Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fiesta! And my Toronto GH Getaway!!

Take a good look because NLG won't be on again for awhile!

I'm getting all ready to go to the Falconeri Brunch and Ball in Toronto tomorrow night! WOOT!  Alberta Wubs is all packed too. We'll  try to tweet from the event so follow @wubsnet.  I'm taking the laptop too, we'll see if I can get something typed up. Maybe not until Monday..not sure. Sunday Surgery might be Monday Medicine! LOL What questions do you want me to ask Lisa/Dom??  I can't wait to hear them sans accents. That's what a speech pathologist does--listens to the dialect work!

Today's OLTL had MORE outdoor shots.  REAL outdoor shots. Dang it. :stomping foot: I want outdoor shots on GH!! Oh, and I don't like Lang's hair all straight and choppy. ugh.

Lisa's going to drug Robin the week of Sept 27th!!

GH: The Port Chuck Band played yesterday in Vernon  Hills, IL!! They are on the road and are in Newton, CT today. Hit the link to find out where they'll be in NY on Sept 11th and 12th.

Brenda's back  in her hotel room...Sonny's back at the PCPD. *sigh*  that didnt' last long! LOL All I hear when Suzanne talks is Wah wah wahhhhhhhhh. Like Charlie Brown's teacher. TIME Waster! Not that I don't like AB...but ugh... come  on.

I think it's hysterical that this O'Reilly guy has the same straggle beard as Lucky!! GEESH..they could have shaved him for that photo or something!! LOL...or added some. I'm so looking forward to  our faux Ireland!! squeee!! At least we got Spencer-Family meeting out of it. Good cover to go  look for Luke.
Hey, you think we'll hear someone singing "Danny Boy" before this story is over?!

Brooke is going to learn how to eat a big dinner!!  She's learning about the FORKS!! WOWWWZA! She's a QUARTERMAINE..why the hell wouldn't she know FORKS? Ugh, stupid writers. At least THINK about what you are writing. Thank You. She did actually LIVE with the Q's for awhile. @@

Spinelli was on with Michael. It was nice to have them talk about stuff.

Jason is looking more and more like Johnny Bravo. Someone on Twitter said his hair is looking like Pauly D's!! ahahhahaha. OMG..funniest thing today? The construction guy looked at Jason and said "Hey, you been on reality TV? The Bachelor maybe"?? Steve Burton's expression was  priceless.
Lisa should fake that she's pregnant. Just an idea. The crazier the better.

Claire and Sonny..shoot me now.

SEE YA!! :) I'll let you know about the Toronto GH Stuff when I can...a few new Scoops and a photo is up on WUBS NET.


AntJoan said...

Karen, As usual, we're on the same wavelength--why did that guy have Lucky's scraggly beard? As for Claire and Sonny, I've got an idea--we both can get guns and shoot each other the minute they hit the satin sheets! As for Dom's accent, um, he's never bothered faking a Brooklyn accent like Lisa does, he has the same Calif. accent as his "father," Sonny. I never understood why Lois et al had Brooklyn accents while Sonny never did. Lisa's is pretty good, it might even be real, she is an Italian girl after all!

Anonymous said...

It's actually "for a while".

Shirleedee said...

We southeastern Michigan fans are very proud of the fact that Lisa grew up in Grosse Pointe, MI. Dominic Z is Canadian and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. Some people are just good at accents - Jimmy Fallon comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Steven's mom Heather should come and visit her son and give Lisa a lesson or two on what crazy really is! Lisa has nothing on the "legend" Heather Webber.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the Nick/Brook s/l.
It would have made more sense if it was someone like Sam or Lulu because they did not grow up rich.With parents who taught them all of this.
Brook did and i REFUSE to believe that NED/Lois did not teach her any of this,no matter what TIIC says.

Anonymous said...

i use to like claire but now that she has fallen for sonny i can't stand her anymore but i can't wait to see what happens when brenda is back in sonny's life again

AntJoan said...

Wow, Lisa grew up in MI, had no idea!! I have to say, her Brooklyn accent is pretty good, and I should know, as someone who lives there. Lois's accent was too strong, but it was cute and funny, and at least she made the effort. Who would believe that Dante and Sonny are from Brooklyn listening to how they sound?

Frisco said...

The Brooklyn storyline(s) might have worked if it was a character other then Brooklyn. It is unrealistic that Ned and Edward would not financially support their daughter/great granddaughter even if she wasn't going to university, or that Lois would not be encouraging her to follow her creative dreams. Also unbelievable that Lila's great granddaughter would need manners training. I think these storylines would have worked much better if it were Sarina Baldwin. Raised by single dad Scotty Sarina might need so fine dining training and with Scotty on the run Sarina might be left to fend for herself financially. Would of also been interesting to see Sarina tell kristina about how Sonny treated Karen.

Also, while I am glad they are rebuidling the Webber family with the rumoured return of Sarah I am left wondering if we might ever again see Audrey. i also suspect Sarah is being brought back as a potential love interest for Nicholas. Perhaps a Sarah / Nic / Liz / Lucky love quadrange storyline?

If they are going to focus on the Webber family Steve needs a partner. while i agree he and Robin would be great togehter I don't want Scrubs to split. He has chemistry with Carly and that would make Liz see red but I also want Carly to stay with Jax. So...what about Brenda! she comes back to Port Charles and throw everyone for a loop by chosing Steve Webber instead of Sonny, Jax or even Jason. She could use the stability Steve could provide and they would be one smoking hot couple!

dnbmommy said...

I would like to see a Steve/Olivia, her and Johnny are kind of boring

AntJoan said...

Frisco: I believe that Nik and Sarah Webber had a very hot love affair "back in the day" right?

Anonymous said...

Antjoan: Not sure about Nik & Sarah but Lucky (Jacob Young's Lucky)& Sarah slept together. That was almost as bad of a mistake as Liz & Nik, IMO. Then again it brought liz's interest back to jason, where also IMO it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It was Sarah & Lucky.

God Carly's dress was bad on Friday.. liked seeing Tracy & Ethan too for that matter

Anonymous said...

Only want to see Kristina with Ethan! At least there was a Ned mention