Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sebastian Roche Back to General Hospital??

It was rumored that Jerry Jacks is indeed the mysterious "Balkan"...then there was a tweet from an actress about someone coming back...and now, Ingo Rademacher is hinting at his return as well!! If so, this means we'll have the wonderful Sebatian Roche back on  our screen. ALWAYS welcome!! Of course, he could be back just as "Jerry" and not the Balkan--maybe this time he won't be painted into the "Guza Corner"...


Watchintele said...

As intriguing it may be to make Jerry the "Balkin", it's been done with the whole Mr. Craig. Part of the reason it was a great twist was we weren't really apprised of Mr. Craig being really Jerry Jacks. So it had the element of surprise.

What I think they should do is make the "Balkin" more of a crime syndicate. And to throw people off, they don't have one head, but a group of people working together. Jerry Jacks, Valentin Cassadine, this new guy they've tapped as the "Balkin", add Anthony Zacharra in there as a liaison between them and Port Charles.
Reason they call themselves the "Balkin" instead of the Balkans is so no one knows the center of their operation. Greece is there and that's Valentin's tie. So it a small portion of Italy. Rome's tie in?

The Virus storyline was the first part? The mysterious package sent to the Q's house wasn't a coincidence. Maybe ELQ invested into something that involves this syndicate? Holly's involvement would be revisted. Maybe we learn about her ex-husband's association? He could have been a part of this synidicate. Good lead in to bring back Robert, Anna, Holly and Luke. Lucky is infiltrating the organization right now. He links up with Luke in Ireland?

The whole Metro Court explosion could be linked. The package that Jerry was trying to get from the vault was just a ploy to get rid of Alcazar because he was liability to their infiltration somehow? And, having him killed by Sonny and Jason would keep their hands clean so to speak.
What a way to tie in Brenda's return the last time. Maybe Luiz Alcazar was involved in this syndicate and let his feeling for Brenda to overshadow his job. And they felt his Lorenzo Alcazar was going down the same road so he was eliminated.
Going after Sonny through his children was to see how vulnerable he was and how it would hurt Sonny and Jason's relationship? Having the Karpov go there was to test the waters and see if they had done enough to infiltrate? When that didn't work, having Anthony Zacharra offer his organization to Sonny was another test to see how much Sonny's and Jason's friendship could take before it finally broke?
Maybe, Franco was sent to find Jason to see what his vulnerabilities were?
Having Jerry inject Nikolas was part of the plan. Valentin wants to hurt the Cassadines to get control of their assets.
Reason they are going after Brenda is she knows something but doesn't know it yet? Like the Balkin isn't just a person, but a group of people that exploit children?

Skye could also be brought back because she came upon important information when she was going through Alcazar's financial documents and doesn't know it. That woman was a front for the syndicate's holding that they got once Alcazar was dead. And, her recent reprisal wouldn't have been such a waste!

I just feel this is a good way to connect all these big events together and not feel we've been watching years of big stunts and disjointed stories and come full circle. There was a connection.

It's okay Guza you can borrow the idea...just don't ruin it Bobby!!

Sorry for the long post, the idea just came to me and had to share. Want to see what you, Karen, and other posters think?

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the rumor section and I notice it says Brook might go on tour and then 'diva leaving' I thought the 'diva' that was leaving was Kate.

I don't want either of them to go, but since there are so many women in Sonny's orbit that I'd rather it be Kate that leaves over Brook.

Wanda Woman said...

That would be fantastic news! GH is much more interesting when Sebastian Roche is on. He plays the smokin' hot charming bad boy better than anyone. GH needs to keep him around.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas Watchintel......maybe they can hire you...much better ideas than we are seeing!

Dori said...

I'm a bit confused...and keep in mind I've not seen today's show yet; but don't we already know who the Balkan is? I've sure seen a lot of pictures of him.

Would love to have Jerry back; but dear Lord, please give him a storyline....
More thoughts about all this...but I gotta run.
Pity though that someone can't convince Guza to take a vacation...a very extended vacation. Maybe we can convince him he's been working too hard...LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Watchintele, if only Guza was creative....if only ):

skeebob said...

Watchintele - Bravo! If only Guza cared about connecting stories as much as you do. . . Seriously, that was a great post.

AntJoan said...

Let's all chip in and send Guza to "the island," any island. Let's see, he can go to Sonny's island and live for free in one of the casinos, after all his years of Sonny/Jason worship. Or let him go to the Cassadines' island and let all the Cassadines out of the dungeon, and they can lock him in--permanently. Or maybe lock him in the attic in Wyndemere like some crazy relative--he loves islands so much, let him go to one and stay there.