Thursday, September 16, 2010

Irish Potatoes, Flashbacks and Dimples.

Dear God...this Irish sheeze is going to drive me INSANE....ugh!!! UGH!! The accents are just really, really bad.  Sorry, but they are.

Jason went to see Brender but got to talk to Suzanne's boobalage instead.  I think Suzanne wants a bit of THAT!! @@ Brenda was out on a photo shoot that had ONE person doing it..which is pretty hysterical. She also seemed to have one dress on.  Many wedding flashbacks involving Sonny, Jax and  Jason.  And some good fights.  
Thank goodness they finally met and could fight a bit.

Sonny and Claire. I tell you what, if Max wasn't standing there in that scene, I would have left the room. This is He asked her out for dinner-- and takes her BACK OUT ON his own terrace? WTH?

CarJax..Carly finally changed her dress. Carly freaks out that the school called Dante and not her.

Carly and Jason going to save Brender. Loved it when she went off on Sam 'Jason's first obligation is to me and my kids"...Wow...Good Ol' Carly.

Did you get the hints today about the Big Twist??'s going to piss people off if I'm right!! :twirling:

Today, my son goes: MOM! Look at the time. It was 3:58pm...he reminded me he was BORN at that time, on this date 18years ago!! See, even then  I waited for GH to be over. Heh.

SCOOPS  up later... right now I have to go make my baby a Lasagna!


  1. vanesssa's plastic surgery, weight loss and over the top acting, she reminds me of susan lucci. I want the old brender back.

  2. steve burton has chemistry with every actress he has been paired with (robin, liz, courtney and brenda) except the couch potato/lap dog sam. one minute with brenda today and you feel the chemistry.

  3. Carly ticks me off about claiming Jason, but I can't be too mad. Jason lets her do it!
    Don't think I will EVER get over him not claiming his son, but he will always be there for Carly and her kids...not the Jason I loved to watch.

    Can't wait to watch him and Brenda though!!


  5. I'm with you Andrea. We're supposed to believe Jason immediately rushes to brenda's side but when Liz's Aiden was missing, or when she was in Shadybrook he doesn't even visit her with their history? We get it, Liason is done and finished but does that mean these two never interact ever, If so, make jake really be Lucky's. it's the only way it won't hurt to see him forget Jake. Oh and the love of his life, Elizabeth (sorry, IMO!) This is the Sam I hate. I loved her again once the stories pulled me in with her sisters & mother, but as Jason's main squeeze she goes all boring on us.

  6. Just wondering why you feel the accents are so poor? Too thick? And, do you feel JJ is doing a bad one? Wonder if he got a speech coach to help him with the accent? These little intricacies are what give reality to the story and keep the audience captivated.

    Speaking of captivated, Suzanne's cleavage was so distracting! Maybe a ploy to keep the audience from leaving the room...kinda like how Max kept you from leaving the room during the Claire and Sonny song and dance.

    All I can say about Carly is WOW!!!

    Though, Steve and Vanessa have chemistry, kinda felt like their scene today was a bit lackluster. I thought it would have been more when Brenda tried taking Jason's that was classic Brazen. Maybe, we'll see that tomorrow.

    Nice to see Sonny asking Dante's advice about the whole Claire debacle and using her to get over Brenda. The whole scene felt natural.

  7. Sorry, one more thing, just had to mention it...when Suzanne opened the door and saw Jason standing there and said "you're Brenda's ex-husband?"
    Thought she was going to flash him with all that hanging out.

  8. enjoyed the Brenda Jason scenes.. even before they met they were funny like when the photographer asked her what was goo about the wedding she said the divorce and when Suzan asked told Jason Brenda is not talking about him he said Good just hilarious...

    Can't wait for more of them...

  9. I think the accent is WAY over the top... I know Irish people-- hardly anyone talks like that. Plus, it's just all sterotypical GH 'other country' BS... I KNEW there'd be whiskey in there. LOL

  10. Johnathan Jackson's accent and that red headed girl's seem different than each other.. But I love Johnathan Jackson's accent! Yum! :)

  11. After reading the spoilers I have to ask WTF is with Carly & Spin trying to still ruin Dante? Enough already. Send Spin to jail and send Carly back to the Florida trailer park shw crawled out of.

    I myself think Suzanne needs her bangs thinned out. Just sayin

  12. Well, I feel the accents are good--a little thick, but they are in the olde country, after all. JJ's is believable enough for me. Is that darlin' little red-headed girl really Irish--she certainly looks and sounds it. I am enjoying the whole idea of making JJ a good, twinkle-eyed, adventuous leading man. His is the kind of talent that makes watching so enjoyable. It isn't looks so much, you know--it's talent that warms us to actors. JJ has come to life with the start of this new story.

    Have to say I like Jason with Brenda much better than her other men--simply because they are funny and bitchy together. She brings out the scarcasm in him, which is more than what most people can. Makes Jason more interesting. He and Sam are, so? But Brenda gets reactions--like him wanting to strangle her, him rolling his eyes, him gritting his teeth.

    As for Sonny and Claire--so lame. Yawn....

    I am so weary of Carly. So why didn't Sam call her on that 'My kids and me are Jason's first priority' crack? Good grief.

  13. A note on Irish accents...I've never been to Ireland, but over the years, as an airline employee, I have talked to folks with various Irish accents. It left me with the impression that, like this county, accents are regional. I have encountered some American southern accents that were, to me, the very most difficult to understand.

    I have always loved the challenge of understanding the accents of people who come from English speaking countries who had as much trouble understanding me as I them. Beyond the accent, terms is often the biggest problem.

  14. Did VM have some botox done? The way she looked today, it kinda seemed like it. The first Anonymous mentioned it too - but i'm not sure if s/he/it is just "hating".

    GH actually made me laugh out loud today (intentionally, I think) with Jason and Suzanne's exchange today:

    Jason: "I was the only option available"

    Suzanne: "Meaning?"

    Jason: "She had no other options."

    I'm not sure if it was Steve's usual robotic delivery, but that actually made me laugh out loud.

    And, yes, Adrienne's cleavage is EXACTLY how I remember it. ; )

  15. Anon...I thought the same thing about when Carly said that to Sam. The old Sam would have called her out! What the heck??

    FF the irish scenes and Sonny and Claire. Loved Jason and Brenda, but not that other ladies boobs. They aren't that nice to be displaying like that!!
    Also loved all the old scenes they showed. I don't think Brenda looks that different from last time. A little skinnier, that's all. And I noticed that Kristina looks more like Brenda....

  16. Does anyone else remember Brenda's sister Julia Barrett?

  17. what twist? is this balkin dude working for someone that all of port charles knows?