Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Carly Princess Jacks..Will You...

HELL-Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AHAHAHA Not only is Helena in Anna's room, she's CHANGED HER OUTFIT and Jewelry EN-Sam!! ahahahaahhaa. 
She has an iPad to show Robin she can see in her house and threatens Patrick and Emma if she doesn't come with her

NuJase gets taken by a goon just as he's going to open the door.  drops his little exacto knife. LOL  And he's in a car..and he JUMPS OUT OF THE MOVING CAR! Scraaaaaaape the face!  Ava's on the road..so you know what? You know she's gonna run over him. YEP. She does

Josslyn's Jr. Bridesmaid's Dress? 

Todd..er..Franco (but come on, that's TODD there) is going to spill.. but NOPE! He asks Carly to Marry HIM INSTEAD!! I'm sure to totally use that tape at their wedding. heh.  Carly says yes, btw. 

Ava plays dead until she tries to ..do something to Max's kneecap? WHAT? LOL!! Oh, she's going for his Gun! DUH..
BTW, all those gun shots, guys rotting in the hall and NO ONE called the police????
Jordan walks in and pulls a gun on Shawn. She tells Ava to leave in her car and get out. Shawn lets her go. Ava wants her pills. Jordan says NO TIME! JUST GO!

Patrick tells Anna that Robin was at the clinic. Anna is stunned. Whoops. 


ishouldreadmore said...

I think that Helena is gonna force Robin to plant the embryo in LuLu. Of course, LuLu will have to be kidnapped. And then probably Nina the nuts will try to steal the baby. I AM SO BORED WITH ALL OF THEM!!!!!

sonya said...

Metrocourt: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: You DO remember that's great!

ROFL! But then he just went on and on and on and I wasn't sure where he was going with this. I got a bit boring, until he purposed to Carla! I was like HUH?! And Carly's face is priceless! :) BobTodd purposes to her and all she can think of is Sonny! So wait BobTodd's plan is really to humiliate Carly at the wedding right? :) Oh that would be a LOT of fun if he did that! :) He is so lying to Starki! Oh I can't wait for this wedding! :)

"Karen says I'm sure to totally use that tape at their wedding."

Oh yeah!!! I am sure!!! :)

Ava's home: She did fake the pain hahahaha! Well the guys did deserve it! Boy Ava is so worried about taking her pills! ROFL! Shaun and Jordan pointing guns at each other! ROFL! Is this foreplay?! Jordan wants her to leave, but yet Ava needs those pills! ROFL! Give these pills a contract!!!

Sonny's home: That bad guy who is pointing a gun at Jason, looks like he is wearing a disguise! Looks like a fake beard and fake balding head ROFL! And the scene with Sam and Sonny, he was about to open the door and she wanted him to wait so she could show him pictures of Danny! ROFL! So it's basically like,

Sam: Oh Sonny wait! Don't open the door yet! Come see the pictures on my phone of Danny!

Oh but then that hot guy in a suit wants to talk to Sonny! :) Who is that guy?!

Sam: Oh Sonny shoot! I'm sorry I think I deleted the pictures of Danny.

What?!!?!?! ROFL! That is an odd line! Why would she accidentally or not delete pictures of her son?! ROFL! And then they HAD to look on the ground to see that scalpel

Anna's home: HELENA!!!! YAY! :) Oh Robin! You were so smart in the car with Jason! Where is your brain now?! You tell Helena you are going to call the police, and start calling in front of her?!!?! IDIOT!!!! It's like you just met her!! UGH! So of course she got the best of you Robin! IDIOT!

Patrick's home: Awww poor Emma.:( I just want to hug her! I love the scene with her and her daddy, and their talk about eavesdrooping. Love the scene with Anna and Emma!

Jason and the thugs: First he gets shot, then frozen, then he jumps out of a moving car, then he will be hit by a car!!! He is just having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Or week, or better yet 2 years!!!!

On Friday here is what BobTodd said when he won that line of the day.

BobTodd: Scotty was just protecting Bobbie's honor, because not everyone knows this but Bobbie has a problem. She keeps putting food into her face. Congratulations you uncovered pizza gate.


Pat..... Sun..... said...

Helena has the embryo, Nina wants a baby, Nina was at the clinic..... Could Helena be thinking of planting the egg in Nina and passing it off as Silas'?

Way back when Aidan was born, Helena switched DNA reports so that the baby would appear to be Nick's because she wanted a Spencer baby to use for some unknown purpose in the future. That storyline was abruptly dropped.

Wonder if there is a connection between her desire for a Spencer baby then and her desire for one now.

Interesting that no one died in that "HUGE" explosion at the clinic.... And it didn't get on the news even though it was only an hour from Port Chuck. They really have lousy news reporters in that town.

nance24 said...

thanks Karen for my laugh of the day....loved Josslyn's bridesmaid dress LOLOL