Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bad ASS Jordan!

BOOM! She just knocks Heather's guard  out!! I LOVE HER!! Get her on more--move her into the Brownstone. Geesh, that was glorious!!
Heather looks at her like: HUH?  Heather finds out Shaun works for Sonny NOT Franco. Whoops.

While Shawn is talking to Franco and NOT killing him, his phone rings. Heather is sending him photos of her and Jordan--and Jordan is all tied up and duct taped. LOL!  Heather says you hurt Franco, I hurt Jordan.

Franco basically leaves LOL 
Shawn goes to the warehouse-- finds Jordan. Heather locks them in together and leaves. 

Joss is in a nice yellow dress. The Haunted Star is all done up--Carly's walking around it in a brown sweater. WEIRD!!!!!!  She finds out from Spencer that Franco knew all along that Spencer was hiding in their house. hee hee.. THEN he tells her that he knew Franco was plotting against Uncle Sonny and he was trying to hack into her email.  OH NOooooo. 
Later..Franco walks in

20141030 0821(7)
Morgan and Sonny! ooooooooooo!! Morgan goes IN on him. Tells him he knows he's gonna kill Ava and that he killed AJ!! WOOT!! Sonny finally yells in Morgan's face "I DID IT. I KILLED AJ"!!  Great scene!!  Then, Morgan figures out Ava must have done something else to make  Sonny hate her. "WHY do you want her dead"?? Will Sonny tell him Ava killed CAWNIE?  yes!!! YES HE DID! WOW..Now Morgan knows that Ava killed Connie!!

Sam asks Brad for Danny's test results asap. He says I have to go to the wedding. She begs him. Donna Mills looks on (she's got a TON of make up on today!!) DONNA takes the folder from Brad after telling him she's a consultant for Silas. She TAKES DANNY'S FILE people!!!!! She changed the data so that Silas will come back from Ava's.  Sam calls Silas and sure enough, Danny has "cancer" (Fake) and she begs him to come to GH. 

Nina finally waltzes into AVA'S after Silas leaves and says "Buckle up Bitch" 

HOLY HELL I needs a drink! WHEW today was amaze@@!! 


delcodave said...

I missed today's ep. due to work and I am going to miss tomorrow. I know that I can go to (I think 24 hrs after the airdate?) but is there anywhere else I can view these 2 episodes. It sounds like can't miss tv. (I dont have dvr or huluplus)

any advice would be great. I think youtube posts them after a day or two.

Looking forward to everyone's comments on todays episode.

kdmask said...

I think has a good stream, Dave.

dar said...

In Buffalo area GH is available on prime time on demand on Time Warner cable. Only works if you have digital cable .

sonya said...

I forgot one other thing yesterday.. Starki was wondering why BobTodd wasn't getting dressed. Well gee. They have hours and hours and hours and hours until they get married. He doesn't have to rush to get dressed.

Sonny's warehouse: Woah! The camera on Jordan is moving so much, that I think I'm gonna throw up! Whew it stopped. Hey look! The guard looks like Vin Diesel! :) Woah Jordan beats the crap out of Vin Diesel!!!

Scotty's room: This is a funny scene! While BobTodd is changing, Shaun is pointing a gun on him! ROFL! Shaun you are pathetic! Give up on being Sonny's lacky! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: A bullet huh? You know everybody says it's the thought that counts, but if I'm being honest with you? We would really prefer a practical wedding gift. You know, like a toaster.

ROFL! And then Shaun gets a text from Heather! The pictures cracked me up! That is hysterical! ROFL!

Sonny's home: Morgan and Sonny scene! Great scene!!!! :)

Sonny: O kay damnit!

The way he said okay was strange. :)

Sonny: Because Ava killed Connie!!

YEAHHHHHHHHHH! Delicious!!!! :)November sweeps baby! :)

Haunted Star: That tv screen has BobTodd and Carly's name on it. It would have been really funny, if it had their squish name on it. Cranco. :) Oh boy! Spencer spilled his guts about BobTodd haha. Jossy really loves her yellow. :) Yellow used to be my favorite color when I was a kid. Anyway Michael texted Morgan and we get to see it hahahaha!

Brownstone: Ava looks like she is wearing a witch costume. Where is the witch hat? :) Ava texting Morgan hahahaha. We get to see the words! YAY! :)

The hospital:

Dr O's office:

Nina: Mother you have to help me! Or you will be homeless and have no money!

Madaline and Brad: Madaline pretending to be a doctor! Hahaha. Poor Brad just wants to go to the freaky wedding! :)

Sam: As soon as Brad gave Sam the file, I had a feeling Madaline changed the results! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Awww Poor Sam. :(

Nina and Madaline:

Nina: You did that!? I'm impressed mommy!!!!

This is nuts! Madaline looks like she feels bad about what she did. All Sam and McSilas has to do is check it out and see if the kid is sick or not! They will see he isn't sick.

sonya said...

"delcodave said... I think youtube posts them after a day or two."

Nah. Today's episode is already up! :)I will give you the link.

Anonymous said...

I tuned in today for the first time in weeks.

So Jordan could easily beat up the muscle thug guy yet ended up bound and gagged by Heather?

So everyone was wondering where Franco was and commenting on him being late, yet Carly had not yet even started to get ready?

So the adults just let child Spencer leave the Haunted Star by himself?

It is these sort of blunders that make me think Carlivati is not the great writer everyone says he. His writing is is like a rollercoaster with periods of highs and then huge periods of lows, all with big holes in the storylines.

And tuning in after an extended hiatus I got to watch a show that was dominated by Ava, Silas, Kiki, Nina, Madeline, Franco, Jordan, and Shaun - none of which were even on the show a few years ago. All that was missing was Sabrina and Dr.O (surprised Franco did not invite her to the wedding).

It was nice to see Bobbie, Lucas, and Scotty for a few seconds - being used essentially as extras. Where was Haunted Star owner and cousin Lulu and her husband Dante? Wedding planner Maxie? Friend Olivia? Officiant Lucy? Spencer's dad Nicholas?

GH still being over run by newbies. I'll be tuning out again

sonya said...

"friscogh said...So the adults just let child Spencer leave the Haunted Star by himself?"

Maybe he has a phone and he called his driver. :)

ishouldreadmore said...

Speaking of which, I agree that Jordan would not be overpowered by Heather, and then remain still enough for Heather to wrap her in plastic wrap. Sheesh
I had to ff thru all that part, with Heather and Franco and the GoldDust Twins.

sonya said...

"friscogh said...So Jordan could easily beat up the muscle thug guy yet ended up bound and gagged by Heather?"

"ishouldreadmore said...I agree that Jordan would not be overpowered by Heather, and then remain still enough for Heather to wrap her in plastic wrap."

Well, maybe Heather tricked Jordan somehow. Heather can be very shifty. :)

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Great show today. The Cranco Revenge Wedding is about to start and the Port Chuck resident lunatics are licking their chops. I feel terrible for Sam, though, and hope she finds out soon that the results were switched.

LSV422 said...

I guess Carly's outfit was for the wedding. Better than wearing a white gown after all those marriages. How convenient that Heather had plastic wrap on hand and once again the cop is the victim. No wonder they didn't show that improbable and ridiculous tussle. Brad should know the doctors at GH and not fall for a faux dr. BC was outstanding in the scenes with MB. He has really grown as an actor.

Wanda Woman said...

I just assumed Jordan and Heather cooked up the "Jordan as hostage" scheme so Shaun would run back to the warehouse and not have time to kill Toddco.