Thursday, October 9, 2014


Throwback Thursday! Not a hell a lot happened today--- Lucy ate some rolls to calm down because she saw Bobbie.

Ava took a pill Morgan gave her. Ut Oh..

Alexis is saying the same sheeze over and over to Julian 

Nina looked at Franco's Google results and was a bit green. Then she kinda liked the fact he was a serial killer.

Anna and Jordan had a talk at the Metro instead of the park bench.

Silas tells Sam he's sorry. He flashbacks to Nina's attempts at standing.

I have the name for Ava's baby: MORRISON


sonya said...
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sonya said...

Nina: Nina's fake sweetness on the phone message to Rosalie hahaha. Nina turned so fast! Woah what secret does Rosalie have?!!?!

Nina and BobTodd: Oh I just love them together!! :) Nina wins the line of the day.

Nina: I don't want to see Sonny and Carly have sex.

ROFL! And she beat out Lucy's line of all of us are adults. Well you two are. Nina gets turned on when she finds out that BobTodd was a serial killer! Hmmm at the end there was BobTodd telling her that the tumor didn't make him do it?! Hmmmm.

Julian and Alexis: I love how Julian is pursuing her!

Julian: He can't give you what I can.

Me: You mean a broken back? :)

Now when Alexis talked about the list of men that was bad for her, I thought she said Jasper Jax! Which made me mad! So, I had to go online to see it again. She said Jerry Jax. Whew. :)Speaking of Jasper Jax, I didn't know there was a Jasper Jax pancakes on the menu at the metrocourt! Too funny!

Brownstone: 1 pill going down Ava's throat! Another pill going down Ava's throat! OH OH! Rosalie are you going to tell Nina that you saw Ava?!!?!

McSilas and Sam: I'm not really sure I want them together anymore. I like Sam and Patrick together.


Anna, Duke, and Lucy: The way Lucy is eating the bread! ROFL! I thought Lucy was going to throw the bread at Bobbie!!! :)

Bobbie and Carly: Great scene! Altho I still don't buy Bobbie and Scotty together. Lucy all frazzled hahahaha! Lucy doesn't think she is an adult! Lucy is too much! :)

Anna and Jordan: I'm distracted by the zit on Jordan's chest. I'm glad they aren't talking at the park bench anymore. Even Jordan thinks so.

The gym: Sonny's daydream about hitting BobTodd was fun hahaha. I was wondering if it was a dream or not and who's dream. Sonny and Shaun zzzzzzzzzzz. I hope BobTodd doesn't get killed off! I want BobTodd and Nina to be together!

ishouldreadmore said...

I have to admit it: I do not get the significance of the name "Morrison".
I have been ff the shows in under 30 minutes lately.

Avalonn said...

I hear Morrison, I think Jim. But, a Morgan + Sonny or Morgan's Son? Unless it's a girl.

kdmask said...

YES..MORGAN and Sonny

A girl can be Morny like good Morny!
although it would rhyme with horny so...

HEY, that's kinda perfect too!

sonya said...

"kdmask said...A girl can be Morny like good Morny!LOL although it would rhyme with horny so...HEY, that's kinda perfect too!"

Oh Karen! ROFL! You are so bad! :)

LSV422 said...

Just got caught up on 2 days worth and I was wondering if anyone else noticed a big boo boo. When Jordan went to talk to Morgan and left Shawn at the table, in the next scene with Nik, Britt and Spencer, Jordan and Shawn were in the background together at their table. After that she did go back to the table. Sloppy! It's about time Julian told Alexis the truth.

sonya said...

"LindaV says When Jordan went to talk to Morgan and left Shawn at the table, in the next scene with Nik, Britt and Spencer, Jordan and Shawn were in the background together at their table."

No! I didn't notice that. Oh dear!!!

CareyN said...

Karen, who is that in the picture???

nance24 said...

I've started to ff all of Sonny and Sean's scenes, they have the same conversation over and over...want Carly...gotta find Ava...kill Franco..blah blah

skeebob said...

CareyN - it was the kid who played Michael for most of the 2000's, up until he went into the rapidly-aging coma. Don't know his real name.

LSV422 said...

Dylan Cash was his name I believe.