Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I'd usually not share this but hey, it's OCTOBER and national chestial celebration month. I am off to get my yearly MAMMO!!
SO...won't be here for GH.
Yes, I am brave. LOL..not really, I've had them for years. They don't even hurt a bit! 

HAVE FUN!! Let me know how the show is!! 


  1. WTG, Karen!!! A mammo could save your life, something dearly to be desired from all. And when it is normal, you will have peace of mind for the next year. WTG (I know, I know, I repeat myself. Sorry.)

  2. I was always afraid to get one and finally did it last yr and it didn't hurt a bit, even better it came back fine. :)

  3. I've had one every year since 30.

  4. Mammos have saved my life twice now, so do not neglect to get them, gals. Cancer has hit both and so now I'm down to 1/2 a breast--but I'm ALIVE!

    Good for you, Karen, making all of us aware!

  5. Good for you on the mammo! Hells was on today. She's checking up on NuJase and scheming with Jerry. I'd better see some Helena/Obrecht and Helena/Madeline scenes! Donna Mills and Connie Towers look like they could be sisters. Not to mention Helena/Spencer!

  6. Amsterdam Cafe: I really think Jerry is lying about knowing where Luke is and that he has him. I love when Jerry calls Sam sweet Sam! Jerry wins the line of the day!

    Jerry: Are you sure? He doesn't look very lively. What is he going to do? Stare me to death?

    ROFL! I LOVE YOU JERRY! :) Oh Tracy left the space cake behind!!! Damn! :(

    The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: Liz has this wonky look on her face! Hahahaha. What's the matta Liz? Does he look familiar? Billy Miller has Jason's hair. :) That guy who came in to clean up, I was very suspicious of him. AH HA! I WAS RIGHT TO BE SUSPICIOUS! He is working for Helena! YAY! She knows about Jason's accident! :)

    Britch and Brad: Awww sweet scene! Brad admits she is his BFF! He is gonna miss living with her awwww! Britch is still in her hooker outfit!

    Nina and McSilas: Wow! So much confronting and yelling! I love it! Nina and her crazy eyes don't want a divorce!!!! TOO LATE NINA!

    Wyndemere: The explanation point on the banner was so lopsided hahahahaha. The Spencer and Nik scene made me cry! He misses his mommy and loves her. :'( Come on Nik! You gotta talk to him more about his mommy! And let Carly tell him about his mommy too!!! Oh Britch and Nik are gonna have sex! Well it's about time he gets some! He hasn't had sex 7 months!!

    Nathan's home: Nathan comes home and sees his 2 mommies! Hey the actor's acting has gotten a bit better.

    Helena and Jerry: They are working together!!!! DELICIOUS!!!!

    Previews: Oh oh Nik seems angry!!!!

    Karen! How was your Mammo? Since I am 40 now, I had one in the beginning of the month. My first one! I have calcium on my left breast, but it's benign. They want to see me in 6 months.

  7. Awww...Poor Jake Doe. When I look in the mirror I don't recognize my face either. Some old lady keeps sticking her face in front of mine. Darn photo bomber. lol

    I think Madeleine is going to tell Nathan that Lena was out of her mind and she was drugging her to let the white coats haul her away.

  8. Jesus, Karen. Have you ever seen Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex? A Woody Allen film? There's a scene where a giant lactating breast stalks the countryside. Those balloons looked like breasts squirting milk from their nipples!

  9. Just wondering why Tony G. hasn't been back yet, even on Skype. He was supposed to return in Sept. and it seems he would have recuperated enough by now to at least have a Skype appearance or even come back physically. It's not exactly hard labor. I just hope he is ok. And Tracy is really stupid to deal with Jerry.