun! Is it just an excuse to get close to her? :) Hmmm foreplay? Wow Maxie walking around with a gun! She has changed. :)

Victor's office: Dr O wins the line of the day.

Dr O: I think twice about reaching for your weapon scarecrow. You would never have turned your back on me if you only had a brain.

ROFL! The movie the wizard of Oz popped in my head hahaha! I was thinking is she going to shoot Anna? Or Victor? Oh Dr O why would you be surprised that Victor is still alive? ROFL! Oh so she KNEW that Victor isn't Nathan's father!!! WHO IS?!!?! Is he THAT horrible? Oh oh! There is a bomb! RUN DR O RUN! Get the hell out and stop talking to Victor!!! And take that pillow with you! Don't let another prop die!!! :(

Lante with Stavros: Lulu hits Stavros, and starts to attack the woman doctor! The Spencer genes is kicking in! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Her parents would be proud. Dante shoots and kills Stavros. :( My poor Stavros!! And also, Lante will go back to being boring! Hmmmm is Stavvy faking it? :)Oh oh Lante hears the alarm! Well they don't really know there is a bomb, so I don't blame them for not running. Yes Dante that IS an annoying sound.

Jason and Robin: Oh there is Robin!!! Oh Jason can't speak! How convenient. Oh look they are hugging and we can see the back of him! Yup that looks like Billy Miller!

Sidenote: The view started yesterday and in the background, IS TODD MANNING'S ORB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonya said...

"Di said...I was also wanting them to shut up and run. lol You wouldn't have to tell me twice."

Hahahaha! Well, the only person who knows about the bomb, is Dr O, so she would be the one who is running! :)

Di said...

Alarms are going off and lights are flashing, Sonya. I'd be thinking at best it's a fire. Goodbye.....lol

Sonya said: "Her face and lips must be a laxative. " ROFL They give him the shits. PMSL

I didn't suggest Valentin because we know nothing about him so I don't see him as being way worse than any of the others.

Here's some news about Nathan Parsons. I guess we won't be seeing him again.


sonya said...

" Di said...Alarms are going off and lights are flashing, Sonya. I'd be thinking at best it's a fire. Goodbye.....lol"

ROFL! Ahhhh. Good point! RUN EVERYONE RUN!

"ROFL They give him the shits. PMSL"

ROFL! Well at least he isn't constipated anymore.

"Here's some news about Nathan Parsons. I guess we won't be seeing him again. http://deadline.com/2014/09/nathan-parsons-cast-pilot-point-of-honor-pilot-amazon-835438/"

Wow. Yeah I we probably won't see him again. Congratulations to him on his new gig.

CareyN said...

I paused the preview for tomorrow's show when Jason is on the floor, and Robin says "It can't be you." And you know what's in the frame??? A woman's legs, and she's wearing high heels, and I'm SURE it's Helena!

My prediction: the place blows up...

Alive and OK: Anna, Robin, Dante, Lulu, Maxie, Dr. O.

Injured: Nathan (so Maxie can sit vigil and Dr. O can get all guilty, and maybe there will be a blood transfusion needed and we'll get another clue about his parentage). Also, Jason will obviously get blown up so he can come back with a new face and maybe amnesia.

Dead: Victor. Sadly. :( And the already-dead Peter Jr and Sr.

Missing: Stavros, Helena, and the dreaded embryo...gross.

I'm checking out stuff on the new guy playing Jason...something about him makes me wish he were a recast Lucky instead...and also that RH had come on as Jason instead of Franco.

Di said...

CareyN, I don't think RH could ever pull off Jason. He makes every character a smart mouth, and a bit of a clown. That's definitely not Jason.

They should have had RH come back as a completely different character.

Hey...He could have been Levi. lol

kdmask said...

YES, it's Helena..I think it blows too and Jason goes to GH and Liz takes care of him

I think Fluke is his daddy...whomever Fluke really is

Cosmoetica said...

I agree that Fluke is the daddy.

But he's not Mikkos, cuz if Fluke were Mikkos and fathered Nate, vic's and Nikkos's DNA wd read almost identical to a stabdard DNA test.


- Victor is done for the time being, as are Levi and Stavros. I've been told there are no plans to bring back the elder Peter.

- Victor will be the first of the three to return, in early 2015, and he will be the catalyst in the story of Nathan's paternity. Needless to say, there's a whole lot more to be told.

- Tomorrow, Helena will kidnap Jason and Robin. Jason will sustain a severe injury to his face, requiring facial reconstruction.

- Helena is set on returning to Port Charles and causing havoc for Luke. Unfortunately, it's not Luke that she's going to come face-to-face with.

- Robin will be the one to find the real Luke at Miscavige.

- The Cassadine story is taking a break shortly after Helena's encounter with "Fluke", but as the thread title suggests, a storm is brewing. The story will be starting up again in early 2015 for a May resolution.

sonya said...

"Cosmoetica said...- Victor will be the first of the three to return, in early 2015,"

Of course he will come back! You can't kill a Cassadine! ROFL!

LSV422 said...

Nothing quite as romantic as making out with 2 dead bodies nearby, LOL. I wish they would send Ryan P. to acting school - he needs it so badly. At least there was a little action yesterday.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

"LSV422 said...Nothing quite as romantic as making out with 2 dead bodies nearby, LOL."

ROFL! She said she forgot there were dead bodies hahahahaha. And by the way, how do they know they are dead? They didn't even check their pulses ROFL!