Monday, October 27, 2014

I"m the King of the World!!

From Twitter: Kris and Chad do an interview in Arizona... I see that Cardinals shirt. I know KA is a Eagles fan tho...


Rosie is at the Brownstone. She tells Ava that Nina is after her. 

Michael is at the Crypt and Sonny says he wants to kill Faison for killing Jason. Michael says he wants to kill the guy that killed AJ. Whoops. 
Michael also tells Sonny that Carrrrrlos probably isn't the killer.  He wants Sonny to figure out if it's Ava that did it. 

Donna Mills and Nina are in Dr. O's office.  Blabbing. Dr. O walks in. Mentions a nurse was using an "early labor drug" -they want the name of the patient. Nina thinks it's Ava for sure. 

Body at the door at the Q''s Larry Ashton NOT Fluke.  It's Ashton and he wakes up. Tracy's mad.  Larry's Drunk. 

Alexis mentions the word "Gatekeeper" to Olivia. Awww. 

Shaun and Heather and a BLT. Sigh. She thinks Franco sent Shaun, he lets her think that. Shaun tries to get the information out of her about WHY Franco wants her out. She won't tell him. 

Funny scenes with Jake and Dr. O today. Jake decides he wants to CLIMB THE STAIRS--- ???? WTF????? and Liz TAKES HIM ???????? Ummmm.  Oh geesh. 

DIANE is on tomorrow! 


Di said...

The walk up the stairs was so over the top I think I said WTF out loud. He's just had many major surgeries, hasn't even been able to walk to the wheelchair without help, and she took him UP THE STAIRS!!! They didn't just jump the shark with that move, they were doing somersaults over it's back!!

This guy is just too smiley to be Jason M.He has to lose that inane grin.

And Heather's definitely not stupid. Shawn is out of his league. lol

sonya said...

The hospital:

BobTodd's art gallery: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: Hey! This guy here, he needs pushing. There.

ROFL! He said it so deadpan hahahahha! Oh oh BobTodd hates Jake Doe!!! Oh BobTodd! Why did you have to tell Carly that you have a surprise video for the wedding?!!?! Oh and Carly, BobTodd's dad is Scotty Baldwin, so BobTodd's last name is Baldwin! So you would be Carly Baldwin! :)

Dr O and Jake Doe: Dr O WUVS her Bobtodd! :)

Dr O: Young man my name is Dr Obrecht never Dr O.

RA RO! Did you hear that people?! She HATES the name Dr O!!!!!

Dr O's office: Oh mommy! You can do it! You can help me!! Here's a pad! Write a prescription for me! Dr O comes in and Nina is so funny! All kissy kissy to Aunty O! :) Then starts to caress her hair again! :)

Liz and Jake Doe: Jake Doe HATES BobTodd! :) Jake Doe going up the stairs!!!

Stairs: HEY! Stop leaning on me Jerk Doe!!! You are hurting me! And stop sweating all over me!!!


Stairs: OWWWW! Stop pounding on me! You do it again, and I will loosen the banister and you will fall on your head!

Brownstone: Well this is getting tedious. Starki protecting her mother. Ava protecting herself. Rosalie was from the city. Threats threats threats. No Rosalie didn't tell Nina where you are staying!!!! She is telling the truth!

Q crypt: What's the matta Sonny? Did you think you were going to see Connie again? No too bad it's not her it's Mikey! Mikey thinks Ava shot AJ! But whomever did it, will pay!!!! He even wants to kill the person who did it!

Sonny's thoughts: Oh son of a bitch! I can't let Michael find out it was me who killed AJ! QUICK! Think of what to say to him!

Sonny: Oh Michael. I don't want you to be like me!! I want you safe and protected. If you kill someone, the door will be closed for you!!!!

Q home: Oh that isn't Fluke OR Luke! I wasn't sure who that was at first, but then while commercials were on, I was thinking is that Larry Ashton? IT IS!!! :) WOW!!!! He looks so different! He got old haha. I bet Luke and Larry would get along famously! BFF's even!

Shaun and Heather:

Heather: BLT'S!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM!

I'm glad she kept her mouth shut to Shaun!

Kelly's: KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Olivia and Alexis smash into each other! :) One of them should have said I'M QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!!!!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Part 1
Nina: So, Mommy, where's Ava? I just KNEW that BASTARD daughter Freaky Kiki was hiding her. Freaky Kiki, where have I heard that before? So, if you know where she is, Mommy, why is she not bound and gagged and in this room? Auntie Leisl! Welcome to my League of Loonies! Nice room, by the way. Best plotting and scheming room in the entire hospital! How sweet, Mommy, you're waiting until she goes into labor to steal her baby. Guess what, MOMMY? That ain't gonna cut it! If she knows we know where she is, she's gonna skip town and NO BABY FOR NINA!! I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna put HER in a coma and cut that baby out of her YOURSELF!!!

Madeline: I got the lowdown on Ava from Rosalie. Her daughter Kiki--what a godawful name--is stashing her at some random brownstone at the waterfront. Now that we know where she is, we can wait until she goes into labor and put our plan into motion then. Hello, Leisl. Thank you for letting me and my unhinged daughter camp out in here while we plot and scheme about how to steal Ava Jerome's baby. You know something about stealing babies, don't you, Leisl? Just when I thought you couldn't get any nuttier, Nina, you suggest that I put Ava in a coma to steal her baby?

Dr. O: Hello nurse Webber. Where is that vagrant Jake Doe? I hope he's not bozzering that artistic genius Franco. Franco is such a visionary. As for you, I hear you used to finger paint. Magda, Nina, turn down ze volume on your plotting and scheming. I have some work to do, like keeping indigent patients away from ze genius zat is Franco and giving the zeitgeist strudel gesundheit to incompetent nurses who prescribe the wrong medication to pregnant women. Nurse Webber, what the aufweidersehn are you doing wis zat Jake Doe?

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Part 2:
Jake: So this is Franco. No wonder you're getting cold feet, Carly. Okay, okay, I'm out of here. It smells like serial killer in here anyway. Hey, Dr. O. I'm back from that room where the whackjob artist works. Elizabeth, can you help me climb those stairs. The sooner I can climb stairs and get out of the Nina chair, the sooner I can get away from Dr. Third Reich. Gonna miss you, though. I'M KING OF THE WORLD!!! Now if I could only remember who my subjects are...

Liz: Don't worry, Dr. O, I was just taking Jake on a little tour of the hospital. He was getting bored in that room talking about Jason 24/7. Hi Jake. So you met Carly and liked her? Oookaaay. I don't think you're ready for those stairs yet. Your insides were just renovated and you can barely walk. Okay, alright, but no funny business. You did it, Jake! Maybe you don't need the Nina chair either?

Tracy: What fresh hell? Luke is in a body bag! Is he alive, Ned? Ugh, it's Larry Ashton! Ever heard of a shower, dude? Now WHERE THE HELL IS LUKE???

Lulu: Is that Daddy in the body bag? OMG!!! Um, who the hell is he? How many husbands have you had, Tracy? WHERE IS MY DADDY????

Ned: He's alive, but he's not your dad, Lulu. He's mine! Kinda would have preferred Luke, believe it or not. How does it feel to be double-crossed, Mom? You gave away ELQ, but Luke's still nowhere to be found.

Olivia: Hey, Alexis. Ned wasn't in Mixed Martial Arts at the gym today. Any chance he was canoodling with you?

Alexis: Ned takes Martial Arts? Who is he trying to beat up? If Julian lies to me again, Ned could come in handy.

Michael: Hey, Dad Sonny, why are you hanging with Dad AJ in the crypt. Oh, you're here to see Jason. I miss him too. I wanna know who killed Dad AJ. Was it Ava? No, I'm not going to kill anyone, Dad, but I'm going to be best man at Mom's wedding to Franco tomorrow. I miss you Dad AJ. When I find out who killed you, all bets are off.

Sonny: Hey Michael. I'm not here to guilt-mourn AJ. I'm here to stare at the plaque of a guy who's not as dead as we all think, but underwent a personality transplant on the operating table. Now don't be killing anyone, son, and I won't judge you for standing up for Franco tomorrow.

Kiki: Hello, Roooosalie! Whaddaya want? I should have known I wouldn't be able to trust you. So you DIDN'T TELL NINA??? Ok, but I still don't like you.

Ava: Don't mess with Ava Jerome, Rosalie. You will live to regret it. That is, if you live.

Rosalie: Just wanted to let you know, Ava, that you must BEWARE THE NINA. No, I didn't tell NINA where you are. I'm outta here. You two creep me out.

Shawn: Hey Heather, I've got a treat for you! Now tell me what Franco's up to.

Heather: Hello handsome black man! When will I be reunited with my favorite son? Just to keep you up to speed, this week it's Franco. Mmm, BLT!!! Shall I tell you what Franco's up to? Nah, he might not approve. Best to stay on that one's good side.

Franco: Hey, Bride to Be! Who's this loser? Hey, messed-up dude! Get lost. My FIANCEE and I need to have a little chat. Ok, that punk is gone. I have some surprises up my sleeve tomorrow! It's going to be a wedding you will never forget. Oh, the change of venue. The haunted star is where you said you hated me and wanted to kill me, so I was like, "What better place for a wedding!"

Carly: Hey, I liked that Jake guy. He had a trustworthy face. Yeah, I know about the change of venue surprise. What about our guests? Oh yeah, not many of those because few people in the Chuckles can stand you. No videos, do you hear me? No videos!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Heather: BLT'S!!!! NOM NOM NOM NOM!

LOL!!! Great recap, Sonya:)

Devblev said...

I saw on Twitter yesterday that Kris sang the National Anthem at that football game. It was between Arizona and the Eagles--Arizona is Chad's favorite time, and the Eagles is Kris' favorite team.

sonya said...

"RedSox says Franco: Hey, Bride to Be! The haunted star is where you said you hated me and wanted to kill me, so I was like, "What better place for a wedding!"

"Heather: Hello handsome black man!"

"Carly: Hey, No videos, do you hear me? No videos!"

ROFL! So funny! :)

"RedSox says LOL!!! Great recap, Sonya:)"

Hahaha thanks! :)

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I've started my own recap/meme blog at From now on, you can find my daily recaps there, plus some memes and more. Hope to see some of you there :)

sonya said...

Oh RedSox that is great!!! :) But does that mean you won't post here anymore? :(

AntJoan said...

Did anyone else notice that "Jake's" face looked totally healed today. At first I thought, well he has been in the hospital for a while, then I realized, no it's been the same day for a week, so his face healed up in, like, an hour!! It's a miracle!!

Di said...

yes, it's been the same day for over a week. he's basically been out of the coma for two days.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Sonya, I'll still post here, but my recaps will be at General Hilarity. They were getting kind of long and taking up so much space that I was having to split them up into two parts. I've put a few posts up at General Hilarity already, including today's recap, a post about Jake/NuJason and a BEWARE THE NINA meme.

Cosmoetica said...

What character DOESN'T heal superfast in PC?

95 lb anorexic Liz was shot in the porcelain shoulder at 5 feet by Dr. O ad her shoulder had no scars and was healed in 3 weeks. IRL her shoulder wd be mutilated and wd take mos. to heal, and she'd never have normal use of it again.

Avalonn said...

I'm Keeping my comment short and sweet. I'm really enjoying Billy Miller as Jason. It's a refreshing take! I'm Praying he regains memories of both Jason Morgan and Quartermaine though. That would be conflict..

Panda said...

I'm a lifelong GH viewer but I must have totally missed the "Gatekeeper" references w/Ned & Alexis back in the day. I'm confused on what that means. When Madeline said Ava is due to give birth in 2 weeks, I wasn't sure if she's going to be induced and I missed it, because if not then the math doesn't add up since they showed A.J.'s date of death as 3/31/14. I think the brownstone set is a re-dress of Mac Scorpio's house (which was the old Webber house). The original brownstone had an entrance to the left with stairs that went straight up, and a living room to the right of the entrance. Every time they are at the brownstone it just feels like Mac's house. I did like the twist with Larry Ashton and thought it was funny the way Ned and Tracy were pushing him between them.

sonya said...

"RedSoxFaninVA said...Sonya, I'll still post here, but my recaps will be at General Hilarity."

Well okay! Just as long as you post here too! :) And yes BEWARE THE NINA! ROFL!

"Panda says I'm a lifelong GH viewer"

Oh there you are Panda! Decided to stop lurking again huh? :)

"I think the brownstone set is a re-dress of Mac Scorpio's house (which was the old Webber house)."

Yup it is!! I was disappointed that the old brownstone set wasn't used.

Panda said...

Sonya, you made me laugh. I'll come out of lurking from time to time. I'm glad someone else recognized the Scorpio set. I wish they had recreated the original brownstone.

LSV422 said...

Billy is just too cute to be Jason. Hopefully he is Jason Quartermaine, not Jason Morgan. Sonny is such a low life. Nice to see the elder Ashton - he looks pretty good.

Lori said...

If Jake has no memory, how does he know the "King of the World" quote?

sonya said...

"Panda said...Sonya, you made me laugh. I'll come out of lurking from time to time."

Hahahaha. I'm glad I made you laugh. :) You gotta stop lurking all together!!! That is an order! :) Join us. We won't bite! I promise!

"I'm glad someone else recognized the Scorpio set. I wish they had recreated the original brownstone."

I noticed it wasn't the original brownstone set right away. I knew that set looked familiar and then I realized it's Mac's old home!!! And yes it's also the old Webber home.