Thursday, October 16, 2014


Lucas, Bobbie and Maxie doing Carly's wedding stuff. Nice!   Maxie's dress is adorable. She's over-dressed but I don't care. I'm so sick of those hippy clothes. 
OMG..Josslyn comes out in her CORN costume and says she refuses to be in in her Mom's wedding. LOL 
Carly: Who would you rather have as  step-father?
Josslyn: Stephen King, Victor Cassadine, I'd even take Uncle Sonny...

Felix and Sabrina. She tells her her guilt over the pills. She thinks she's bad (yeah). 

Ava is hyperventilating and freaking out realizing that she's prolly in labor. She doesn't want Britt called, she thinks Sonny is having her followed. Kiki suggests Silas. 

Michael and Franco...Franco talks to Michael about AJ and closes the blinds.  He asks Michael to be his best man. OH! Michael brings up the rape! WOW...Franco asks him to put his feelings aside for his mother.
VERY Creepy SCENE. Eeesh. VERY creepy! 

Donna Mills was giving Nathan the backstory on crazy Nina. Seems like she was nuts as a kid and Donna wanted to have her committed but Nina ran away and married Silas.

Ok, so.. Silas and Nina are fighting and Nina goes nuts and yells at him -- and tells him all the crap he did to her. IN the end, Kiki finds him knocked out the FLOOR !! Nina did it. THEN, Nina goes to Donna Mills' and-- Wait until you see the preview for tomorrow OMG!! So fun. 

OH! And Franco goes to visit Heather (has a BLT with him) and Sonny finally decides to pin Franco's murder on Heather Webber. 


Di said...

That scene with Franco and Michael was creepy. He always said it was never his intention to hurt Michael but he is now going out of his way to have Michael at the wedding when he exacts his revenge. Evil creep! Like I said before- I think the tumor's back!

I also said maybe Nina was cray cray before the coma.

Zak said...

I hate Sonny so much. I hope he goes to prison for murdering AJ. His "plotting" to kill Franco with inept Shawn is laughable. Worst. Mobster. Ever.

Zak said...

Oh, and the little actress who plays Josslyn is dynamite!

helkatmat said...

I figured Ava would be the one Sonny chose to pin the murder on, considering she's tried it before. It was nice to hear Johnny Z mentioned, I wish he'd come back.

Can't wait to see what Heather will do, she and Franco can go after Carly together.

Before Jakeson had his bandages removed I thought he looked like the mummy. That led me to think of possible Halloween costumes for other GH characters.
Nina - Carrie
Franco - Todd Manning
It's kinda fun to think about, add more?

sonya said...
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sonya said...

The hospital:

BobTodd and Michael: While Michael is thinking about being BobTodd's best man, BobTodd is crossing his fingers! ROFL! And yeah Karen! Michael talking about the rape! Wow is right! Poor Mikey having to think about it. :( BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: I'm so happy! Wow! I got a meeting. I got to go hand deliver a wedding invitation, so I will get out of your hair. Your really incredible hair.


Felix and Sabrina: Updating Felix on what she did and now she is all whiny. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Well, glad she didn't start her hyperventilating crying.

Brownstone: Oh yes. Ava thinks she is in labor, but really isn't 100% sure, but yet Morgan gives her a bowl of ice! Yum! ROFL! Gee Morgan no spices in it? I guess you wouldn't want her to be gassy huh?

McSilas's home: So basically it's

Nina: This is all Rosalie's fault! She made me do it! I wake up from a coma, so out of it, and she put a gun to my head! I am the innocent one! I am pure as the driven snow! I had no idea what I was doing! I love you! I didn't want to lose you! Oh but our marriage is just a joke right?! YOU SON OF A BITCH!

Hey! That son of a bitch line is Sonny's line!!! You are not aloud to say it! Only Sonny is aloud to say it!! And she didn't even throw barware! Oh oh McSilas goes down!

Sonny's office: Franco Blah blah blah. Set someone up for his murder blah blah blah. Maxie, blah blah blah, Spinelli, blah blah blah. Heather Webber blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Nathan's home: Ohhhh so Nina had a mental problem growing up! She pushed her mother down the stairs? WHAT?!!?! Nina and mommy scene oh oh!

Jail visiting center: Ohhh Karen! A BLT!! I was wondering what was in that brown bag! :) I should have known! :)

Carly and BobTodd's home:Children of the corn hahahaha! Joss wants her mommy to re marry her daddy. Awwww! :) Joss does not want to go to her mother's joke of a wedding! GOOD GIRL! :) Oh Maxie looks so cute with that outfit! And the pearls! :)

"Karen says Wait until you see the preview for tomorrow OMG!! So fun."


Cosmoetica said...

The corn joke is WAY old.

kdmask said...

Cosmo, I Know it's old but I still love it. Warms my heart because I think of all the people NOT on the net that have no idea about our Joss/Corn connection. LOL
It's the little things that continue to amuse me.
I SO LOVED Maxie, Lucas and Bobbie and Carly--it was just like an old OLTL scene at Llanfair -- and then Joss came in. THEY NEED more of this!!

kdmask said...

I will add more costumes..just you wait!

LSV422 said...

Any woman would be crazy to insist on marrying a former (and most likely still) psychopath when her young child has such strong feelings about it, but of course, this is Carly. I am so glad Nina is finally showing her real self to all and hopefully we will be nearing the end of her stay. Nathan can't break the stone face no matter what happens. Someone behind the scenes must be in love with him to keep him on. He has a nice voice and would do great with voiceovers, but he ruins every scene he is in. His mother gives him traumatic news and his "acting" is raising his voice. Needs to go.

CareyN said...

I think at this point Carly is sort of over Franco, but she realizes if she doesn't stay with him he'll out her and Sonny to Michael. Also, I'm sure part of her feels like if she left him, he'd revert back to being crazy so she's tying to "save him" which is classic soap trope. And actually, pretty realistic to any abusive relationship. I gotta admit, as much as I love love love RH (grew up with Todd Manning on OLTL) I just can't stand Franco or any of this. Really wish he'd been cast as a Q or a Cassidine...

soaplover said...

I agree, Carey.

Casting Roger as Franco was a major blunder. MAJOR.
This is super actor, one who has a way of tossing out a throwaway line, one who is humorous, witty, capable of fine acting as well, and basically likable. But his gifts are just wasted on Franco who is--well, basically unredeemable. I didn't like Michael Easton being cast as Silas, but at least he has a better history, such as it is. And Michael is still a romantic leading man.

Those people suing ABC over the characters and their names--what a waste, since they are never going to get OLTL up and running again, why couldn't they just let it go?

This was a very good week and good scenes most of the way. Not the big action stuff, but real soap stories with good interaction of characters and good dialoque. Each day I didn't want the show to end. SO glad Nina got revealed--I was sure all along that was why her mother gave her the shots.

soaplover said...

You know, Roger has always been kinda creepy which is why, I suspect, he was cast as Todd to begin with. He is likable creepy with a streak of humor, and always a little wierd. Years ago on OLTL when he married Tea (because of a money deal) and he couldn't allow himself to feel for her or love her because he was sure it would hurt...I remember being creeped out by him then. Interested, but creeped out.