Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"You're Cute When You're Scared"!!

Johnny's up and ready to party!!

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP!! S&Bers are going to be waiting even more it looks like.  Sonny goes BACK to Port Charles, leaving Brender in ROMA with her memories and thug threats. 
HEY!  Please remember to visit a sponsor. Alberta's AIDS Walk is coming in October and I'd like to donate at least $100 to her cause!!

General Hospital: hey, they got their dates right on when school starts here!! Small victories,  I will take it.
Sam hobbles into GH on her bad ankle and Epiphany gives her the ol' stink-eye. heh

Jolivia fans will swoooooon. Johnny wakes up and tells Olivia that she's "Cute when she's scared". Has it been a week since he got in there? Goodness.

TRACY AND EDWARD AND MONICA!! An old fashioned Q scene..heh. Tracy harping on Maya. Edward isn't wearing his hat! Brooke Lyn crawls home (looking like a Jersey Shore cast member) and asks to be let in. Tracy goes all Q on her. And Brooke tells her not to call her Granny. heh. Brooke starts her old stuff up with wire transfers and Tracy catches her with Eddie's phone! Monica and Eddie were all in on it! It was like The Sting!! Damn you Guza for not having them on more.

Liz is in Palo Alto says Steve. I guess that means Nikolas can spend time with Brooke soon. Oh, be still my heart :eyeroll: Robin tells him about Lisa and Patrick. She also apologizes for going all off on him about his affair with Liz.

Crimson set and just like the old days with Lulu and Maxie dishing. Maxie says she SO GETS Carly. Very cute scene.

We also had Mike/Krissy today and Jax/Alexis. Not too  shabby. It was interestingly, a Brenda-Free Day!


Anonymous said...

No one not notice Brendas face wasn't in the opening credits yesterday? She bored and leaving already?

Annie said...

I love the Q's. I miss them. They were always my favorite part of the show. Always entertaining to watch and they weren't just filler. So many stories tied together through them. Now they are on practically never. It is a shame what the writing staff did to them.

It is no wonder I tune in once every couple of weeks and FF through most of it.

Anonymous said...

Lord thank you for ending the stupid, drawn out, boring cabin story. Sad that they can't find a better story for Jasam. So much for their souplecoupleness.

Andrea said...

3 things I didn't like about the show yesterday.
1) When Michael didn't care if people saw him talking to Sonny at the PCPD because Dante was there and would have come up with an excuse for him.

2)when Epiphany said something about Sam and Jason being in gunfire. Didn't they come in just saying that Sam fell? Nothing about gunfire unless I missed it.

3)If Johnny is still in intensive care, are police supposed to be able to interrogate them? And did I miss something about Olivia believing Sonny over Johnny? This part is just stupid because Sonny DOES shoot unarmed people in the chest. Just ask Dante and his missing scar.

One quick sidenote. I love watching siblings like Kristina and Michael talk, but I am so sick of them talking about their dad.
Kristina: I hate him. Worst guy ever.
Michael: You just don't understand him. Great father no matter how many laws he breaks.