Thursday, September 30, 2010

The DRESS. Dear GOD THE DRESS. Sonny and Cher Claire went to the island. And Sonny gave her a....dress.

Sonny gives Carly a Dress...

This makes me insane. Any of you that known me KNOW how I hate the Guza "dress" scenario. Almost every SINGLE female has (at one time or another) gotten a  DRESS from a guy. Lasha got one from  Bat. Jax gave one to Brenda...and one to Venus. Sonny's given them to so many women  I want to vomit.

Sonny gives SAM a dress on the island....

The Dress symbolizes so much that is wrong with GH to me. Giving a woman a DRESS is bodice ripping Wild West days that it reeks of Raiders of the Lost Arc -- you know, Karen Allen got one from the Nazi baddie. It shows a woman is an object. The man--gives the object the outfit he wants to see her in.

NO, it's not JUST A DRESS.'s been DONE SO MANY TIMES by Guza it's pathetic. I think he thinks it's a joke by now,  but I'm not laughing. :mean face:

On to other news, FIVE weeks in and Brenda has landed in Port Charles!!


  1. Oh, no, the dress, the dress . . . Say it isn't so!! Now she'll have to be the next baby mama, I can't stand it . . .

  2. Oh just keep drinking the Guza Koolaid and you will forget about the dress... it's not going away but you'll forget about it lmao (until the next time Sonny goes to the island with random chick number 836)

    Now that Claire has the dress how soon until Sonny presents her with the obligatory piece of jewelry? It's always the next piece of the puzzle :)

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while now, three years maybe? I love it! It brings a smile or smirk to my face every time I stop by. Thanks for keeping me entertained and providing the GH history that I lack. :)

  4. Gee, weren't we were all expecting it? Has he given her the obligatory poker chips yet? Have they pretended to come in from the beach (which we never see) in swim suits yet? Has he taken her to his casino and let her win yet (but we never see that--only them coming into that same room with the same smiles)? Are they repeating the same dialog as Sonny and the last 4 or 5 chicks he took to 'the island'? Does Guza ever write a new, original script?????

    He must have a big book case in his office where he keeps the old scripts he knows he will repeat over and over, and pulls one out when he wants to leave work early or not show up at all. 'Here, we'll just do this one again,' he tells his assistant, "you know the routine." Indeed she does.


  5. It's what Sonny does, it's tradition...

  6. I have to ask, because though it may be obvious, it's just too hard not to comment on.

    After Brenda screamed, would not a flight attendant have come over and checked to see what's wrong with a screaming passenger?

    The dress! Comments have been made. I concur!!!

    Today they showed Jason's vulnerability and I liked how he shared with Brenda what was going on with Michael. They've come a long way. Funny how Jason was trying desperately to point out Michael's struggle and forego mentioning his own. But Brenda could read it all over his face.

    One qualm I had aside from the dress, was how Spinelli failed to mention that Robin was missing? He knows what she means to both Jason and Brenda, as we can assure he's done thorough research on the Divine One's past. So why no mention of it? Especially after he helped Patrick.

    Funniest scenes of the day

    Jason taking off the cushions and pink blanket off the couch and kicking it...and then the knock on the door, then one more kick before he answers it...HAHAHAHA

    Jason: "You fly all the time with ASCC"
    Brenda: "It's ASEC"
    Jason: "Whatever. It doesn't matter."
    Brenda: "It's different"
    Jason: "Why's it different?"
    Brenda: "I'm not with you!"

    Jason: "You said that I make you feel safe?"
    Brenda: "Well listen, you don't make me feel safe when we are on the way to Port Charles!"
    Jason: "Is there any way you can go back to sleep?!?"

    It's like when someone says, "but you said you liked my cooking or something" The way he said I almost fell to the floor.

    Love these two together. They usually have the best dialogue.
    Again, why do we need Sam?

  7. I have to disagree a little about the dress...yes, it was completely predictable that the dress came out and I did roll my eyes. But I did like Claire's reaction to the dress and how she predicted that she would just happen to win at the casino. Maybe even Guza realizes how worn out and ridiculous the dress and the casino are...MAYBE.

    I do love the interactions between Jason and Brenda. I haven't laughed out loud at this show this much in a very long time. I also loved Spin (for the first time in a long time) in his first scene with Brenda- and Brenda's reaction to him.

    I completely agree about the Robin thing. I kept waiting for somebody to tell Jason and Brenda that Robin is missing, but that would have made too much sense, I guess...

  8. Didn't Alexis get a dress too?

  9. Mosbp2003, you said it. It would be the logical thing to do. For some reason, once you've been in a relationship with someone, it's hard to fathom that you would remain friends. That's Guza's world.

    Even Maxie went to Johnny and asked for help because Jason was out of town. Now that she knows he's back, wouldn't she have run over there and told him?

    Would have loved for Brazen to charge over to the hospital and go off on Lisa. Have Jason rough up Patrick a little for Lisa's benefit. (Patrick would be in on the whole thing). Just picture them playing good cop, bad cop. Brenda going on about Robin being her little sister. Jason giving the stone cold stare. And then they start yelling at each other while Lisa begins to panic.

    As this won't happen, instead we have to endure Sam meeting Brenda. I do hope Robin confides in both of them.

  10. I think Guza was almost being ironic with the dress thing, thus Claire's more evolved reaction. I'm not crazy about her and Sonny, but I do like the actress and I hope they keep her around for awhile.

    Dare I say, I think GH is getting better and I'm hopeful for the future.

  11. Sonny's mating rituals are so predictable it would have been surprising if he HADN'T given her a dress!

  12. Lol Karen, love the intro! The Dress, Dear God the Dress! You rock!

  13. Oh, I totally think Guza MEANT for it to happen...LOL