Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cramps Galore

Jordan and Ava gab on the phone. Whatever..

Brad tells Liz that Nik is with Britt again. Told her she's moved back into Wyndemere... Liz was mad. Ah, JakeSt.Face defends her to Brad. AWwwwwwww. Then Jordan walks in and tells Jake she was driving the car. He remembers Ava though. He's like "you're sure"??  He remembers Ava's voice. 

Fake Nik and Britt fight. Dream. LONG dream

Nina and Rosie. She wants her to come back to work for her. Well, actually she wants her to take the blame for the entire ruse she set up with Silas. Not sure how that's gonna work?  Nina says to do it or she'll spill Rosie's "Dirty Little Secret". Rosie says "Why don't I just give you Ava Jerome"??  And then tells Nina she could steal Ava's baby. 

Franco is watching CarSon tapes in the conference room and Silas is going to walk in! Silas does walk in but he thinks the sex on the TV is just "porn" --not Carly/Sonny porn. HAHAHA. Silas wants the deets on Nina from Franco.  Franco tells him about the list. 

Ava cramps again. Morgan calls Britt--she wants her to go into GH.  She won't go. Jordan finally tells her about the pills. She thinks she's in labor. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny decided that Michael should come back form the island. He and Starr walk in and he says he's opening "The Alan Quartermaine JR. free medical clinic" on the waterfront.
Remember when Nikolas tried that? BOOM! 


  1. What I DON'T UNDERSTAND is, why didn't Sabrina just text Jordan to tell her about the meds? People read their texts before they listen to phone messages.

  2. McSilas and BobTodd: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: I love porn. Porn porn porn. Love it.

    ROFL! Yes Karen it's the Carly and Sonny porn show! ROFL! Oh oh the list!!!! Hahahaha.

    Nik and Britch: When he threw
    that plate of breakfast, I was thinking this is a dream! And then I was thinking, boy this is a long dream! Then Nik says I don't love you Britt! He kept saying it over and over and over again. Yup this is a dream alright ROFL! Then Britch finally wakes up! :)

    The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: Brad calls him Jake Doe hahaha awesome! Then taunting Liz about Britch and Nik hahahahaha. Jake Doe sticks up for Liz awwww! :) Jordan and Sabrina scene. Okay Sabrina now that you are done giving Jordan the info about Ava's pills, now go visit Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!! Because I want to see him!

    Brad and Britch: Awwwww! Glad they had a scene together.

    Sonny's office: Blah blah blah Carly. Blah blah blah time to get rid of Franco. Blah blah blah Carly doesn't love Franco. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh pissed Carly shows up! What?! Michael and Starki are coming back?! Well I'm glad Michael is coming back, but Starki should stay at the island! Oh I love Starki's shirt! I WANT IT!!! The Alan Quartermaine JR. free medical clinic?!!? Awwww! :)

    Brownstone: Oh oh! Ava is in labor and she finally finds out! Hmmm that white shirt is going to get all bloody now! And that's a nice shirt!

    McSilas's home: Oh Rosalie has got the upper hand now! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

    Previews: Nina to McSilas:

    Nina: YOU SON OF A

    Then it goes black! ROFL!

  3. The Sonny/Carly scenes are just a rehash of the same old, same after day after day. Even poor brain damaged Jake would have it committed to memory by now. Talk about lazy writing.

    I thought it was a dream when Nicholas threw the breakfast but then it kept going on and on so I wasn't sure. I guess they needed to give poor Nicholas some dramatic scenes. He must be bored to death.