Monday, October 20, 2014

Lucas Went to Med School!

Ava gets a shot from Silas to stop labor. He did say however that if the baby was born now, it would probably be ok.
He had to put on his reading glasses while examining Ava. AHAHHAA....

Ava's labor stopped for now. 

Sabrina tells Michael Carlos took the rap because he was protecting Sabrina and her baby. Sabrina tells him he lied for AVA.  Michael's eyebrows went all over.

Lucas has been thru MED School! We knew that--Brad didn't. Bobbie and Brad bonded on the couch over wine.  Lucas doesn't want to be a doctor. (Mean Face)  "My father was Tony Jones... I can't ever measure up to him".  And he's afraid he won't be good in medicine.  He will talk to Dr. O about maybe working at GH. 

ALERT: Franco told Heather that his wedding was "Tomorrow" --you know "Halloween". AND HALLOWEEN IS 9 working days away!!!!!! ERGO one day is going to last...WHAT THE HELL?
OH no, come on. That can't be. UGgggggggggggggh.  Franco tells his mom he's going to break her out. After he leaves we see that Shaun is stalking Heather in the facility. 

Nina offers Donna Mills money for stealing the baby. Nathan comes home and Nina hides.  Donna doesn't tell him she's there.  He leaves. Then, Donna says she'll help Nina steal the baby. 

Olivia saw Heather with a knife-- Sonny thinks it's because of his plan.  Olivia isn't sure why she saw her. 


  1. I caught the date thing too. We are in for a long ride with this wedding.

    Regarding Lucas, I dont believe his story that he doesnt want to practice medicine because he cannot live up to his father. I think something happened during school that is preventing him psychologically from doing this.

    Someone please get Ava, Nina and Heather in the same room for this. Oh, and throw in some Lucy Coe just for the hell of it.

  2. This damnn wedding day is going to last more than a week? !!!!!!!!!!!! Please no.

  3. I guess the writers finally listened to the fans and went back and checked their history. We all knew he went to med school.

    And it's about time he stopped freeloading off his sister and mom. Get a job, Lucas! There's enough unemployed freeloaders in PC already.

    I thought the same thing about the wedding. That means a whole week of fill ins with people we don't want to see, and everything moving at a snail's pace. *gag*

    And yes, Olivia, it does make a difference if dessert is spelled wrong on a menu. Good grief!

    And finally the writers have remembered that Olivia has visions.

  4. TV Line is reporting that Roger Howarth has joined the cast of The Flash

  5. I need to ask this. When any of you were in grammar school, where you told that the word desert has 1 's' and Strawberry Shortcake has 2?

  6. LSD visions are back! You go Olivia! Heather is going to kill someone, I think it was a warning for Carly but I hope that she kills Franco.

    Sabrina spilled to Michael and now he is on the trail to see who killed AJ....

    I suppose he will find out by the wedding. So I guess he has 10 days in GH time since tomorrow is Halloween in Port Charles.

    So It will be The day before Halloween, halloween and the day after Halloween until Thanksgiving Day.

  7. Delcodave said "I need to ask this. When any of you were in grammar school, where you told that the word desert has 1 's' and Strawberry Shortcake has 2?"

    I was taught you can remember that dessert has 2 ss because you always want 2 to them.

  8. I just read that at Deadline too, dar. It's a recurring role so maybe he's leaving GH. *claps*

  9. NO, it's TWO WEEKS OF FILLER people! Halloween isn't until a WEEK FROM Friday!!!!!!!!


  10. Nutty Nina's back at it today and so are Crazy and Son of Crazy. Here goes:

    Nina: Will you do it, Mommy? Will you steal Ava's baby for me? Pretty please with sugar on top? Daddy woulda done it. By the way, Daddy loved me 1,000 times more than he loved you. He NEVER said no to me. Screw ethics, Mom! How does a bundle of cold hard cash, as in MY MONEY which you have NONE OF, make you feel? Uh oh! Jay's here. Make him disappear, Mom.

    Madeline: No, Nina, I'm not going to steal a baby for you because all of the sudden, I grew a moral compass. I'm sorry, James. I had to chain the door to keep out THE NINA! No, she's not hiding behind a wall with a household object re-purposed as a weapon in her hand.

    Nathan: Where's Nina? I have to stop her from doing whatever supposedly violent things she's doing.

    Heather: You want me at your wedding? Gee, New Favorite Son, I'd love to come, but, you know, a bunch of Navy SEALS have been commissioned to make sure I stay in this place in the afterlife. You can bust me out? That's so nice of you, you deliverer of BLTs but how? How are we going to team up to bring down--OLIVIA?? What's that evil shrew doing on your spycam? That LSD was supposed to kill her, not make her everybody's psychic friend. Now back to Carly. How are you planning on springing me so we can be mother and son partners in crime?

    Shawn: Oh oh here she comes! Heather at three o'clock. She ain't faking labor pains and getting away in anyone's car this time.

    Olivia: Psychic visions? What psychic visions--OMG OMG OMG!!! It's HEATHER WEBBER WITH A KNIFE IN THE METROCOURT!

    Sonny: Come on, Olivia. It looks like you're in need of some libations.

    Carly: I'm marrying Franco and nothing you can say will stop me.

    Bobbie: Guess what, Brad? Lucas has a top-secret M.D. degree. You've been working at a hospital and he's been a doctor all along.

    Lucas: MOTHER! You weren't supposed to say anything about my secret degree! It's a S-E-C-R-E-T, remember? I'm not gonna practice medicine and nothing you say will stop me from not practicing medicine.

    Silas: I've got just the thing for you, Ava. A shot that will stop your uterus from orbiting Neptune. Remember, needle good, pills bad.

    Ava: Thanks, Silas. Even though you still kinda hate me it was nice of you to come over and stick the anti-labor needle in me.

    Sabrina: Carrrrrrrrrlos didn't do it. I just know he didn't 'cuz you know AJ didn't kill Connie. Carrrrrrrlos is in the clink because Ava threatened to off me and my kid if he didn't but that doesn't mean she killed AJ. Or does it?

    Michael: If Carrrrrrrrlos didn't do it, then who did? Ava? This is gonna put a damper on sexy time with Kiki. Do I still have Rosalie's number?

  11. Sonny and Shaun: Getting ready for the plan to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jail visiting center: Awwwww BobTodd invited his mother to the wedding! :) Oh and tomorrow is Halloween!!! YAY!!!! :)*skips down the yellow brick road*

    Michael and Sabrina:

    Sabrina: NO! CAAAAAAAAAARLOS IS INNOCENT! He did not do it! It was Ava Jerome!! Altho I'm not 100% sure.

    When Michael gave her his condolences of the loss of her son, I was thinking, oh Michael should have a baby!!! But not with Starki.

    Brownstone: Awwww McSilas gave Ava a shot! YAY no more contractions! Yeah cus if her water broke, the baby is coming! See Morgan? You don't need to give her ice! A shot is all she needed!

    Carly and BobTodd's home: Bobbie is being such a mother hahahaha. Awwww Lucas is afraid to be a doctor. :( Get some confidence Lucas!!!! Awwww Tony Jones. :( Brad wins the line of the day. He beat out Olivia who talked to Carly about thinking with what is below south.

    Brad: she threw me off a parapet and I still work for her. Bygones.


    Metrocourt: Oh give it a rest Olivia! You aren't going to change Carly's mind! OH OH OLIVIA'S VISIONS!!! Heather with a huge knife!! Sound the alarm!!!!!! RUN FORREST RUN!!! And you can just read Sonny's mind.

    Sonny's thoughts: Oh son of a bitch! I want Shaun to let Heather out and Olivia has a vision that she is out! What am I going to do?!!?!?! Hmmm there is some barware here. I can throw some. Nah Carly will be pissed off at me. When I go home I will throw some bareware. It will be fun.

    Nathan's home: Mommy mommy! Help me take Ava's baby! Mommy! Do this for me please?! Oh get rid of James! *Nina's head spins around and around and around*

  12. You are so funny,RedSoxFaninVA.

    And so are you, Sonya.

    You're both more interesting than the show most days.

  13. Oh Redsox ROFL! You did it again! :) The whole thing was awesome!

    "Silas: Remember, needle good, pills bad."

    And a bowl of ice is TOO COLD! :)

  14. "Di said...And so are you, Sonya."

    Oh thanks! I never know if I am making people laugh or not. :)

    "You're both more interesting than the show most days."

    Hahahaha thanks! :)

  15. Thanks, Di and Sonya! Sonya, I've always enjoyed your recaps too and the nicknames you give the characters (Starki, McSilas, BobTodd) I forgot to include Olivia's "down south" line and Brad's joke about Obrecht throwing him off a parapet, but you got those covered :) I'm going to try to make my recaps a regular thing because they're so much fun to write, especially with all the cray-cray plotting and scheming going on.

  16. OK, so Lucas went to med school, as you all remembered. But 4 years of med school does not a doctor make!! What about the internship, and residency! This takes many years, right? I know this because I watch Grey's Anatomy. . .

    If Halloween is "tomorrow," then how many more days will be pre-wedding, and how many days will be the wedding? I am starting a contest here, let's see if anyone wins (or if anyone plays :) ). I am guessing 4 more days of pre-wedding, then 5 days of Halloween. Then, as someone else said, there will be the day after Halloween, which will last until Thanksgiving.

    Whoever wins gets a free, all-expense-paid trip to Sonny's island, unlimited cash for the casino, and a beautiful dress!

  17. I'll guess 2 more days before the wedding and 7 days of Halloween. (I hope I'm wrong)

  18. No, Heather has to escape first and that's good for at least a few days. lol We'll be lucky if they're dressing for the wedding by next Monday.

    Don't forget we also have the Patrick, Sam and Tracey storyline to work in for a few days and Liz and Jake.

  19. They are also going to have the kids go trick or treating on beggar's night (Halloween Eve)

  20. "RedSoxFaninVA said...Thanks, Sonya!"

    You're welcome! :)

    "Sonya, I've always enjoyed your recaps too and the nicknames you give the characters (Starki, McSilas, BobTodd"

    Hahahaha thanks.

    "I forgot to include Olivia's "down south" line and Brad's joke about Obrecht throwing him off a parapet, but you got those covered :)"

    Olivia would have won the line of the day, but Brad's line cracked me up more. :)

    "I'm going to try to make my recaps a regular thing because they're so much fun to write, especially with all the cray-cray plotting and scheming going on."

    Oh great!!!! Then you and I can entertain people here! :) Yes we got a lot of cray cray people on GH hahaha!

  21. I'll say today for the beggar thing then 4 days of pre wedding with the last 5 minutes of Monday wedding starting. Then, 4 days of wedding.