Monday, October 6, 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes!


All hail Monday!  St.Jase face is TALKING. You would know a person by their teeth and voice, but this is a soap sooooooooo...
Maybe Liz will help him use the bedpan and THEN she'll know hee hee 
Jason has flashbacks and remembers Liz talking to him from long ago. but blurry. He says "Elizabeth" 

Monica's going on her first INTERNET DATE!! LOL..she tries to get Silas to sign up for one too. He says he's "seeing his wife". They were so cute. Monica was all nervous. Silas pep talked her. 
She met a judge for's Maxie's judge from Georgie's case! Great touch!! He sees Maxie out with Nathan.
I loved the date talk about internet dating and being older and such. 

Sonny spilled about killing AJ and Franco and Nina over heard it..LOL OH man...Todd is going to FREAK OUT on Carly/Sonny! The app records too. YES! Sonny; off to ATTICA ! ATTICA !
Franco talks to Nina about his Psycho Tumor years and thinks Sonny and Carly need some reminding of that.  He runs out of the room. NINA RUNS AFTER HIM...without her wheelchair and Silas sees her! His face is PRICELESS ahahhahaa 

Patrick and Sam go to Fluke's in Amsterdam and TRACY is there instead LOL. And GUESS WHAT! WOW, they have to share a room! No rooms left! Can you believe it? 

SIMPSONS Fried Green Tomatoes mention today!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Monica looked good today!Glad that they are showing her on a date but sorry they tied it into the judge that denied maxie custody of her baby. Like that Jason remembers the love of his life, Liz, but sad that he says he is "jake". Jake should never have been killed off and funny how new Danny looks like jake. Anyway, this liason fan was hoping for NIZ but it seems NuJason will be pulled into Liz/sam/jason triangle only to see Liz wind up in a gutter somewhere as writers are never on her side.Carly/Sonny having sex all over their son's apartment was a maximum "ICK" factor for me. They had sex in Michael's bed! EWWWWWWWWWWWW! :)

  2. The hospital:

    Nina and BobTodd: Nina wins the line of the day!

    Nina: My God! Did she just say that Ava Jerome and Sonny had sex on AJ Quartermaine's grave? This creepy slut.

    ROFL! And then BobTodd listens in on the Carson sex.

    Carly: Oh God Sonny don't stop.

    ROFL! That sounded so lackluster. The director should have made her say that again. She should be breathing hard and yelling out, OH SONNY! DON'T STOP DON'T STOP!

    Jason's room: Hi Billy Miller! I can't wait until they take off the bandages so I can see your handsome face. :) Soooo Jason remembers Liz! The flashback was distorted and creepy! Oh and Jason remembers Jake! Or does he just remember the name? Hmmmm.

    Monica and McSilas: Monica you have a date?!!?! :)Good for you!!!! :) You met the guy online? That's okay! :)

    McSilas: You know I have been here must be a about year now, and I think it's probably okay to call me Silas.

    Monica: It's okay to call me Monica.

    Hmmmm are they going to have a fling? :)

    Amsterdam: Tracy, Patrick, and Sam. Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzz. Come on Patrick and Sam quit talking and start kissing! :) Oh look all the beds are taken hahahaha! Time for them to share a room and have sex. :)

    Metrocourt: The date is cute. They are getting to know one another, and Nathan is a gentleman! Madaline did a good job raising him. :) Poor Maxie is just confused of who she is! Yeah maybe the date is too soon. Meanwhile Monica and her date with the judge!! WOW! :) Fantastic! So happy for her!!!!! :)

    Sonny and Carly: They had sex all afternoon and into the night!!!! :)Sonny thinks they have deep love! ROFL! Sonny are you saying that she is the love of your life?! Oh Carly says she WANTS to love BobTodd! Oh dear!

  3. "love2chat402000 said...They had sex in Michael's bed! EWWWWWWWWWWWW! :)"

    No Carly said that is the one place they didn't have sex. :)

  4. Loved today! Good Silas and Monica scenes--so pleasant to see characters as friends. And she really looks good. I even went back and played parts again. Glad Jason spoke. LOVED that Nina got caught running! Loved her, 'well..I, uh I, I...uh'.

    Actually, Sonya, I would think Carly would be as bored as I am with Sonnysex--after all they were married 4 times at least and it is all SO repetitious. They always end up yelling at each other and divorcing, so what's the point? They were OK as friends all these years and should have stayed that way.

    I really enjoyed the Maxie-Nathan date. So nicely done, with good dialog, and we were reminded that Nathan was raised as a rich kid and has polish that he might not otherwise. Loved when he ordered the wine--that was impressive. They are so good together and this romance is being done right.

  5. That was Billy Miller under wrap- the voice and the eyes are distinctive. I recognized him from AMC.

    WOW! What an improvement over Zombie Burton.

    Miller can act and emote w his eyes. Jason showed more depth than in 21 years of Burton.

    They can explain why Jason looks diff, but Liz should be able to recognize his voice.

  6. "soaplover said...Actually, Sonya, I would think Carly would be as bored as I am with Sonnysex--after all they were married 4 times at least and it is all SO repetitious. They always end up yelling at each other and divorcing, so what's the point?"

    Yeah but Sonny is a fantastic lover! Women can't resist him! :)And Sonny said that they have deep love! ROFL!

  7. OK, I concede to less-than-perfect vision, but that is not the same actor playing the judge, is it???? I thought the one who took Georgie away for another six months was an older white guy. This judge is good looking, and I think I would remember him!
    Tracy is dumber than a sack of hair.
    Liz really is way too thin. And her eyes are worse than mine, and her ears are not too good, either. She didn't recognize ANYTHING about Jason. No one has.
    When Silas caught Nina running, I had to rewind it. The look on her face was a pip. But Silas is so gullible, she will get out of it.

  8. Loved seeing Monica dating, and that handsome judge is a great choice. I also loved the flashback of young Liz. I like Billy Miller already. Saw him once on CSI I believe, and I agree he will bring some life to the character. So glad Nina got caught finally. Maybe Franco's descent into insanity will ultimately lead to his departure I hope. Sonny and Carly to me have absolutely no chemistry. LW has only one expression apparently, that hurt guilty look, even after having (in his mind) awesome sex with Sonny. Her acting leaves a lot to be desired.

  9. "Cosmoetica said...They can explain why Jason looks diff, but Liz should be able to recognize his voice."

    Didn't Piffy or someone else say his voice is going to change? Hmmmm.