Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alan Q Sells Houses!

Maybe he got the idea from Monica's "It's MY House" !!

Stuart Damon teams up with son Christopher to sell houses in LA. The Times has a nice little article about celebs cashing in on the real estate buxiness.
Even when I'm at Coldwell Banker, sitting at the office meetings, I'll be getting these strange looks: 'Who are you? Do I know you? Haven't I seen you before?' And we'll strike up a conversation," Damon said. "There's just a general feeling of friendship and a kind of closeness because they know who I am, even though I was playing a character."

So, if you're in the LA area and looking for a house, don't be surprised if a Q shows up at your door!! (order him some pizza, he loves it! LOL)


  1. This is awesome...and I'm so glad for Stuart Damon. Makes me feel very warm and fuzzy that he's getting GH love beyond GH.

  2. I miss Alan why can't Guza write a dang dream sequence and bring everyone back he has killed off.That would be a new script for you Guza!!!!I miss Georgie and Alkazar and numerous others too many to count heck I would even take Emily back and also Courtney

  3. Michael O'Leary, a long-timer on the old "Guiding Light" is selling RE in new jersey, i think.