Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nancy Lee Grahn Puts Rumors to REST!!

With "tons" of rumors circulating around the net, NLG gave us a photo of her ultrasound--proving she's really PG. She tweeted this photo today...phew. Thank GOODNESS we know now!! LMAO. She kills me. I guess we should be glad it's not quints. Follow her on @nancyleegrahn to get the skivvy. She's on a BREAK, people...:)

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brenda arranges fruit while Sonny asks a guy with an Italian accent where he might find "the face of fashion"....accordions play and wine is going to be drank. The excitement is SO MUCH, it's difficult not to shake. The fruit arrangement was a stroke of writing genius. Maybe its a metaphor for the fans brains. Not sure.  I mean...when WILL they meet? WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Oh, that's right, it's been on the TV in the previews. He pulls a gun on the RUSSIAN Thugs!!
Cave flashback today for the S&B fans.
THE BALKAN...who thinks that's Code For: Franco? @@ whatever. I keep hearing Vulcan after someone pointed how much they sound alike. Heh.

Jason told Carly Sonny was off to see The Face-- and protected his privates in the meantime. He was scared she was going to knee him!! Carly goes off about Sonny and Jason so looks like he wants to shoot himself in the head! LOL
Carly tries stir the Brender pot with Jax.

Jason talks to Sam about Brenda "Hey, kinda were hired as her stand-in for awhile there"

Brooke Lyn is in the Feta  Mansion---getting all  dried of by Nikolas. If this isn't contrived, what is? Oh well...I guess it's a good time filler. Too bad Helena's gone, that would have at least added to some drama. Nikolas looked SO interested in this scene. Tyler Christopher, god love him, seems like he's just phoning in lately. There I said it.

Here we have a Lante scene that's about  SONNY! Imagine that!! wow. How boring.

Last scene today: Brenda gets a call (we are supposed to think it's from Sonny but it's really from Murphy)..and she goes to the garden---where there's a fountain!! Sonny drops his magazine so he doesn't see her--and she turns and...fade to black.
HEH!! Gotta wait until she's grabbed by them thugs before Sonny can show those dimples, people.



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Anonymous said...

I liked today's episode too. I love the emotion when Brenda said that "she was finally starting to feel happy with Cartullo and Murphy!" Loved her moto jacket too. I really hope Murphy stays longer. I'm excited for tomorrow even though I'm not a S&B fan. Things look to be picking up!

kdmask said...

I liked the show, it should have happened TWO WEEKS AGO!!

Anonymous said...

ITA with Karen on Tyler. I'm just not feeling him lately, and I've always liked him. Not that I can blame him with his ridiculous story lines...

I love the flashbacks.... but at the same time it's very depressing. The show was SO good back then. Vanessa and Maurice were amazing.

Can someone clear something up for me? I'm trying to remember when Brenda actually left last time. Hadn't she chosen Jax? Didn't she decide he was the love her life and not Sonny?

Watchintele said...

A little slow to the game, haven't been watching GH daily for the past couple of weeks...still fearing the worst about Brenda's return...still poorly done, seems to be the concensus.

But I just had to comment on the shootout in the woods from the other day; Could Jason be any slower running through the woods? I'm with you, Karen, completely laughable!! I'm still getting over him standing on the fence? or whatever, shooting at 5 guys? in plain sight, all the while ducking for cover in the CABIN for the past few nauseating days of drivel we endured between him and Sam.

Like, wouldn't he have jumped over the fence or whatever it was, and ducked down, and then ran to the first tree and leaned against it, not stand a few feet away? Now that would have been more plausible and believable...I digress.

However, I wish they would have tried filming it like in slow motion or something, or like the time he was in the church, shooting at Faith Rosco and her men (always liked how it was shot - didn't like they killed Faith- great character)...anything, would have been better than it was...but I guess they were trying to show his efficiency???

Positive note, atleast today was better

Shirleedee said...

Love the Nancy Lee Grahn rumor since the lady is 52 years old! Good for her that everyone thinks she's younger.

mosbp2003 said...

If I remember correctly, Brenda left the last time after Jax left her at the alter. So, all this angst for Sonny crap is coming out of nowhere. Sorry to disagree with so many, but Thursday's show was just as awful as usual. I honestly don't care at all about Sonny and Brenda at this point. Of course I care even less about Brenda and Murphy. I honestly don't know if this "comeback" could have been done any worse...

TwilightEternity said...

This has been the MOST BORING comeback ever! It is a complete waste of time! The whole episode was crap.
I can't believe I am gonna say this but I have been enjoying the crazy,psycho Lisa stuff more!

Anonymous said...

I liked yesterday's show a lot! I felt it was well done, but I agree this should have been done in the beginning. S&B flashback was fun and one I never saw back in the day either!

I do remember Brenda wearing a wig for awhile until they finally showed her shorter hair, which btw looks way better then her long hair. Nonetheless, it was fun. I still can't believe that she wouldn't have any flashbacks of Jax. Her and Sonny were long over by the time she left in 2003. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Brenda's return would have been better if she had come back with a fiance AND been offered a position with Crimson by Kate. There would be instant angst with the fiance, Jax and Sonny off the bat. Instead we are sujected to this meaningless drivel.

I will only care about the Balkan, if he turns out to be Valentin - otherwise it's just another hastily written story with newbie characters not tied to anyone on canvas.

I'm incredibly disappointed in this show. It's gotten to the point where I've deleted the shows from my DVR without watching and have even stopped perusing Youtube for clips.

They continually have onesie-twosie characters interact with each other. There is no cast integration. It's the Sonny/Jason/Carly show and I hate it. And don't even get me started on Carly and HER men. Carly/Brenda scenes might be enjoyable, IF Brenda ever gets State-side.

One last tidbit - Imagine my surprise when I turned on DOOL for the first time in forever and saw the characters of Victor, Maggie, Vivian, Stefano and Caroline all in one episode (all over the age of 50-60 easily). Talk about using your vets to further stories along AND even give them their own stories outside of the younger cast. Well done, DOOL!