Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pancakes and Fruit

"Jasper Jacks Pancakes"! That's what Spencer wants..with NO powdered sugar. He's SUCH a mouth! GEESH Nikolas should have hauled off and slapped him. 
Oh I so want Helena and Spencer to be on together! 
Britt comes to breakfast and wears like an evening cocktail dress. Looks good, but for Breakfast?? Nikolas wants her to move back into Wyndemere.  She says YES. 
DUH. Spencer says "Rocco is a TOWNIE name" LMAO 

Sam has a hot dream about she and Paddy. Dream though... 

CArrrrrrrrrrrrrlos. wow. SO good looking. She asked about Ava causing the accident. She thinks it may have been someone else. Carlos realizes he's been duped by AVA! Ut. OH. He finds out Sabrina gave Ava pills to induce an abortion. HE's like GET THEM BACK!! now!! "You don't hurt babies, Sabrina, you are a nurse!!" 

Ava has cramps and I think she's going to send Morgan to go get them from Jordan! NO!! Wrong pills!!  Morgan goes to the Metro and gets them from Jordan.
Ohh nooooooo. 

Jordan and Shaun are blabbing..yada, yada, I don't care. 

Ok, so Silas fires Rosalie because he knew she lied about Nina walking. Rosie is like: Um, NINA are you GOING TO LET HIM fire me? She has way too many secrets for Nina to just let her go. BUT, Nina fires her too because Rosie won't break up Michael and Kiki. WHOOPS. Nina, you shouldn't have done that!  Silas calls Sam in Amsterdam and says he thinks she was right about Nina all along. 

Rosie goes to talk to Morgan. He's trying to get in to give Ava her pills. Rosie is all "I have to tell you what my boss has been up to"... Morgan is trying to give Ava her pills. Ava screams and both Rose and Morgan rush in. 

BTW, when was the last time Brad, Felix and Lucas were on? 


sonya said...

Metrocourt Spencer wins the lines of the day!

Spencer: Can I get the Jasper Jax flap jacks with extra syrup, but noooo powder sugar. Write that down. The fruit can't touch the pancakes but whatever.

ROFL! And then when Britch brings up Rocco, Spencer says it's an out of townie name! Hahahaha! Wow Britch shows up in a hooker outfit! WOW Nik misses her and wants her back! YAY! :) Oh but damn he is eventually going to find out that Spencer running away was a lie, and dump her again! :(

Shaun and Jordan: Meanwhile Zzzzzzzzzzzz. She lies to him about going to the bathroom, but doesn't pretend to stay long enough hahahaha. Come on Jordan really!

Jail's visitor center: CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS!!!! :) Oh he is able to go up and hug Sabrina! The last time they weren't able to do that. Is that a new guard? Or is that the old guard and he lets them hug? Man I so would love it if Caaaaaaaaaaarlos hugs me! :) Oh oh Sabrina is whining! Make her stop!! *covers my ears* I want revengeful Sabrina back! I want Caaaaaaaaaaarlos out of jail!!!! In fact, I want Coleman out of jail too!!!

Brownstone: Oh oh Ava is cramping!!! Gotta get them pills!!! Oh hello Rosalie! :) Maybe you can live at the brownstone!

McSilas's home: McSilas fires Rosalie! Awww poor Rosalie! Oh oh Rosalie saying NO to Nina is a hazardous to your health!!! Good question McSilas asked! How long were you able to walk Nina? I was thinking hmmm a month? Nina heard me! She said a month! :)

Amsterdam hotel: WOAH! SamTrick sex! HOT HOT HOT! I was wondering if it was a dream! I hope it's not a dream! Rats it IS a dream. :( Well it was one hot dream! :)

kdmask said...

what the HELL Was THAT DRESS she had on? BLack? At breakfast? GEESH And it's OCTOBER HERE. OCT-TOBER people have sweaters on.
Not as ugly as Liz' tho

Di said...

I'm really not a fan of the way Spencer is acting. Sure it shows the actor's talent but his character is incredibly rude, and one thing our Nicholas would never have put up with is that type of rude behavior in public. I hate all the rewriting of characters that they're doing for comic effect.

soaplover said...

I love that Silas is catching on big and that Nina tries to come off honest and contrite, but she simply sounds phoney and and covering up. I also love that Silas called Sam to tell her she was right.

Now if Rosalie can only get out what her boss is up to...but she needs to be outing Nina to Silas instead of Morgan.

I'm glad Britt is going back to Nik. I like them together far more than most of the females Nik has had. I've tried to be interested in Liz with him, but they just seem dull together. Nik needs someone tougher and gutsier, like Britt.

CareyN said...

Why is it the same time in port Charles as it is in Amsterdam? That drives me nuts.
Britt's dress was not appropriate or flattering. I don't mind Spencer's attitude. He was raised getting whatever he wanted, so it seems normal. And Nik has said before that he knows he lets spencer get away with it because he feels bad that spencer doesn't have a mother and was raised mostly isolated in Europe, and that's plausible to me.

Ok, I'm going to get to bed now, and hopefully have the same dream Sam did. Wowzers. Zexy

AntJoan said...


Paul773 said...

SO Nik wants Brit back - I get it. But how about dating for a bit before having her move back in?

Is Dr. O. ever coming back? (Have not missed her!)

I'm assuming 'Fluke' will be on soon? If not, I don't get this trip to Amsterdam. Just a reason to have Patrick & share a bed?

Ya, was just wondering where Felix, Lucas and Brad were.

Cosmoetica said...

I think he said Jasper Jacks Flapjacks, for the rhyme.

Di said...

Paul773 said....But how about dating for a bit before having her move back in?

Do they do that any more? It seems that nowadays date means hook up and that means sex. Then they cohabitate for a while. Everything's quick and nothing is permanent.

I actually like Britt and Nicholas together too. They have great chemistry. I don't see it with him and Elizabeth.

nance24 said...

I was wondering about Felix today , too.....Sabrina needs him bad

Cosmoetica said...

No one needs Felix.