Friday, October 17, 2014

Popcorn FRIDAY!

I'm ready for a fun day!!! 

OH SHE was GOOD!! LOL... Donna Mills. :) heh.  I just want you to watch it.  She almost impales her with those white deer antlers! Then, gets a brilliant plan on how her mother can make up for her killing her baby. 

Kiki totally forgot why she was at Silas' until 1/2 through the show. LOL GEESH...Morgan and Kiki are so stupid!!! GET TO AVA!!  Finally the go but Nathan shows up. OY!! Silas tells him Niaa is dangerous. 

Morgan to Ava;  "My little son or daughter or brother or sister..." Awwww only on a soap!! ahahahaha.
Silas finally gets there, btw. 

Sabrina wants to turn herself in. Felix is telling her not to. And she's off to tell Epiphany-and MICHAEL interrupts her!! DIE MICHAEL!! Michael wants Sabby to help with the clinic. Sabina ends up defending Carlos about "Killing AJ" 

Franco visits Heather. They talk about trying to kill each other. He gives her a BLT. Then, tells her he's getting married--but she was RIGHT about Carly.  And he tells her how she hurt him by sleeping about Sonny. Then he says he's going to get revenge and he wants her there. (at the wedding) 

CARLY tells Bobbie that the marriage is about Michael!!! BUT not the full story. 

Sonny and Shawn drink scotch and plot to have Heather take the fall for Franco's death. 


RedSoxFaninVA said...

It was a turn-the-cray-cray-dial-up-to-11 kind of day!

Nina: The list, mother, THE LIST!!! You were on the list, you got crossed off the list, now YOU'RE BACK ON AGAIN!!! I'm gonna kill you with this antler thing and--oh, wait, never mind, can you steal Ava's baby for me instead?

Franco: Hi Mom! Long time no see. I'm marrying Carly. But you were right, she is a lying slut. That's why you're gonna be front and center at our WEDDING!

Heather: Where's my real son Steven LARZZZZ! I have no use for sons who try to kill me. Mmmm, is that a BLT? I was RIGHT??? Hallelujah, I WAS RIGHT!!! Steven Who? Do I get to kill the lying wench before or after she walks down the aisle? I always liked you better anyway.

Nathan: Where's Nina?



Ava: Where the #&@#& are Kiki and Silas? My uterus is being shot out of a cannon here!!!

Sabrina: I'm a murderess! Toss me in the clink, Detective and throw away the key!

Line of the day has to go to Nina: Who are you calling? Ghostbusters?

Di said...

PMSL I'm cracking up here. You said it perfectly, RSFinVA.

delcodave said...

Is it me, of is the writing getting considerably better in the past few weeks?

The acting too.

It's strange, but I feel that the best acting lately is from the transplants.

Actually looking forward to the wedding.

sonya said...

Nathan's home: Crazy eyes Nina wins the line of the day!

Nina: The only chance you have right now, is to repent. REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT! MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER! I have a list! Who you going to call? Ghostbusters?

ROFL! Nina is so much fun!!! Oh oh she is gonna kill her mother! Oh wait no nevermind! She wants her mother to get Ava's baby! This scene was fun! :)

McSilas's home: Oh what a frustrating scene!!! McSilas got knocked out but he woke up and is fine, but STARKI YOU FORGOT ABOUT YOUR MOTHER! Boy Starki has got a short attention span! Oh NOW she remembers. Oh oh now Nathan won't let them go!!! BAH! Come on tell him it's an urgency!!!

Brownstone: Awww Morgan! Try to calm Ava down again with the bowl of ice!!!! YUM!

Carly and BobTodd's home: Bobbie is a great mother! :) She knows her daughter very well! :) But alas Carly won't confide in her mother rats! Hey Bobbie, do you like the eye necklace? :)

Sonny's office: Blah blah Heather. Blah blah set her up for Franco's death. Blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The hospital:

Felix and Sabrina: Oh oh Sabrina is still whiny.

Sabrina: Oh what have I done?! I am going to get in so much trouble! I will lose my job and go to jail! Whine whine whine. I have to turn myself in!!! I have too! I have no choice. Whine whine whine.

Sabrina and Michael: Oh boy. They are walking around and around and around. Woah did she just say Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos name differently?! Yes she said it twice with no accent!!!! :0

Sabrina: No Micheal! Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos is a good man!!!! I used to be engaged to him! He is not a bad man!!!!! He did not kill AJ!

*Stomps her foot*

Jail visiting center: Oh oh! Heather is TICKED!!!

BobTodd: You were right mommy! Carly hurt me! She broke my heart. She slept with Sonny over and over and over and over again! But I am going to marry her and get my revenge! You will be so proud of me mommy!

sonya said...

RedSoxFaninVA BRAVO HAHAHAHAHA! Great job! :)

AntJoan said...

RSFinVA, Haven't had a chance to watch the show yet, still working, but cracking up at your rendition of the show!!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Thanks for the love, Di, Sonya, & AntJoan :) It was so much fun putting that together. The show was a riot today! Imagine if we had Helena, Obrecht and Jerry too. That would crank the cray up to 15!

sonya said...

Last night I had a dream that Nina was after me with a knife! I ran and got away from her. Whew. :)

"RedSoxFaninVA said...Thanks for the love, Di, Sonya, & AntJoan :)"

You're welcome! :)

"It was so much fun putting that together. The show was a riot today! Imagine if we had Helena, Obrecht and Jerry too. That would crank the cray up to 15!"

Yeah that sure would crank the cray cray to 15!! Hahaha!!

Cosmoetica said...

delcodave said...

Is it me, of is the writing getting considerably better in the past few weeks?

The acting too.


It's you. This was so over the top w scenery chewing in the worst way. God, what a bad week. No one cares about Nina- Donna Mills simply cannot act.

LSV422 said...

I hate to say it because I always liked her, but Donna Mills face is so botoxed that she can't show any expression. And MS and her over the top performance is just as bad. I don't care about Nina either. RSFIV-great post! Franco just makes my skin crawl. Too many crazies for one show. RH nay have been good on OLTL but whether he plays Todd or Franco he still comes across as creepy. Surprisingly enough I really like MW and wish Ava could be redeemed. Nice to see Bobbie interact with Carly more than one day.

sonya said...

Oh I forgot to mention Carly brought up Stefan!!! :) She says what happened to him anyway? Uh Carly did you forget that he is DEAD?!!?!