Friday, October 10, 2014


Franco's Bow-Tie 
UGH..terrible today. So I leave you with these EYE-Opening Styles for CarCo's wedding: HOPE you enjoy

Charming Bridesmaid's Dresses
Carly's Honeymoon Travel Bag


Zak said...

Those things sure are eye-sores.

sonya said...

Awww Karen you poor thing! :(

The hospital:

Nina and McSilas: Nina is horny and wants her man badly! Nina have you been watching Grey's Anatamy!? Oh wait Nina and McSilas used to have sex in a hospital back then! McSilas says he could get fired for having sex in a hospital! ROFL! He is lying! Nina you should buy the book he is just not that into you! She thinks he is cheating on her hahahaha!

Jason's room: They don't know his last name. They could call him Jake Doe! :) Yes Liz you are right! The cops can do fingerprinting! Altho how much do you wanna bet that he doesn't have fingerprints! :) Or it won't show he is Jason! HA! :) Well, Dante got fingerprints now! So we shall see. Piffy and Liz scene! Awesome. Liz brings up Milo. He and Piffy are going strong? UGH! I'm glad they are not showing it and it's off screen!

Piffy and Milo: Oh they are showing them together. UGH! They are going on a date.


Lulu and Rocco: Awwwwww! :) Will there be baby boxing? :)

Lulu and Maxie: Blah blah blah. Nathan Nathan Nathan. Big bad Judge Walters. Zzzzzzzzz. Hey I love Maxie's dress and hair!

Milo and Piffy: Er uh ummmm. I was wondering why he brought Piffy at the gym! Is he trying to get her to lose weight?!!?! Piffy had that same exact thought! Glad we were both wrong! Milo is just being Milo! :) Showing her the things he likes to do. Awww Milo you are so sweet! I'm sorry I doubted you!

Amsterdam cafe: Hey it looks like the set of Delia's restaurant in NY! Hey wait IT IS! :) Oh Tracy comes in! She went to a little coffee shop cafe and got space cakes! BUT THEY ARE FILLED WITH MARIJUANA! ROFL! Well, I just learned something about Amsterdamn! :) Tracy wins the line of the day.

Tracy: No. I did not eat the space cake.

ROFL! Awwwww. That's too bad. That would have been a fun scene to watch. Her all high! :) Hmmm well if she isn't going to eat it, then why didn't she throw it out?! Why keep it with her at another table? They are all waiting for Fluke!

Police station: Nathan and Dante scene. blah blah blah Maxie... Blah blah blah Judge Walters. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH DR O!!!! YAY! Good to see you Dr O! :)She is freeeeeeeeeeeee! And WOAH she has a hunk of a lawyer!!! Who is that?!!?! WOW! What a hottie!!!

Nathan's room: She is trying to talk to Nathan, but someone else is at the door! Madaline!!! At first when they showed the legs, I thought it was Helena.

Di said...

I'd love to see a scene with Tracy eating that cake. lol

And Nathan should tell Mama O about bad Judge Walters. muyhaha

I thought it was going to be Helena too. How did Madeleine get out of prison?

sonya said...

"Di said...I'd love to see a scene with Tracy eating that cake. lol"

Hahaha me too! Maybe she will be so stressed out over Fluke, that she will forget that the cake is full of weed, and eat it!!! OOPS! :)

Avalonn said...

Di, you know it's Port Charles, no one stays dead or in prison. Lol!
And I totally agree, it would have been beyond great to see Tracy stoned. I was a little upset when she said she didn't eat the space cake.
Feel better soon Karen, migraines are horrible!

kdmask said...

Thanks SO MUCH Sonya! You do such good recaps. :)

Di said...

Yes, I LOVE your recaps, Sonya, and your unique point of view.

Thank you.

sonya said...

"kdmask said...Thanks SO MUCH Sonya!"

You're welcome hon! I hope you are feeling better. Now please find out who Dr O's lawyer is! YUM! :)

"You do such good recaps. :)"

Awww thanks! So do you!

"Di says, Yes, I LOVE your recaps, Sonya, and your unique point of view."

Awwww thank you hon! :)

Anne Casanave said...

Who would be Carly's bridesmaids? She doesn't have any female friends besides Bobbie and Joss.

Di said...

They'll probably have Kiki just to irritate the hell out of us.

And maybe her BBF Felix.

Di said...

That should be BFF