Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Halloween Wedding?

That's what Franco Wants!! Yep...

Sonny's mad that Carly said yes. Shawn comes to tell him too that Ava escaped.

Morgan and Kiki are blabbin at the Brownstone. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Jordan tells people SHE was driving. Switches cars with Ava.  NuFace just lays there. And LAYS there. Most desolate road ever. GEESH

Helena plugs a goon in Anna's apt. Robin leaves and Skyes with Anna Patrick. She says that she's in Paris. Anna and Patrick are like: COME HOME!  They are like come home for EMMA!! Robin says no, she can't give Emma what she needs. Anna should have smelled trouble RIGHT THERE! geesh! Come on.

Ava goes to Morgan's house....

They find "Helena's Body" in the clinic....

Helena is taking Robin to Paris. 


  1. why are they writing this show like it is 1974?

    they are dragging out this jason reveal as if no one in the audience has a computer or view magazines at the checkout at the supermarket.

    its 2014. we know who the new jason is. we know what he looks like. we know what his face looks like.

    instead, they think they are playing with us and dragging this out like some big mystery.

    wouldnt it be great if the writers wrote storylines for the viewing audience that are living in this decade? we live on instant gratification and are members of the "MTV generation" and other types of buzz words I cant think of write now.

    the days of "tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion" are long gone. We have this thing called "spoilers" and it's the internet.

    Hey, how is the Fluke storyline going for everyone? Are you enthralled? On the edge of your seats biting your nails waiting for the big reveal?

    Yeah. same here.

  2. Anna's room: Helena wins the line of the day!

    Helena: Oh pity! I was hoping you were Duke Lavery. I've always had a weakness for that kilt of his.

    ROFL! And then she was fanning herself! Hahahaha! She finds him attractive! Love it! Oh WOW she just shoots the guy (who looks like he is in disguise) without even looking at him!!!! WELCOME BACK HELENA!!! :)She also wins scene of the day! Now THAT is how it's done! Sonny you could learn a lot from her!

    Metrocourt: Oh I thought BobTodd was going to tell Carly that he knows about her sleeping with Sonny! Glad he didn't. I would have been so disappointed. I mean it wouldn't be around anybody just them. And here is Carly making excuses about why they couldn't get married right away, and she is STILL thinking about Sonny! I bet she would be thinking of Sonny on their honeymoon! Oh getting married on Halloween! Oh this is going to be delicious! I can't wait!!!!

    Brownstone: Oh good more secrets from Michael.(sarcasm) More of Morgan and Starki bonding. I can't wait until all the secrets are out!!!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny: SON OF A BITCH!

    ROFL! When Michael told him that Carly is going to marry BobTodd, I thought maybe Sonny was going to throw barware! He almost did! :) Come on Sonny throw it! You will feel better! :)

    Car accident: WOW! Maura West is fantastic!! What a great scene!!!! *stands up and gives her a standing O* Love the old switcharoo that Jordan did. Love how Jordan helped Ava!

    Patrick's home: Oh come on Patrick and Anna! I can't believe you both believed the crap that came out of Robin's mouth!!! Anna where is your instincts?!!?! UGH!

  3. This whole Robin thing is giving me terrible anxiety, I really need for her family to know she is a hostage--Patrick, Emma and Anna need to know!! Everything is so dark right now, is this what they think we want? I think that the world is dark enough, and would like humor and romance on an escapist show--why all this evil? I, for one, don't find evil entertaining.

    To all my Jewish friends, a happy and sweet New Year!

  4. AntJoan,
    I agree with you completely. I find all the emphais on villains on the show extremely disturbing.

  5. DAVE you are on THE MONEY! :) Soaps are stuck in another time. It's so sad. They need to watch UK Skins --or any other shows out there. Move it along.

  6. Helena is great, but I knew the writers would pull some lameass trick with Robin like they did. Damn, at least through us a bone with Robin and Anna having some scenes in the same room. And yeah, Anna would totally know something is up. BOOOOOO!
    (Although I don't blame KM - she is just playing what has been written for her.)

    And where the HELL is Robert? He would be all over this!


  7. Ava and Jordan spent TOO much time talking with a runned-over man in the middle of the road. Jordan is an agent, why is she doing all of this with/for Ava?

  8. Oh Sonya, They couldn't allow Sonny to decisively shoot someone that way--he's supposed to be this adorable (sigh) criminal with the heart of gold, who hires hitmen to do all the dirty work.

    And I thought Patrick wasn't buying Robin's speech, and she kept looking up as if she were reading it off something. I bet he mentions it. And Patrick just told Anna about Robin actually being held hostage by Victor so wouldn't she wonder...?

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  10. "soaplover said...Oh Sonya, They couldn't allow Sonny to decisively shoot someone that way--he's supposed to be this adorable (sigh) criminal with the heart of gold, who hires hitmen to do all the dirty work."

    Hahahaha. His hitmen suck!!!! :)

  11. I guess with Robin, because Anna believes that Victor et al. are dead, she might not think there is anyone left to hold Robin hostage.

    As for Sonny, didn't he shoot Dante at point blank range?

  12. They should have had Robin give some kind of clue only they would understand that she was in trouble or with Helena. Stupid.

    Maura West is great.

    I'm bummed Sonny didn't throw the barware!

  13. TO me the only good thing about yesterday was the fabulous performance by Maura West. I'm sorry but watching creepy Franco (and the actor is creepy to me, too) and Carly is pretty disgusting. I agree with all the comments above, too. Anna should be a bit sharper - Helena has it all over her there.

  14. I've taken a break from watching but after all these comments about Anna - one of my all time faves - I went back to watch it. I total buy her accepting Robin's story as Anna thinks Robin is suffering from PSD. What I don't get is why Anna is not going to Paris to support her.

  15. "AntJoan said...As for Sonny, didn't he shoot Dante at point blank range?"

    Yes he did! I guess a person has to be very very very close range in order to shoot and not miss! :)

    "jasonroks said...I'm bummed Sonny didn't throw the barware!"

    Yeah it's disappointing.

  16. I was very impressed with Sonny, he actually stopped before he threw the glass