Friday, October 3, 2014

Keep My Place!

Yep, another day I'm not going to be able to blog-- I will watch FF later!! 

HOPE YOU are having a joyful fall day! It's really gorgeous here, this weekend should be Peak Weather.

That's Letchworth State Park where both GH and OLTL have filmed in the past. It's so pretty. 


sonya said...

Michael's home: Carly calls Sonny a son of a bitch! ROFL! Uh Carly? That is Sonny's line!!! :) She is upset because Sonny put Michael in danger. She remembers the last time Michael got shot and was in a coma. Oh look they are kissing and they had sex!!! Sex in Micheal's home! YUCK! Well, at least it wasn't crypt sex. THAT was the worst!

The hospital:

Jason's room: Liz still won't leave John Doe's side! THERE IS MONICA! Liz and Monica scene was great! But Liz thinks this guy is a John Doe, so talking to Monica about Jason is strange.

Nina and BobTodd: Oh Nina shut up!!!! Not another damn scene of Nina taking BobTodd's phone and trying to hide it! Not more of her just let it go Carly isn't cheating on you. UGH! Oh she wants to take him for lunch! That is different. :) Okay go to lunch and have fun!

Nathan and Dante: UGH! Nathan has to talk to Dante about Maxie! Rehashing the whole damn thing! And then it had to go back and forth to Nathan and Dante, to Maxie and Lulu! Boring!!!! Dante did win the line of the day.

Dante: You're a stand up guy. You're reliable. You're honest you're patient. Believe me that comes in handy when dealing with Maxie.


Maxie and Lulu: You know, Maxie should have talked to Lulu about Nathan instead of talking to Morgan! Now this makes this scene annoying and boring! It's just rehashing! The one good thing, is that I'm glad Lulu wasn't pressuring her about Nathan! Good BFF!

Sam and Patrick: They are on a plane! :) Nice scene. Talking about his divorce and they are drinking. They are talking about how they felt the first time they met each other. Too funny hahaha!

Several hours later:

Yes they actually had the words several hours later on the bottom of the screen! :)

Lante home: Oh look! Lulu cooked spaghetti with sauce!!! :) Dante says that it's better than his mother! ROFL! She knows he is lying and it doesn't bother her hahaha!

Nina and BobTodd: Awww we missed them having lunch. I wanted to see it. :( Nina wants him to delete the spy app. No BobTodd no!

Michael's home:

Carly: No. I'm not okay. Because I spent the afternoon in my son's apartment having sex with you.

AND BOBTODD HEARD IT ON HIS PHONE!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so glad he didn't delete the spy app like Nina wanted him to!

Metrocourt: Nathan waited for Maxie, but then he decided to leave cus he didn't think she was going to show up. She did! That stinks! She said she wasn't ready! She is confused! Come on writers! Let her heal!!!

Jason's room: Liz was going to go stretch her legs, JASON WAKES UP! Hello Billy Miller!!!! :)

kdmask said...

geesh.. they had "Several Hours Later" on the SCREEN??????
LOL.. what!?

So I take it I didn't miss a huge amount.

sonya said...

kdmask said...geesh.. they had "Several Hours Later" on the SCREEN??????LOL.. what!? weird.

Hahaha I know! I didn't get what the point was of that!

"So I take it I didn't miss a huge amount."

Nah not really. But if you taped it, just fast forward to watch the several hours later and watch BobTodd hear Carly talking about sleeping with Sonny, and Jason waking up! :)OH and see Monica!

soaplover said...

Sorry I missed Monica. Couldn't be helped--GH got pre-empted tody because our president was here in Indiana! I can forgive the pre-emption for that. Very exciting!

I would love to have seen him in person. I've seen two presidents before this (and this will date me) the first being Harry Truman giving a brief whistle stop speech on the back of a train when I lived in Nebraska sooo many years ago, and then JFK when he came here and gave a speech off the court house steps. Security is so much tighter these days. Even then it seems it should have been much tighter.

Thanks, Sonya, for filling me in. I'll wait for Monday and forget about today. I hope Geary is back next week.

Trouble is, I thought I could watch today's GH online, but I couldn't manage to find anywhere that would just let you do that. You have to join this or pay that or whatever. My brother says it wasn't much to miss today, so I guess I'll let it go.

CareyN said...

SoapLover: try YouTube. There are a few people who post full episodes in HD with no commercials. Just search General Hospital Full Episode 10/3/14. That's how I watch anytime I travel. Good luck!

Pat..... Sun..... said...

While watching Sam and Patrick in the plane, I couldn't help but notice the woman in the seat across the aisle a row behind. A man and a woman were sitting there. He had his head back as if sleeping, and she was twisted in her seat, toward the camera, reading. She sat that way, making sure the camera was on her full front, the whole trip..... Of course we'd never recognize her if she showed up in any other show, but she made sure we saw her face!! Thought it was pretty good self-promotion.. lol

Di said...

soaplover, if you're in the States you should be able to watch it on the ABC website. They usually wait a day but then it's put up for catch up.

Try this.

sonya said...

"Soaplover says Thanks, Sonya, for filling me in. I'll wait for Monday and forget about today."

You're welcome. I'm sure on Monday they are going to overlap and reshow it again anyway. :)

Devblev said...

That was one GIMONSTROUS bowl of pasta Lulu cooked!!