Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Happiness Is...

Let us Pray...
Oh THIS is the Cartini build up I LOVE!!!! It's nutty, fast paced and moves so quickly I can't live tweet/blog all at the same time!! Yes, I am critical of the show sometimes--you all know that but this? THIS is DIVINE! Swoon. It's all leading up to the WEDDING and Fluke, Nina stealing a baby--and St.JakeFace coming out!!
Be still my soapy heart. The more weird shit going on, the better for me. And boy, was there some bananas stuff to watch!! 

I'm having peanut butter toast and 'naners in honor of all the cray happening and probably a shot or 2 of some corn whiskey. (yes, I was born in the country, I know what that is!) 

Hunker Down and get ready to REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. HELLO. Where to start? Where to begin!!!??? I guess I'll lead with the most boring first:

20141016 0740(15) bmp603893008216210009

Sonny and HIS "PLAN": Sonny and Shawn. Duh..who can we pin this on? Thank goodness Sonny's going to hire someone to shoot Franco because we all know poor Shaun can't seem to aim straight.  Sonny is the weak link right here. I mean, one-note, one-note one note. The saving grace? Franco watching the CarSon porn and Sonny's armpit on the phone. I guess we couldn't have crazy-tumorgrowingback Franco without him. I also think that we may be thisclose to having Sonny RE-PENT for the AJ murder.  And NO on that Olive color on Sean. Thx.

20141017 0615(2) bmp7222008046874826209

AVA's Labor:   Meanwhile, at the Brownstone--Thank the lord that neither Kiki or Morgan actually, you because who would be around to look after Ava and her hysterics?  The whole thing is pretty ludicrous-- like they can't drive to another town to get her to a hospital but I'm not complaining. Morgan is shoving those pills down Ava not knowing that they are labor-inducing. Heh. Sabrina is freaking out. She finally gets a hold of Jordan (ever hear of texting?) and lets her know the skivvy. By the time Ava finds out what's going on, she may be in full-blown labor. Who walks in? Kiki. Brain cell counts went up by .02. Although she does come up with the idea to go get her daddy.  That takes so long though, it's a wonder we didn't hit Thanksgiving!! (more on Silas later)

20141014 0539(19) bmp9124834065681815534

Amsterdam:  Monday was the day that our Jerry appeared! Just when you think it was going no where and Tracy was going to consume a nice pot cake, he walks in! First off, let me say I really REALLY like that Tracy, Pat and Sam are together on this. Having 3 characters in a situation is so much more rich than just two. Especially when they are not traditionally paired. Jerry thickened the plot----does he know there IS a Fluke or does he think the only Luke-face is the guy he has in Miscavage? 

20141015 0822(22) bmp3133840629986758740
Since he's working with Helena we do learn most of the truth, and the ELQ connection. Jerry and Hells? YES!! I need all this to come together --and quick. I need Dr. O, Donna Mills, Jerry, Hells--Faison and whomever else in the same scenes. I need Spencer to walk in. Maybe he's some hybri-clone that's Damien Omen potential. Ahhh. THE Possibilities!! 
PS. all the blonde extras in the Amsterdam cafe cracked me up. heh 

20141017 0607(9) bmp1704101658464177651

Wedding Planning:  WOW. I could have not written this better myself. (and since you know how well I think of myself, you know that's a compliment! LOL)  THIS is why you fill large houses with all sorts of people. They did it on OLTL and I am hoping following it up here since this worked so well. Lucas, Bobbie and Maxie. Great combo. Part of me wished Spinelli was there, working on how to do the 'wedding video'.  Anyway, it was joyful.  Carly walks in and everyone jumps on her because she's marrying Franco. Josslyn comes down in her "Bridesmaids" outfit and it's..corn. Which I know a lot of you are sick of, but it's one of those inside jokes, I , of course, appreciate to no end. I still wonder what people not on the net make of Joss' corn-obsession! heh. She was a mini-Carly brat! Lucas and Maxie carry her upstairs and Bobbie manages to get out of Carly that Michael is the reason she's marrying Franco. No details (yet) but at least Carly came out with part of it. 

20141018 1320(29) bmp675255746759214359

Nutter Nina:  On to the main show. NINA!! Some of you hate her and are over her, and I have to tell you, I am a bit exhausted by her but DAMN!  First poker-faced Silas goes ballistic on her and then...she's the one that unleashes!  You Son of a Bitch! Her hate comes pouring out. She even knocks ol' Silas out when he grabs her. Too bad we didn't actually get to see that scene. Nina then goes over to visit her brother when lo and behold, who answers the door but Donna Mills!  Donna had already told Nate all about his sister's crazy mental condition and backstory earlier (she shoved Mom downstairs, she almost was involuntarily committed but married Silas instead), so when Daughter Dear shows up and starts going off, we are more than ready!  In the end, Nina spares Mama's life but wants a baby in return. Ava's baby! '
(If you're wondering why Silas is up there and not Nina, you'll see way more of her face down below. )

20141014 0621(39) bmp346291133708592694

The Mystery Guest: And...we are coming to NuSt.JakeFace yet again. I do have to admit Billy is a fabulous actor (yes, I can tell that even when he's in a hospital bed) and I'm liking his scenes. Liz practically living in his room? eh.  I'm not saying I don't like them together, I'm just saying it's a bit boring after awhile. He's starting to remember voices from the accident, yada yada. It's going to be a long haul people before his Jason ID comes out. Helena steals his file-- so he doesn't exist. He'll have to have things come back in bits and pieces. You know, Lonnnnnng and Sllloooowww. 

20141018 1336(40) bmp944621205207103742

Franco's Porn Watch:  Yep. He went there. He's in the conference room to presumably edit the CarSon sex tape for everyone's enjoyment at the wedding. Silas walks in. Franco has no qualms about telling him about "The List".  After he leaves, Michael walks in (carrying around his Dad's clinic blueprints) and uses his eyebrows to help him  decide if he should be Franco's best man. You know, the guy that wanted Carter to 'scare' him in prison but ended up raping him. Yeah.  BLTs come out and we visit Mommy in the bin where he tells her that she's coming to his wedding. Wonder if she'll pop out of the cake? (and btw, Sonny is planning to break her out anyway so he can pin the murder on her; phew!)  

Something I thought of:

You could totally play a game in the pool with this:  Franco!   PORNO...Franco...PORNO!! 

20141015 0746 bmp133392441178712036

Wardrobe Note: Hell, yes, Brit wore that snappy black cocktail dress TO WORK.  Breakfast wasn't enough--nope! 

20141018 1329(26) bmp3706834239387290552

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  99% of you can guess it. It's the REPENT SCENE with Nina on top of her Mama---!!!!!!!!! Gotta love the perfect lip-gloss!! 

20141017 0622(30) bmp5411903630420185380

FACE OF THE WEEK: There were 6,000 Nina ones to choose from. Morgan had some pretty "DUH" moments too. But I like this one!   OR...maybe this one: 

20141017 0623(17) bmp2440533641547440868

Or...then again...

20141017 0624(12) bmp8760729826599767003
 Silas' face the entire rant--it never changed. Swear to you..not once.
This--is it! 

20141018 1356(11) bmp5365999161450955744

PROP OF THE WEEK: Those stupid white antlers that Nina was going to use on Donna. Oh MY GOSH!! Finally a use for those things!!! I was very sad when she didn't do it, btw. 

MY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Give it up for the Corn! 

I know this mayhem is not everyone's cup of tea.  Believe me, I get it. But for me? All this stuff coming fast and furious and not knowing what I'm going to see next is so much fun. It's also when I can turn off the "THAT CAN'T HAPPEN" part of my viewing and just go with it. 
Why? Who knows what's different. All I know is that it feels different right now and I'm lovin' it. 


AntJoan said...

GM, Karen, I'm trying to be first again!! Great, enthusiastic SS, thanks, brightened my day!!


Loren said...

Loved this mornings blog!! I loved GH this week too!

MatchboxGinny said...

I've been pleasantly surprised by the noticeable change in writing lately. It doesn't seem to be as jagged, has a bit more flow and depth to dialogue/storyline than the past month. I really hope it continues because I want to LOVE GH like I used too.

Loving Billy Miller! Lovely chemistry with Rebecca Herbst, very easy going. Watching "Jake" flirt with Liz actually made me giggly. I LOVED it! I just really hope Ron doesn't screw over the character of Liz. So sick of that.

The corn and BLT stuff is just plain STUPID. It was funny the first couple times now it's just a waste of screen time. Think how much better the soap would be if the writers put that much effort into the actual storylines!

I'm one of the people who is so over the character of Nina being rammed down our throats. Love the bat shit crazy, just a bit less screen time would be great.

It's nice seeing Maxie getting back to being Maxie. I definitely think they're rushing the Naxie stuff with forcing them apart before they're even really together. Once again, no real build-up to make me want to invest in this pairing. But they sure are adorable to look at!

I could care less about the Ava stuff. A week of watching her moaning in pain was just a ridiculous waste of time. I don't like this cowering in the corner Ava. I like the strong, tough in your face Ava. Need her back ASAP!

I really don't care about the Tracy, Patrick, Sam, Fluke stuff at all but that may change now that Jerry Jacks is in the mix.

Overall, I'm glad to be finding things to enjoy on GH again and really hope it continues!

Cosmoetica said...

Horrible week.

Only good thing is Sonny's plan to free and frame Heather will now backfire cuz Shawn, the eternal screwup, will somehow let her loose.

My bet is she goes after Sonny.

Many sites rumor MB is going on a leave of absence, and Sonny goes into a coma. If so, Heather's the one to take him out, which means scenes of Mikey at Sonny's bedside, torn between loving him and hating him for killing AJ.

Cosmoetica said...

Oh, yeah, and Donna Mills still blows chunks.

Seriously, was she this bad on Knots Landing? If so, how did she become a star?

Di said...

Silas' face never changes. Unless ME is in a role where he's required to do nothing but stare, I can't see why people are raving about him. I was hoping Nina had done him in.

And you know that Sonny's PLAN isn't going to work. It never does. If Heather takes him out I want to actually see the scene. lol

And can she take Kiki out too? Please.

I do like that things have sped up. I don't mind crazy but they should limit the number of loonies on the show.

And I hope we get back to drooling Luke soon. lol Whatever else you say about the man, that actor can act!

mimi23 said...

OMG... If I have to hear Nina say "I was in a coma for 20 years, 20 years" one more time I'm going to be the one screaming like a banshee. The Nina character really gets on my last nerve. I've never been a big Michelle Stafford fan anyway so maybe I'm biased. However, I am really liking Billy Miller so far.

jasonroks said...

Interesting how some of you loved and others hated this week. I actually tuned in a few days and went back and watched some of other days. I agree with Karen -I loved the week with the craziness and fast pace. Maura West plays a great Ava in any situation. Love the new Jason- he'll quickly help us forget Steve Burton. Hopefully he and Liz will eat lots of pancakes and she can gain some weight.
I can't stop watching Michelle Stratford as Nina. I never had seen her before. Pure crazy enjoyment. ME was really good early in the week (or maybe last) when he was mad. The scene with the antlers was a LOL moment.

No need for Luke/Fluke- don't miss him at all

Noticed Kiki has gone more reddish with the hair and wondering if Laura Wright got an enhancement. She almost fell out of the black dress.

Bring on Halloween and Heather.

sonya said...

Hahahaha! The 2nd Nina face, it looks like she is going to swear and say the F word! :)

Julie Langley said...

LOL to Nina saying the F word! Everything she says is sooooooo loony that most of her everyday words sounds like curses!

Does anyone else think that Kiki is Nina's daughter??? Does anyone else notice that Ava seems TOTALLY NEW TO THE LABOR PROCESS?!?!

I love GH!!!!!!!!!1

Zak said...

I'm loving GH right now. While I miss the old days of soaps being about realism and family drama, that just isn't the scene these days. So, I'll embrace the "Melrose Place" story-telling. As long as it's entertaining, I'll watch. And GH is entertaining.

kdmask said...

I so wish Morgan would say "Was it this bad with Kiki" ..just once, then we'd know!

friscogh said...

I tuned in a few days last week but will be tuning out again.

While I too love the fast pace and chaos why is it Nina, Silas, Rosalee, Kiki, Madeline, Franco, Sabrina?

Why can't we have fast pace and chaos with Alexis, Anna, Duke, Felicia, Mac, Maxie, Liz, Nicholas, Ned, Lucy, Scotty, Monica, etc. - you know, any of the characters that have been on the show for more than 2 years. Instead they are relegated to play supporting or minor roles. Maxie is back to planning weddings. Liz is back to the pining nurse. Monica went on a date apparently but have not heard anyone mention her since. Based on this blog (I have not been watching) Alexis, Lucy, Ned, Anna, Mac, etc are all back in the vets storage closet.

YES - give us face pace and chaos but give it with veteran characters we actually know and care about. I could not care less about Nina, Kiki, Madeline, Silas, etc.

All that said, the few days I did tune in Billy Miller seems to be a great recast for Jason and while I hate the character of Nina and her screen hogging, Michelle Statford is very talented at chewing the scenery but like the character of Sonny sometimes less is more. Micheal Easton (Silas) is absolutely boring to watch.