Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Hell, I'm IN a WELL...

Heroin wears off real quick, don't it?

GH TODAY: Robin tries to get out of that well. Which, by the way would have all sorts of sheeze in it if it was really open like that. Gross stuff. Dead stuff. Just sayin'. How much do ROBIN AND STONE look alike?? That's just EErie!! wow....

Everyone was on the COUCH today...Claire/Sonny-- Jolivia--Brazen.. all  on the COUCH. @@

Molly walks in on Sonny and Claire. heh..and WOW, but Sonny's taking another LADY-FRIEND to The Island. Good GOD...will there be a package waiting for her with poker chips and a dress? Ugh. Sonny tells Molly "sometimes it's nice to just find a nice lady to be with"... She brings up Carly then Brenda.

Brooke and Nikolas on the plane-- whatever. Brooklyn memorized 3 sentences and he's "impressed".. she flips out on the plane.

Mac hauls Lisa into the PCPD and tries to "lean" on her.  He gets nasty and tells her he's dealt with Faith Roscoe, Ryan Chamberlain and Jerry Jacks!! I like me a nasty Mac!! I like Pat going to Spinelli too.

BEST THING TO HAPPEN TODAY? Lucky said "Bajeebus" which is one of my FAVE words to use on twitter!! WOOT!! Siobhan hears the Trio talk about Lucky being undercover. Good Lord. Whatever.


  1. If Robin fell down that VERY DEEP well, don't you think she'd be dead, or at least have broken bones?

    I knew you'd mention Mac mentioning all those former crazo's. We do love our history!

  2. I am appalled (sp?) by the Robin storyline. It is deplorable. I do realize that alot of viewers like it, and I respect that. And seeing Stone is really great. But as someone who has been HIV+ for the past 14 yrs, I think this is a really inappropriate storyline to have someone vengefully take away and screw with a person's HIV medication.

    I just hope someone at home doesnt watch this and try to be a copycat because they see that this is a "doable" revenge on someone they dont like. Missing just one dosage can screw you up for life and jeopardize your health and regimen.

    If someone did this to me, they would not be walking around the hospital nurses station. They would be laying in the morgue.

    Think about it. This is attempted murder on Lisa's part, just as much as it would be attempted murder if someone who was poz had unprotected sex with someone without revealing their status.

    I will only be satisfied with this storyline if Lisa is destroyed in the end. Nothing less.

  3. I just have to say that even though the storyline is moving like a slug, Vanessa showed us today more depth of emotion in that one little scene about not wanting to come back to Pt Charles because she didn't want to get hurt again by someone she loves, than we've seen in months if not years...applause applause! YOU GO GIRL! SHOW EM HOW IT'S DONE!

  4. Anon, I too was kind of hestitant with the route they took in Robin's storyline. I wondered if she were to miss a dosage of medicine, how would it effect her health as I had mentioned in a previous post? Lets hope they stay realistic with the complications and pray no on uses this in real life.

    Absolutely loved the vulnerability that Brenda felt today if she were to go back to Port Charles. I liked Jason being appreciative of her reservations. Thus far, aside from the Robin storyline, I've been really impressed with the Brazen scenes.

    The acting in both stories has been great.

  5. A lot of funny lines today...but the one that stood out was between Jason and Brenda

    Brenda: "You just please find another way for me?"

    Jason: "I'll make you a deal? As soon as the Balkan comes to Port Charles, I will kill him (pause) and then you can leave"


    The delivery was hilarious.

  6. No mention of Mac telling Lisa "you don't even want my brother and/or ex-sister-in-law brought in on this. They dealt with Grant Putnam, Olivia Jerome, and Mikkos Cassadine [at least Robert w/ Mikkos]"? Too much to hope they bring up Robert and Anna, at least, right?

  7. What an improbable well...no water in the bottom in spite of this very wet summer, no way to retrieve the water if there were any, no cover to stop small creatures from falling in and contaminating the water, no protection for anyone using that cabin with it's fancy leather couch, I could go on and on. Only someone in LA with their cement rivers could envision such a thing in upstate New York!

  8. Shirleedee -- Hilarious. I work on a book project and the editors are in California. They are constantly trying to change east coast geographic details in the manuscript to "make sense." I blame whoever named the L.A. River.

    Love Mac getting down and dirty. Soooo much better than writing him as a neurotically protective granny.

  9. Unfortunately slugs don't talk, and GH has been all about talk, talk, talk. The Irish story has come to a standstill because of talk, talk, talk so the little redhead in the closet can get an earful. Sonny and Claire open their mouths and say NOTHING. Brenda opens her mouth and shouts for attention.

    Please, it is time for something to happen in all these storylines. Move FORWARD. Repetition is the death of even a good story.

  10. They may have small screen time but the only couple I care about are Maya and Ethan I don't care what anyone says they have an easy natural chemistry. It reminds me of the Eagles's classic ''Peaceful Easy Feeling'' love song! They also pack real heat Maya is the most natural looking beautiful woman on daytime I love Maya, Robin, Ethan, Luke, Lucky and Michael, Mayan has a strong growing base and Maya does have fans. I don't get all the hate what has Maya done? She isn't a whore, rapist or liar I love Maya and Maya props to Annie and Nathan!

  11. Sorry meant Maya + Ethan!