Friday, October 31, 2014

Wimp Morgan Ruined MY DAY!

Silas is going to run the tests on Danny again. All the kids are trick or treating in the hospital..none that we know. Liz does tell Jake that "her kids" are with Gran, but we don't see them. Face buys Liz a drawing set. Awwwwwww where you get the money JAKE? GEESH..anyway, he wants her to draw him.

Nina is OFF the charts OFF the charts EVIL. Wow...Ava's paralyzed, and I'm surprised Nina isn't just cutting that baby out. Why go thru the labor part? 

Franco and Carly talk it out. She says "I do" HE Says "I Don't..." and something about a lying whore. I am so mad about the below thing, I can't think. 

I can barely write this because of what happens between Morgan and Sonny. Morgan feels so badly FOR SONNY!!!!! He finds out AVA shot Carly and HE FEELS SORRRY FOR SONNY! He hugs him!
I think GUZA wrote this shit.
WOW..I am so mad. Morgan also gives Ava up because killed Connie.
SO, why didnt' AJ yell at Sonny for KILLING AN INNOCENT MAN? Or SLEEPING WITH A WOMAN THAT KILLED HIS "love'???????? NOPE, he forgives the crying Sonny. And then HE TELLS SONNY WHERE Ava is!! Knowing he is going to KILL HER!!!!!!!


Wow. I'm so mad.

I don't know. I just..


Stephanie said...

Joss face when Fracno says "Hell no. I don't." though...

sonya said...

The hospital:

Liz and Jake Doe: Go ahead Liz draw Jake Doe! And Dr O still isn't happy about Jake Doe being there. How can I even pay attention to them, when there are a lot of things happening at the Brownstone!?!?! Get back to the brownstone!!!!!

Dr O's office: Dr O is missing her prescription pad! Dr O wonders where Nina is haha. Come on go back to the brownstone scene!!!!

Sam and McSilas: Blah blah blah. Toddler Cheeto is fine Sam! Now get back to the brownstone scene!

Anna's office: I can't concentrate the Anna and Julian scene or the Anna and Dante scene! But yes you are right Anna! Sonny shot Ava! Now get back to the brownstone scene!!!

Sonny's home: I love that Sonny let Morgan listen to Ava's confession! Wait Morgan why are you two hugging!?!?! Why did you throw Ava under the bus?! Well, that is good actually, cus then Sonny could save Ava and the baby!

Brownstone: Nina flew in from her broomstick flying around and cackling. Then she landed!

Nina: AVA AVA AVA AVA AVA! HEY! Trick or treat!!!!!

WOW!!! She stuck her with needle! Now Ava can't move!!!!!! Nina is all touching her belly!!!!! What a scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great scenes! Great acting! When Nina texted McSilas, I am glad she is able to spell. :)


Ava: It's not my fault you lost your baby! It's your mother's fault!



Cranco's wedding: Joss was great today hahahaha! The way she treated the flower peddles, to the way she wanted speak up when Lucy said if anybody has any just cause to stop it hahaha! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: Hell no! Why would I marry a lying cheating whore?

BAHAHAHAHA! And Joss is all smiles!!!! ROFL! Now on to the video show!!!! :)

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Nina was cranking the cray up to about 20 with the two Needles of Badness, the tummy groping, cell phone throwing, needle jabbing, ranting, raving nuttiness that inspired General Hilarity.

I need Helena to show up again soon for her debut on my blog. If she is in a scene with Nina, Madeline, Dr. O, Jerry, Heather, or any of other GH crazies, all the better.

Anonymous said...

Did Lulu, Dante, Olivia, Maxie or anyone else show up for the wedding after?
Has anyone remembered it is Maxie's birthday? Or did they need all the screen time for Nina?
If it is revealed that Carly knew about Sonny shoting AJ would she not be arrested for accessory after the fact,

ishouldreadmore said...

Karen, it may turn out for the best that Morgan told Sonny where Ava is, because they will go to the brownstone, and rescue Ava from Nina WHO IS DOING ALL THIS DRUGGING AVA IN THE MAIN ROOM IN THE BROWNSTONE.
Didn't Dr. O kick Jake out of the hospital? I heard her say he was being discharged, but I was multitasking. LOL
Yes, Stephanie, I loved Joss's face when Franco said "Hell, no I don't." Only time I ever was able to stand that kid.

cooks7570 said...

But would Sonny and Shawn help Ava or kill her. I couldn't believe Morgan gave Ava up either. Sonny fans are upset that everyone's beating up poor poor widdle Sonny.

Avalonn said...

I was a huge Sonny fan back in the day but, now I can't stand him!!! And I feel exactly like that photo above, ugh!

Mrs. Goose said...

How is Ava going to go through labor if she's paralyzed? I really don't get it. If she's paralyzed, isn't the baby also paralyzed?

Di said...

Jason in clown mode at the beginning of the episode should have been a precursor of what was to come, kd. Even Jason Q before the accident was never a grinning joking clown like that. Forgetting who he is wouldn't change his personality like that.

I couldn't believe how quick Morgan was to forgive Sonny. It was an ACCIDENT....sob....I lost control. Oh poor Daddy. Bad Ava. Go kill her. *rolls eyes*

And if Ava was paralyzed she wouldn't be able to speak either. And the baby would be affected, I would think.

I thought Franco was going to marry Carly so he could leave her right away for cheating on him and claim alimony. lol After all he has no money.

LSV422 said...

I could not believe Carly wore a white gown. Heaven forbid Sonny should look bad. Morgan's turnaround was really despicable. He actually felt bad for poor Sonny. Really excruciating to watch crazy Nina. Hopefully she, Franco and Heather will exit soon. Although Ava has been a bad girl I love MW. They had the happy Danny twin on yesterday-what a doll! And Anna & Dante actually figured something out.

Julie Langley said...

I appear to be in the minority here, but I floved this episode!! Morgan's BC sure can rock a suit and yesterday and today BC mimicked MB in mannerisms so much!

Of COURSE a 21-year-old kid would immediately detest the woman who tricked him and lied to him!

Of course Sonny's son Morgan, who has ALWAYS wanted Sonny to love him more than Michael, would reach out to Sonny and say, "I'm here, Dad."

nance24 said...

Morgan ruined my day too......Sonny played him like putty and he caved so easy. I hope Silas gets to Ava before they do

soaplover said...

Oh, Karen I couldn't agree more! I am sooo SICK of Sonny, of Sonny offing people and never paying for it, of Sonny saying he is so into family, of people telling him he's a great dad...augh......

AntJoan said...

OK, OK, I LOVE Sonny, I likely am #1 fan, but I don't "feel sorry" for him or think he shouldn't pay for his crimes. The actor can't help how they write the show, MB is the most beautiful man who ever lived, and he is a wonderful actor, that is all.