Friday, September 24, 2010

Wubbly Bubbly: POP Culture Stuff

Oh, so much to write about and not litter up the GH posts! goes the first "Wubbly Bubbly"!! I am taking a poll to see if you'd like this kept on the Wub Tub Blog site or if I should make a whole 'nother blog for it. Let me know in the comments!!

First shock of today?? Omarosa is dating Michael Scott Duncan?? What the hell? Didn't he get enough punishment in The Green Mile?? WHAT!! I'm still not over this one yet.
New TV shows and returning faves are all over the airwaves. Makes me happy on the one hand, and on the other, I love the summer where I only watch 1-3 shows a week. Now, the DVR is on...I'm trying to watch 2 at's all over the place. "Modern Family" was great..loved the bit with the car. People on twitter seem to be sick of Manny's Mom (Sofia Vergara)..but she really IS from Columbia and I loves her. Her Mom can be Charro! Cootchi, Cootchi! The only new show I watched was "Outsourced" last night after The Office. Eh...didn't dig it. The Office was SO FUN though--the opening song?? CLASSIC!! My faves were Meredith's belly --and also Creed. He was SO CREED!! I know I'm enjoying myself when I smile and don't even realize I'm doing it.

Hope you read my Man Men recap from Sunday on Pop Confidential. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) is my new fave TV character of all time. Plus, I totally had her haircut back then. She IS a tad older than myself however, so don't think I'm that ancient. I was still a cherub in '64!! I  remember Patty and Lisa from my old neighborhood having dresses like these though. Short, bright and fun! She's going to be a handful, and I so hope it goes into her teen years and she runs off to San Fran for the Summer of LOVE!!

Last night's Project Runway Didn't biggest beef is that stupid GRETCHEN  got in the top 3. I mean, please...FUG-Tastic dress. I sometimes wonder how they call one thing "dowdy" one week, and "Glam" the next. Does it seem like the show is a total commercial for L'oreal lately?? I do love that it's 30 minutes longer, and we get to see the backstage dish!

LaLohan-- hmmmmmmm. Tragic, I still say that...although that's why she should have had to stay in rehab the FULL 90 days. WTH!  *sigh* It's not like she's Paris-- who doesn't have talent. She just wasted herself and her talent. She's in jail now until October 22nd.  And her father needs to Shut UP. Did you see him out there with that minister yelling after she was taken away? Good Gravy...

What are you watching? Any good NEW shows out there? I started watching Biggest Loser again, but I'm not sure I'll last. Two hours is too long I think. Plus, they are so the same every season.  That's one reason I stopped watching Top Chef. I'll see how the Amazing Race goes, but I HATE that it's always late because of football. You can't DVR it properly. Dang it. I don't watch Survivor. Gave that up years ago.  I guess I have to admit to watching Teen Mom and Jersey Shore on MTV. I'm just fascinated by the Shore kids... and am so glad no cameras/shows were around when I was that age!! Heh. I think they need to track them into old age and see the tanning/alcohol damage in 30 years!

Hope you enjoyed the Wubbly Bubbly!! Let me know if you're going to go see any new movies this weekend!! I want to see Get Him To the Greek on DVD.


  1. Watch Detroit 1-8-7 it's really good but it also needs the rating so our city can get the $$$ and a confidence boost!

    I'll hit your ads if you hit theirs ;)