Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gas Masks!

Well, you can tell GH is still off time-wise. Yesterday should have been a Friday, we recapped a LOT at the top of the show.

It was VICTOR that came into the cabin in the suit. He notices Nathan is missing. WHY DIDN'T  SILAS CALL backup!? Like RIGHT AWAY!?????? Before Victor threatened.  OMG that scene was so stupid. And Nathan's delivery was just flat. ugh....

Britt has to tell Dr. O that Nathan is rescuing Lulu and Maxie. Dr O wants to take him to lunch. She knew Levi was a con, btw..and said his accent was terrible.  Britt guesses that Victor is Nathan's Dad.

Kiki hears Carly talk about her and Sonny having sex. Carly says "DON"T TELL"!  Starr is like "I'm going to if I want to" Sonny's laughing. 

Sabrina tells Ava who she is.  AND the Carlos connection AND she think Ava ran them off the road.
GEESH!! IT'S official. WE DO NOT NEED SABRINA. At. All. We saw Carlos, now cut her loose. 
**Note: if you watch after reading this, Sabrina has no LIPSTICK on when she's out of the elevator. Half way thru their talk, she's got red on. Drives me nuts LOL 

Patrick comes to talk to Silas about the clinic. Silas says yep-- probably something weird going on there. 

Franco and Nina. Nina says she can have a baby--but it may be more difficult (cut to flashback of Ava's belly). 

STUPID "Stuff" NOTE: THAT Nathan scene? Where was the radio contact? I mean, if they haven't checked in in like 3 mintues, they'd know at the station. NO ONE is monitoring this "raid"?? Where's ANNA? Nathan was an idiot. 
There. Phew. 

AND, Ok, so Sonny knows that Franco knows he killed AJ. SO WHY would he be messing with Carly? Why make him angry? And on that note, why not just KILL the guy?
UGH..this makes no sense. 


Sandi said...

I feel your pain, Karen!

friscogh said...

I thought Patrick was suppose to shave?

Today's GH starring front and centre - Silas, Nina, Kiki, Franco, Ava, Sabrina, Dr. O, Britt, Nathan, Victor. None of which were even on the show 2 years ago. 8 of which I absolutley detest.

I no longer recognize this show. It is OLTL meets Looney Tunes. It is a Cartini blessed mess. I want Guza to come back and kill off everyone Cartini introduced.

Time for me to tune out again.

When I read on this site that Tracey, Monica, Bobbie, Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Patrick, Ned, Morgan, Maxie, Duke, Anna, Alexis, Liz, Lucas, Scotty, Kevin, etc are back where they belong, on THEIR show, then I will tune in again.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

Today's show was NOT as good as yesterday's previews hinted at. As soon as the "Suit" walked in I knew it was Victor, mask or not.... Also, so stupid of Nathan to just stand there outside the window, and then to run in with a pistol turned onto three guys with assault rifles? Come on, can it get any dumber...

Did like the way Kiki didn't let herself be intimidated by Carly... But.. now there are MORE secrets that we are supposed to waiting impatiently to be revealed.... Crazy....

ishouldreadmore said...

Karen, you are so right. Nathan is dumber than a sack of hair. And wasn't he supposed to be a decorated NYC detective???? Oh yeah, sure.
I cannot stand Nina, and wish her to be the first one on the bus that I have proposed take 1/3 of the cast over a cliff. (Only know I am up to 3/5!)
Britt took a nanosecond to figure out that Nickolas was Nate's daddy. Nickolas doesn't seem to be so quick. Do you think that he will be so flummoxed that he will let everyone go?
Karen, quick, go to NYC and apply for a writing job on the show. You could fix this mess. And bonus: you could correct some of the speech pattern of some of the cast, too.
I do admit that I have taken to multitasking while watching and missing some things, like Sabina's lipstick. But that kind of lack of attention to detail is just sloppy.
Oh, yeah, and why would Kiki feel compelled to tell Franco about Carly? She doesn't hate Carly. And Franco is not her father (just Starr's -- LOL).

ishouldreadmore said...

Oops, I said Nicholas when I meant Victor. My bad.

sonya said...

The cabin: Oh look it's Victor!!! I recognize the back of his head! Nathan, meet your fahdder! Yes Victor, Nathan is your son!!!!! Geez Nathan why didn't you ever call for backup?!!?! Or SOMEONE! Hell even Anna! Victor are you going to talk to Dr O about Nathan? :)

Dr O and Britch: Dr O wins the line of the day!

Dr O: Brita Brita. If that miscreant is Australian, then I am Canadian.

ROFL! And yes Britch, Victor is Nathan's Fahdder!!!! Come on Dr O spit it out!

Sonny's office: Starki is so dumb and a klutz! Wow Carly really?! Lying to your friend about an outfit, is the same as cheating on your boyfriend?! ROFL! Sonny and Carly didn't have sex in his office right? They just made out heavily.

McSilas's office: Oh yes McSilas, Nina can have babies! So start getting excited about it!!! Hey Patrick I thought you were going to shave!!!! What happened with that?!

Ava and Sabrina: Sabrina you have balls confronting Ava!!! You are on the wrong path though!!!!

BobTodd and Nina: Love love love their scenes!! And Nina flashbacked to Ava and her baby!!! Oh I can't wait until this baby is born! :)

Starki and BobTodd: Spill the truth Starki!!!! Go ahead!!! Say it!!!!! Okay I will say it!

Me: Uh BobTodd, your one and only, is playing the mattress mambo with Sonny! You know, SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! So, now you can tell Michael that Sonny killed his bio dad!!!!!

Where is Coleman?!!?!?!?! I want to see him again! And Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!

#team Coleman and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!

delcodave said...

If Victor is kidnapping the girls, that means he is committing a crime. Therefore, Commissioner Devane will catch him and arrest him and send him to jail.


bobbyb said...

The little joke here is that Kathleen Gati IS a Canadian actress!!

Di said...

bobbyb said...."The little joke here is that Kathleen Gati IS a Canadian actress!!"

And the actor playing Levi is Australian. lol

Did anyone else notice that Sonny called Kiki- Katie, at one point? He obviously doesn't find her very memorable either. PMSL

They probably forgot that Patrick was supposed to shave. They forget so much on this show.

friscogh- These new writers didn't come on to save GH, they just wanted a platform to make their own show with all their favourite soap stars. GH is unrecognizable now.

Unknown said...

When Nathan said, "My father is long gone", and Victor rolled his eyes, he looked exactly like Spencer!

LSV422 said...

I got through yesterday's show in about 20 minutes. Nathan is a complete moron and the actor is so achingly bad that they really need to recast. Of course he was hired only because he looks good shirtless. I don't see how they had the bright idea of putting Teresa C. up against the powerhouse Maura W., who makes almost everyone look like they are amateurs. I am also sick of seeing Nina everyday. I can't watch her with Franco because they are both annoying and crazy. Gee, maybe today will be better, LOL.

nance24 said...

I'm sorry but I can't wish for Guza back , doesn't matter what parts of the show I'm not so happy with

sonya said...

"Unknown said...When Nathan said, "My father is long gone", and Victor rolled his eyes, he looked exactly like Spencer!"

Who looked like Spencer? Nathan?

Unknown said...

Victor, looked like Spencer.

sonya said...

"Unknown said... Victor, looked like Spencer."

Ahhh okay. :)