Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Eminem Trying to Be Jason Morgan?

Ahhhhh...nice day to relax and watch all those scenes they tape to "insert here" when there's a lull. Dante/Lulu in Crimson talking about the Opera...Lucky and Tracy...Interpol. The Cassadines were dining on some feta at one point, I liked that. Hating the stupid Brooke Lyn Story though. It's just stuck in there. It's not like we'll ever see the Q's.

Anyone see the Eminem video "Not Afraid" is Jason Morgan inspired? TOTALLY! Black  tshirt...short hair, looking all buff (on the acai berry?!) flyin' around in sunlight? LOL... Today  Jason actually caught mistakes in the police report NO ONE else noticed. :cue music:

When Scrubs was fighting in the park and Lisa was crouching down in the bushes, it looked like she was peeing.
Carly's talking to Lulu about Dante. Johnny and Olivia...Tracy and Lucky-- like I said, pretty much filler day. Poor S&B fans, it's gonna be a long, long rest of the month!! 
It was so boring today I really REALLY wanted Danielle from Real  Houswives  of NJ to walk into  Johnny's room with her little bodyguard Danny. THEN I thought I'd love for Lucky to see the Smoking Man and Scully at the Interpol office. Gawd, I watch too much TV!!

PS. I think Olivia dropped her pastry bag along the disappeared!


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Hope the Robin-Patrick-Lisa story lines gets more development. The writers spend months and months and months ad-nauseum doing what they call development on a frexin' Sonny story but for the better characters, nothing, nada, zip. Whoever is writing for Lisa is doing a fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Claire has any real desire for Sonny. All we have seen from her are those knowing smirks that say, "I got you now, Corinthos. I am going to send you to jail."If she is suddenly so stoooopid as to fall onto the black satin sheets (or worse that filthy couch) then she will be heading for the unemployment office because Sonny's bedmates don't last all that long -- Carly and Alexis excluded.

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Do you get tornados in Rochester? I live near Buffalo and there was one here in the mid 80's - that damaged one building. Do the writers have any idea where Western New York is? It's not tornado alley!

Anonymous said...

A tornado in Port Charles? How about a hurricane or better yet, how about a tidal wave! They could go with a wall of locusts, or an infestation of bed bugs. Oh, I know, an invasion by aliens.

They have done fires and explosion to the point of boring tedium. How about an earthquake!

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catching up on a weeks worth of GH eppys. What's with vanessa's rocking back and forth shifting her weight like Dustin Hoffman's Rainman character? Between that and the octomom's laugh I'm wondering what kind of drugs she's on. Bizarre.