Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dull Day

Rosealie has nice bangs going....Nina spends her time skulking around the hospital. That card from the clinic is making it's rounds. Ava tells her she wishes she could have done "MORE" to Ava but she's pregnant. She googles something. Rosie thinks she wants to steal Ava's baby

Patrick tells Sabrina he thinks he knows who ran them down.  She still thinks it's AVA. 

Sonny and Carly kiss again but she manages to walk out before he can mezzmorize her into sex. 
Shaun comes in and they talk about getting Ava out of Julian's apt. 

Kiki goes to tell Todd about her "knowledge" BUT Carly walks in just when she's gonna spill.  Kiki doesn't tell him. She chickens out. 

Sam calls Spinelli to help her--but he can't do much. Alexis comes to talk to her.  Sam is wearing her ol' Flashdance outfit.  They have wine. Chit chat. Patrick comes over later. He's all shaved. 



dar said...

The actress is even worse as angry Sabrina . Why don't they just get rid of all the people who can't act? It's painful to watch -

Andrea said...

So I guess Sabrina is there to throw some mystery into "Who stole the baby?" overdone story that is coming.

I like a clean shaven Patrick.

I really do not care what happens with Sonny/Carly/Franco.

And the Chinese food made me hungry too Karen!

sonya said...

Nina and Rosalie: Rosalie has got bangs! Doesn't really look good on her. The bangs make her look like she has a wig. Nina wins the line of the day!

Nina: Anybody can see that I am as sane as the next person.

ROFL! And then the look on her face as she is saying it hahahahaha! Nina has crazy eyes! :) I hope the crazy eyes Nina wins the face of the week in Sunday sugary! :) Oh Rosalie! Of course Nina wants to steal Ava's baby! DUH! :)

Sonny's office:

Carly: Oh Sonny! We can't happen again! No no no no! No more! I wuv my Franco!

*Sonny and Carly kiss*

Carly: Uh what was I saying? I forgot. That kiss left me turned on. And those dimples!

*Sonny tries to kiss her again, but she wont let him*

Carly: No Sonny! We can't do this!!!! I have to go! I have to go find Kiki! She can't tell Franco the truth!

Then she runs off! Oh look there is Shaun! No two week sexathon with Jordan? Are they taking a break? Oh Shaun has plans to kidnap Ava!!! :)What is he going to do? But a blag bag over her head?

BobTodd's art gallery: Spill the beans Starki! Oh crap she was so close but then Carly had to rush over! Oh oh BobTodd wants to have sex with Carly! He wants her to forget everything. Well I bet as she is having sex with him, she is thinking about Sonny! :)

Sabrina and Patrick: No Sabrina! Ava did not kill your son! Victor did!!! Patrick enough talking to Sabrina and go shave!!!!

Sam's home: Awwww! Baby Georgie has Spinny's laugh! :) Love the Alexis and Sam scene! Yes Alexis you and Sam need to date other men. Yes Sam with Patrick and you with Nedly! :) Speaking of Patrick, YES HE SHAVED! Now he is smooth like a baby's bottom! :)Now Sam and Patrick can kiss! Alexis alone crying :( Awww I just want to hug her!

Ava and Julian: Poor Julian texting Alexis and wants her back. :( Ava and Julian eating Chinese food! ROFL! Just a few months ago he tried to kill her! Hahahaha!

Sabrina and Starki: Sabrina acting strangely, and Starki notices. So let's see. There are three people who want Ava! Sabrina wants revenge. Shaun wants to kidnap her, and Nina wants her baby! Who will get to her first? :)

sonya said...

"Andrea said...So I guess Sabrina is there to throw some mystery into "Who stole the baby?"

Yes! Who will get the baby first?! Sabrina? Shaun? Or Nina?! :)

AntJoan said...

Sonya: And Sonny wants to kill her, so that makes 4.

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Sonya: And Sonny wants to kill her, so that makes 4."

Oops! Yes Sonny! Hmmm I wonder if the baby is going to be born very soon, or we have to wait a couple of months. Like say November sweeps! :)

Julie Langley said...

I loved this eppy because we saw some of the CRAY-CRAYS!! Nina, Franco, Ava, Julian, all are psychopaths! Is anyone in PC in today's eppy sane???

kdmask said...


sonya said...

"kdmask said... NOVEMBER sweeps FOR SURE"

YEAH!!!!!!!! :)

soaplover said...

If only Silas hadn't given Nina the business card to the clinic--I bet the phone number Sam is trying so hard to track on Rafe's phone is on that card! Victor on the line ordering the 'accident'.

AntJoan said...

When did Ava get PG? I don't think she's due soon . . .

There are TOO MANY villains on GH, I think there used to be one or two, then they either got killed off (if they weren't too popular), or got made into more complicated, good/evil characters (Lucy, Sonny, Carly, Britt, et al.), if audiences wanted them to stick around.

Now, they can commit horrible crimes and still stay on the show forever.
Let's see--we have Franco, Dr. O, Heather, Levi, Ava, Nina, Fluke, Victor C--am I missing anyone? Plus rumors of numerous unfrozen Cassadines.

As I have said, I really don't find watching sociopaths entertaining, with the exception of actors of such wonderful talent that I would watch them do ANYTHING (e.g., Heather, Dr. O).

Is anyone else disturbed by all of the villains on the canvas?

AntJoan said...

I just re-read my post. I didn't mean that I don't know Ava is PG, I meant that I don't remember the month that it happened.

Di said...

Yes, I think there's way too many villains too, AntJoan. And, as you say, there never seems to be any retribution for any of them.

That's what our show is now- unredeemed villains, stupid women, and shirtless men.

Oh, and people having sex and talking about it ad nauseaum. In my opinion, there's no more love scenes, just sex and childish comments about how long, how often, where, and with whom. Some days I think I've tuned into a high school break room and am overhearing the gossip of a bunch of pimply faced hopefuls trying to one up each other.

dar said...

I have posted several times that there are way too many villains on this show.. And I would add to your list Sonny (I know you love him but he's a villain to me), Shaun and Julian.

Exactly how I feel about the show now except I think that the men are mostly just as stupid as the women.

Terrayo Meran said...

Ok let me get this straight.... So are we now lead to believe that Victor hired Rafe to run down Patric and Sabrina? Or was it Fake Luke targeting Emma because Spencer was going to go tell Uncle Sonny that he heard Luke was after him? I confused??