Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Shock and Oh....

Last week was AWESOME--well the first three days were anyway. The show was just the way I like. Mayhem, murder--so much going on.  I was tweeting like a maniac! 


well, then...the lull came. In true GH style--it goes from 150 miles for 3 days to 10 for two. Wouldn't 5 days of say--90 mph be better? 

Did you get that? LOL

Ok, well, let's start out with some shock then oh..:   steak and eggs followed by some bland yogurt. 

''THE STABBING HEARD ROUND THE WORLD"!! Bye Levi-- sorry you had to go...NOT! LOL You did get your haircut but other than that?  You and Peter Sr. are a  go-go.. Then, right after this scene, Maxie and Nathan made out and he showed her how to use a gun. Sorta weird. Ok, a lotta weird. 

Anna made it to the clinic, and then her backup came-courtesy of Robert, which was a great touch. Dr. O is around-- tricking us with her "Who's Nathan's Daddy" plot. Oh, you-- so coy. Had us fooled, didn't you!!?  Now we get to speculate on that tidbit for awhile. Is it Fluke? Hmmmm.

Filler included SamTrick trying to get it on after a few beers.  She put a stop to it, he left and then Alexis came over to kill time talking about Jason/Silas/Patrick.

Lesil shoots Victor--which was a surprise...then he pulls out a button from his coat and...sets the timer to DETONATE! And in the longest count down to an explosion EVER starts.  Red lights, sirens...yada yada...everyone is running every which way.  Exciting--heart pounding. (and just a little funny) 

St. Jaysus escapes. Steals a guy's shoes (can't have any "Die Hard" bloody feet, now can we?) and goes to find Robin. He can't talk though (and we can't see his face) because of him ripping out his tubes.  He rigs the door so they can get out--but our beloved Helena shows up! WOOT! Not only does she show up, she has the prize SpensaDine Egg in her position. 

Stavros is killed-- but only after quite the fun "you WILL implant my egg into your uteri" conversation between he and Lulu. She got a needle in her but managed to wake up and tear into him.  Dante shot him "dead" right before Anna got there. 

THEN BOOM! The clinic goes up. All the players from PC are outside: Anna, Dr. O...Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan. They shot the doors out. worries about ricocheting bullets --just all shoot that door down! 

And..poof. It's over. Thursday and Friday are days to sit back and (in my case) nap a bit.  Olivia and Sonny were on. Sonny wants to take Ava 'back" (like a sack of potatoes). Shaun is happy to go try to snatch her up. 

 Sabrina is in some kind of snit (I wouldn't call it anything else the way she's playing it) and gets a stupid pharmacist to give her abortant pills.  Ava doesn't take it because--Morgan shows up.  Kiki talks to Silas. Poor Silas, he really doesn't have a heck of a lot to do lately, does he? 

It's Franco's birthday. There's balloons and sex involved with he and Carly.  The biggest revelation is that Nina tells Franco that Carly slept with Sonny.  Next week we can deal with that fall out. 

Thursday and Friday were so ...dull and such a let down from the Clinic stuff I could barely contain myself. There was a MENTION of everyone being "ok" but that was about it.  GH can be SO bi-polar! 

SCENE, PROP AND FACE OF THE WEEK: In one lovely, wonderful EGG-CELLENT moment!! Helena--kisses her SPENCE-A-DINE EGG-- The frozen combination of DNA that Helena is happy to embrace into the family!! 

So, that's that.  It APPEARS that Stavros, Victor, Peter Sr and Junior are dead. Helena has the embryo. Jason and Robin didn't APPEAR to make it out of the clinic---yet. Jason has to have a NuFace so, you know that's coming. Nathan isn't Victor's son.  Rosie is trying to drive a wedgie between Kiki and Michael. Sabrina is trying to kill Ava's baby and.....Franco finds out the truth about Carly.  

Until the next giant GH hullabaloo crisis-- my adrenaline is back to about 3 on the show.  Here's hoping Helena is gone for another year..or two! 


  1. I think you mean Nathan isn't Victor's son. LOL ;)

  2. The smoosh is Pamantha, not Samtrick. Liesl is the Dr. O's name, and rumor is Levi survives.

  3. oh crap Tawna. It takes someone way over in NZ to catch it lol

    COSMO if Levi survives I will die.
    PS. can you tell I wrote this at 2-3am?

    No I like SamTrick!! Lesil. that's HOW I SPELL IT!!!!!!!!

  4. My show was interrupted by a stupid statement by the head of the NFL, saw only the beginning and the end. It seems that maybe this happened only in the NYC area?

  5. I really wish we had a better transition from the clinic excitement to Port Charles. I enjoy both the clinic story and the anticipated fallout from Franco learning the truth but it was very jarring to bounce from one to the other with little connection in the episodes. I think they could have easily traded out the Tracy/Mikey scenes and Sonny/Olivia scenes for something more related to the CarSon secret reveal. Thursday and Friday they could have had scenes of Maxie reuniting with her parents or Lulu and Dante at the hospital. Something so that it didn’t feel like the story line just disappeared.

    That being said I did over all enjoy this week’s GH. The clinic action was so fun to watch. Loved the incorporation of romance along with the action. Very intrigued by who Nathan’s daddy really is. I did NOT see that twist coming. Enjoyed the NiCo scenes and can’t wait to see what Franco does now. Loved the AMor scenes and the Samtrick scenes too.

  6. "Poor Silas, he really doesn't have a heck of a lot to do lately, does he?”

    I’m really okay with him having nothing to do at this point. When he had plenty to do it was a big MESS. The character is a MESS! They need to let him hang out in the background for a while until they can figure out what to do with the character. The big story lines he was given would have worked if he was Sexy Silas but instead we got Cranky Clay.

  7. Anyone willing to take bets that in true soap fashion Peter Jr. comes back not as Levi but as his "twin". A nice, do-gooder completely reverse of evil-twin syndrome? Someone who is so so so sorry for all the pain his twin brother and father caused. Blah Blah Blah. You all know the implausible storyline.

  8. The wagon to haul Sabrina off to Crazytown can't come soon enough for me. Just awhul.

  9. Behold! A shirtless James Franco on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight show.

    James Franco & Seth Rogen Go Shirtless For Jimmy Fallon's

  10. ME would be so great if he could have stayed as McBain...the man is lost without his leather jacket.

  11. The Seth Rogan, James Franco link didn't come out right, but it works if you copy and paste.


  12. I saw the franco popping out of the cake for Fallon! LOL :)

  13. Nance, you are so right about Michael Easton. If only he could have kept his McBaine identity! One of my top faves from OLTL, but dour Silas is a bit of a come-down for ME. I feel the same way about Todd who was SO entertaining, but Franco simply had too much baggage for it to work.

    A seat gripper week, some silly, some fun, some suspenseful. What a letdown to have to come back to SonCarl's 384th entanglement. I am SO sick of them. You think we might actually see the last of Sabrina after this? Dare I hope?

    And my family in Colorado was complaining about the show interruption by some NFL news that only sports fans could care about. Sports fans are at home watching soaps in the afternoon??

    I'm getting anxious for someone to find the real Luke...

  14. I really do not like the Sabrina story-line. I just hate how soaps mess with pregnancies...I was never a fan of Sabrina's, but this is just bad...I hate her crazy butt now.

  15. Regarding Fluke.. One person ruled out... Jerry Jax. I read that Sebastion Roche is coming back as Jerry Jax soon. Maybe in October when Fluke comes back? October isn't very far off.