Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spoiler Meltdown: The Kiss That Never Happened.

Exclusive behind the scenes photo of Massi Furlan  (Giovanni) and S&C

So...the spoiler breakdowns all said that Brazen was going to kiss, and the photo went out on the wire. Jax would keep it from Carly...and Spin would try to keep it from Sam. HOWEVER--they weren't kissing, just standing there. I wonder if the whole "Brenda is drugged" one is true now. A spoiler that was on SoapNet is one I WISH wasn't happening. Check out the WUBSNET for details on Michael and the Hookah!! :eyeroll: PLEASE remember to click on the ad banners--for Alberta's AIDS LA WALK!!

Another rumor flying around is that Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) may be back-- Nancy Lee Grahn was tweeting about her having a surprise on GH-- involving someone. There's been speculation that The Balkan story will involve him. Hmmmmmmmmm. NLG hasn't been on for awhile, I miss Alexis.

Today's Show: Carly and Sam..I am enjoying this. Loved Maxie, Nik and Brooke. Maxie is the Rachel Zoe of Port Charles! This Brooke story is so contrived.
Are they making Johnny 'mobular' enough??? And what about Ethan's hair today?? All combed out.
I like that  Jax and Olivia are friends. Ingo sounded like he had a cold. I guess he tweeted awhile back he had one and gave it to his TV and RL wives! This must be it!! Looks like ol' Jax is a  bit concerned about Brenda. Hmmmmm...we knew that was going to happen!

Robin taking her meds, should be more a part of the show...AIDS  cocktails are wonderful but they are a grueling process. It would be helpful to show that. HIV is no picnic. Matt even got a scene or two today! wowza..and MAC was on!!

Jolivia was on..yeah!! I love them, they've been the first couple I've liked in awhile--I mean one that makes me want to watch. She said she loved him! He loves her!! I hope we get a hot scene.
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  1. If Ms "busybody" Sam wants to be about a hookah for poor Spinelli, not Michael!!! Oh good grief, can't even she see he needs professional help , but not that "profession"? How stupid can they make her look? As for Jerry Jacks returning...bring him on! I've said all along that he should be THE Balkan, with this new guy as just A Balkan. Jerry could so do this role proud! And if he can't be the baddie, could he bring the baddie to justice? And go home to play with Alexis for a while??? please??? Oh I do forget who is writing this storyline...rats!

  2. I had read that Sam got Michael "Professional Help" and almost wrote it up as therapy!! BOY WAS I WRONG! LOL

  3. I'm taking up a collection to send both Maxie and Carly to the salon to touch up those roots. I thought Carly's were bad but Maxie's roots were frightening today! oye ladies!!!

  4. I could do with less face sucking with the many couples on GH. After the first "kiss" the rest of it just burns airtime that should be used to advance the story.

    I was totally put off by the Sonny-Claire scenes yesterday. In fact, I find the pairing barfworthy and disappointing. Can't the writers come up with something new? Is it written into MB's contract that every time his character gets around a woman in law enforcement he gets to bed her? Been there; done that; it's boring.

    Really want some of the many stories being played out right now to hurry up and develop to completion. We still have questions regarding some of the older stories that haven't been answered yet. Who is Sam's father? Matt needs a story. Does Spinelli have Aspergers? Is there a woman out there for him? Epiphany's son was murdered. Why hasn't she been allowed the closure that only disclosure can bring. Where is Laura? Where did Helena hide Stavros' body?

    Forget Sonny and the mob for a couple of years. Give us some stories and some heroes NOT attached to criminals.

  5. I really want Brenda with Jason. There is chemistry there. They trust one another. There is a lot of shared history with them. Why not let them smolder for a while then let all the passion erupt. There could be some real angsty reactions from them both. It doesn't have to be a retread of the Nik-Liz story because there really isn't anything to keep them apart.

    Brenda with Sonny and Brenda with Jax is just a rerun. Jason is Sam is incredibly boring. Sam just doesn't fit. She never has and never will.

    Maybe Jason can be injured and Brenda can be there for him like she was for Jax, but this time she gives him back his past, the past stolen by the drunken AJ. It is past time to redeem Jason.

  6. Jason and Brenda at each other's throats are much more fun, and they are so good at it! She can do face chewing with Sonny and Jax.

    Love Ethan's hair. I think he should do everything he can with it 'cause it may not last. 26 years later my son's wonderful hair is mostly gone, buzz cut like so many guys in the same situation.

  7. now that the real brenda is back will GH get rid of the brendabots(sam, olivia and clair)? has any one else noticed that clair looks like demi moore.

  8. OK seriously Sam? And Guza wonders why so many fans don't like this character? Just when she crept into our hearts with GV's Lucky, and with her sisters, she reverts to the slutty Sam. This really makes me sick. It's offensive even for Soaps. This kid is only 18! let's hope Carly hits the roof on this one. This is one time I would enjoy seeing her on her high horse.

    As for Brazen, I have to admit I wouldn't mind one drunken night seeing them just to see if it would work. long term, probably not.

  9. Don't know about anyone else, but I'm kind of tired of hearing Olivia call everyone "honey"? It's starting to grate on my nerves.

    Enjoyed the Mac and Robin scene...hate how they don't really show families' spending time together anymore.

    Suzanne, Murphy and Jason scene was funny. Murphy "I play an assassin in movies, not in real life. Nothing is going to happen"
    Suzanne "It's not you I'm worried about" turns to Jason

    I hope they didn't cut those scenes out with Brenda kissing Jason. I was waiting for all the fallout. Wouldn't mind, drunken ONS between them...the morning after would be a riot...Jason would probably throw Brenda out of the bed if they woke up next to each other.
    Or say they couldn't remember for a bit and the pieces slowly trickle down, Brenda screaming when she figures it out, can't imagine Jason's reaction?...But please no pregnancy from it

  10. Why do they want plain Kristina with hot Ethan at least Maya HAWT!

  11. Danta should learn that stripping down to your undies not that sexy. Or those slumbering awful noises he and Luless make during lovemaking is a turn off! The only worthwhile couple are Mayan! Viva Mayan! Why because they are sexy they have those undercurrents not in your face! Next they are visually stunning there isn't a more naturally beautiful woman on daytime than Maya sorry haters! There a reason that her male co-stars beam from ear to ear she's stunning and a woman unlike crybay Krissy who owns the part of a whiny, nine year old who lies at the drop of a hat! Show the most stunning. sexy couple on daytime maybe I'll watch again. Hey Brookie kick Lulu's a88!