Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bandage BOY

Billy Bandages is on. Epiphany points out "He's had so much surgery, his loved ones could stare him in the eye and not know who he is"


Silas got a haircut. He and Sam gab about she and Patrick and the accident. 

Sonny's clean up crew left a giant blob of blood for Starr to find. GOOD GOD, terrible clean up. They eat cereal and she's raggin on Sonny. 

Danny is looking so Children of the Corn..geesh. Josslyn would be proud,

Julexis is in the afterglow and SONNY IS SITTING in the livingroom of the apartment! He says to Alexis, you are going to PAY!! I HATE HIM!! 
Sonny tells Alexis that Julian sent someone to kill Michael. Julian denies it. Alexis is like WHAT THE HELL? 
Sonny fired Alexis

Maxie is asking Morgan for help..should she go on a date with Nathan or not. Am I missing something? Were they BFFs/ or something?  WEIRD!! REALLY weird!! 

Jordan talks to Anna about she and Shawn and she can't testify against him. 

AWWWWWWW Danny runs into NuFace's room and holds his hand. TOO CUTE 


Di said...

Kiki finding that blood was beyond ridiculous.

Here's some NEWS.

* Hugo Napier will reprise his General Hospital role as Larry Ashton, Tracy’s ex and Ned’s father, Soap Opera Digest reports. (Is that who Fluke is?!)

Stephanie said...

So when Liz and Patrick were talking about NuJason having surgery before and she was all too bad we don't know who performed it... I so wanted him to be like "If only, but by the looks of these scans that guy must have been a rockstar" or... "he had no clue what he was doing" you know...something of the sort.

Kat Tu said...

* Hugo Napier will reprise his General Hospital role as Larry Ashton, Tracy’s ex and Ned’s father, Soap Opera Digest reports. (Is that who Fluke is?!)

I thought it might be!!!!!!I said that months ago on Debk's blog.

sonya said...

Brownstone: This whole scene is confusing me. Why didn't Maxie just apologize over the phone? And why does she need Morgan's advice?!!?! And why does she need him to tell her what to do?!!?!? Why isn't she telling her BFF LULU all this?!!?!! So many questions so little answers. Come on Maxie! You are an adult! You can make up your own decisions! You have your own mind!!! Morgan did give out very good advice.

The hospital:

Sam and Patrick: Time for them to go to Amsterdam!!! :)Awww cheeto looks like he is very tired.

Sam and McSilas: Oh he got a haircut! No McSilas Sam and Patrick are not a couple, YET! :)

Jason's room: Oh there is Billy Miller! YAY! :) Oh there is Piffy too! So Piffy, how are your dates with Milo? I'm glad they are dating off screen. Yeah Jason has had EXTENSIVE plastic surgery! Yeah of course he did! He jumped out of a moving car, and then got violently run over!!!! Patrick looking at John Doe's xrays hahaha. Little Cheeto runs to him and holds his hand! Awww he knows his daddy! And he never met him! He has that feeling. :)

Anna's office: When Nathan was talking about his mother, at first I thought he meant the woman that raised him. Boy too bad Mr Stiff constipated man and Nathan didn't have a scene together. Then we could watch two constipated men talk! :) I am so disappointed in Jordan. Telling Anna and Nathan about Ava running down Jason. :( I liked them as friends. Damn!

Julian's home: Julexis sex! Twice! Yum!!! :) Oh look it's Sonny! ROFL! Did he hear them have sex the 2nd time? Sonny wins the line of the day.

Sonny: What are you looking for? If it's your dignity, you lost it when you crawled back into bed with Julian. Oh its okay I already ate.

ROFL! Sonny you weren't invited for breakfast! :) Julian is innocent in the Michael shooting! And I think Sonny knows it! Alexis is right! Sonny wouldn't be talking to him and would have killed him already! Hmmm Sonny, Julian, Shaun all in the same room with Alexis. Three men she slept with! :) Who is the better lover Alexis? Oh let's see. Julian is!!! He is the one who breaks her back! :)

Michael's home: I love it! He almost got shot yesterday, and he is all oh do you want me to make you pancakes Kiki? ROFL! Oh it's my bodyguard. And he acts like the bodyguard is nothing! Hahahaha! Oh look blood on the floor and it's still wet! ROFL! How come it's not dry yet? Starki wants Michael to disown his father and he is like that's never going to happen. Is this conversation forshadowing?!!?! :) Oh I can't wait for the truth to come out! Then he can disown his parents, change his last name to Q, move into the Q's, and dump Starki! :)I hope this is where it's headed!!!!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Did NOT get the Maxie/Morgan scene at all! Did I miss something? Since when are they even friends? Where was Lulu? That was totally out of left field.

Danny holding NuBandagedJason's hand was adorable. The kid does look like he could be Joss's little brother.

AntJoan said...

OK, which was worse to look at, Bandage Boy's face or Liz's fugly sweater? I swear, even in bandages that guy looks NOTHING like Jason, even his ears look different. And, wouldn't Patrick recognize the films of the brain surgery?

As Sonya said, Alexis was in the room (mostly undressed), w/THREE men she slept with!! Only in Port Charles . . . Julian posturing with Sonny in his underpants with erect nipples, and Alexis w/her ta-ta's bouncing under her robe, they all probably had to do the scene a few times to keep from laughing . . .

Did anyone else get interrupted w/the story of the Secret Service director resigning? Can't they wait for the news, which goes on at 4? Or just leave breaking news to the news stations? I am sick and tired of GH being broken into for less than breathtaking news flashes. . . .

Di said...

I thought the scene with Maxi and Morgan was totally ridiculous. There's absolutely no reason why she'd go to him for advice. He's not a friend. he would still be a kid in her mind. Have they ever even had a scene together before?

McSilas reminded me today why I haven't missed him at all. He's an automation.

mysticcmegg said...

OMG AntJoan that is toooo funny. lol Yes that scene must have taken a few to get it right lol