Wednesday, September 15, 2010

General Hospital Chat...Michael Park of ATWT Honored

Do you think they used the whole "What If" airplane for this??!

So...looks like Jason and Brender fly back to PC the week of Sept. 27th. OY ....LONG ENOUGH WAIT?? Spinelli will  get the Penthouse all spiffed up (see Spoilers on The Wubs Net), and that looks rather hilarious. There are more scoops up and photos  as well. Robin will "See" Stone when she's trapped by Lisa.. Carly and Spinelli work to make Dante look bad and the whole Ireland adventure takes off.

Are you diggin' GH lately?? You know how I'm feeling. Although I like the ideas of all the storylines, I'm just so disappointed at the execution. The whole Sonny/Claire thing is a DISASTER, imo. No reason for it. NONE!! I like Delia Salem finally, but there are enough men on canvas  (Ronnie, Steven, Mac ) that could be involved with her.  We have that story, Crazy Lisa, The IRELAND adventure, Brooke and the Prince-- Teens going back to school, Brenda and Jason/her returning to PC, Carly trying to frame Dante and all the filler crap going on. Not a lot connected either.

ATWT is coming to a close, I know many fans are so saddened by this. Michael Park (Jack) has been in town to receive the Spirit Award for Rochester's nonprofit theater "Break A Leg". In today's paper he says how it still hurts and thanks all of the fans out there. I can only hope he's going to OLTL.

I remember watching the show with my Mom while she ironed and I was sick on the couch!! ...Scary that so many soaps have been canned over the years. Here's hoping it doesn't happen to any more!!

On to Today's show!!  Why the hell do AMC and OLTL get all the outside shots??! Geesh, the cast of GH need some vitamin D

OMG, could the headmaster of the school BE MORE BORING?  God, they could have made him hugely eccentric or something. Told you Taylor would be back-- the "Ford" looking dude that Krissy tutors. They hired some TEEN KIDS for this!! wow...impressive. And I say that with NO sarcasm!

There was the IRISH PUB we've been waiting for!! Wow..they went all out-- didn't they? Bed Warmer on the wall...guys in caps...foaming beer. Will they have sheep wander in? PPPFFTT! Siobhan is on--in all her red-headed glory. Lucky has a Guiness. Everyone starts talking in some Irish strangeness. :dying of laughter: I had an Irish nanny...and know a ton of Irish people in England and NOT ONE sounds like the guy from the cereal commercial. The other guy in the scene is named Liam. I'm waiting for a Sean and Angus to show up next.

Jax and Carly, fighting over Brender...sigh. Carly, you have his cute little Joss...just remember that. Ingo looked all muscle bound in his "work out" shirt. HOW DARLING was that baby  playing with her feet?!

I didn't watch much of Brook and Nik...Brook's extensions just take my focus away.

I love JJY. At least Mac is in there. Robin's going to end up in some pit somewhere soon. She won't have her meds. How about the "hearing" at GH with Steven Lars, Lisa and Patrick. Wouldn't you need a mediator in there?? Ah, whatever.

We got into a height discussion on twitter. Did you know that Ingo Rademacher, Jason Thompson and Tony Geary are all 6' 2'?? Steve Burton is listed at 5' 11" and Maurice is listed at 5'9" ...JJ is at 5' 8"..although..hmmmm.  Not sure about that!! You know all  these guys probably added an inch.


dnbmommy said...

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! **DANTE** is the Balkan!!!!

Leesy said...

I looked up the heights too...the one that floored me was Dominic's..everything from 5.8 (most likely)to 6.1 ! are they kidding? bwahahaha...and one place even had him with green eyes...they sure look brown on my tv. hahahah and they say women are vain?

Laura Hinds said...

"You know all these guys probably added an inch."

Oh Karen. You know where my mind went!

Saw the last 2 minutes. It looks like the Ryan's bar from Ryan's Hope in some ways! I wanted Johnny, Maeve, Pat and Delia, Frank, Jillian and Bobby the cop to be there! Sniff, at least 3 of them have passed, I think.

Anonymous said...

I bet D.Z,J.J,S.R & M.B are all about 5'7. I loved the scenes with Lucky in ireland & can't wait to see Dante & Lulu there with him.Why is Brook a total bitch to Lulu? She should be on her hands & knees begging her forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking that JJ may have added more than an inch...he looks really short.

Anonymous said...

I thought the line Lulu gave Brook was awesome "Spoken like a woman whose never had a job that didn't require her to be on her back" LOL Lulu

CampusDisco said...

Is it really so hard to find actors with genuine accents? I found that painful!!

Anonymous said...

i have seen maurice benard and steve burton in person. both are gorgeous men but they are short. maurice is 5'7" and steve is 5'9".

Jenni said...

Anon 2: I say let Lulu suck it up with Brooke. Seriously. She should be more mad at Carly. And Lulu should talk, how many men has she been with and she's only supposed to be what 19? What I am really trying ot say is she needs to remember how she tricked Dylan. Double standard sister!

Anonymous said...

Lulu is now in her early to mid 20's and has had 3 relationships(Logan, Johnny, and Dante)plus her hook up with DQ as a lovesick selfish teenager. I'm not going to defend the whole trying to steal Dillon away from Georgie thing because that was just all sorts of wrong and Georgie did nothing to deserve it and Lulu didn't do anything to BL that warrented Brook prostituting herself to break up Lante. As far as I'm concerned she deserves everything that is thrown at her and then some because she was only "sorry" when she couldn't cash in. I do agree with you on the fact that Lulu should be more upset with Carly but like with all things GH I'm sure it's all one big plot point for another thing.
-M aka anon2

Andrea said...

Why is Dante called when Michael gets in a fight at school? Don't the parents get called??
And Dante said that Michael has never flown in a rage before unless provoked. Didn't he have months when he first woke up from his coma where flew off the handle over everything?

kdmask said...

Dante is his 'guardian' by the court I believe...

Dante is the Balkan.that's great

AND I just saw Dom in person. I'd say he's 5' 7" at the MOST.

Anonymous said...

I believe the last time Jason and Brenda were in a plane together, it crashed.

Watchintele said...

I was impressed with JJ's accent. Sounded pretty good.

Best line of the day: "Kick you in the klackers, if you try."
Would have loved to see the face JJ would have made if that had happened.

So tired of Carly and her constant whining about her "men" and Brenda.
If yesterday wasn't bad enough going on and on to Coleman how each of her men belonged to her.
You've may have married both Jax and Sonny and had children with them, but the one person you didn't marry is the guy you've wanted from the moment you stepped foot into Port Charles, and that's Jason!! So really, game, set, match, BRENDA!!!

Oh, and please stop with the incessant Dante, you are compromised, or dirty cop because your father is Mr. Sir...give it a rest Ronnie. Give him a new line or something...make him as interesting as Taggert...better yet, bring Real Andrews back.

I'm just wondering if there are cameras around the if not in the locker rooms, labratories themselves, but in the hallway or something. Wouldn't someone have seen Lisa with the stuffed animal or going into the lab? Or have seen her going near the daycare?

Like you, Karen, happy that they brought in some real extras today for both the pub and Madison...but those kids were, like Charles Barkeley says "Turible". Thought they were kinda of stiff, robotic...more mechanical in their portrayal...Hahaha...I know, not the Borg, like Stone Cold. It felt off...maybe that's how kids are in private schools??

Frisco said...

Dante as the Balkan would be good but there is someone else I would much prefer to see as the Balkan. SPINELLI.

1. "The Balkan" is obviously a nickname. Spinelli is the master of nicknames.
2. Spinelli loves video games, perhaps becuase it makes him feel in control and capable (playing to his low self esteem). What if he was taking his video game to real life...he is the master gamer and everyone else is just the characters he controls?
3. He has the inside information needed to manipulate Jason, Sonny, etc while being the last person Jason, Sonny , Johnny, Lucky, Dante or Mac would ever expect.
4. While he has a major man chrush on Jason perhaps he is doing this to eliminate Sonny and others who have wronged Jason, allowing Jason to take his "rightful place".
5. We know very little about Spinelli's background.
6. The character has become a total bore, flat and one-dimensional. Making him the Balkan would breathe some life into this character.

Leesy said...

OH FRISCO! what an excellent idea to make "the Balkan" Spinelli! HAHAHA...can't you just see their faces when they find out? We all know he's smarter than anyone else on the show, and heaven knows the kid could use a plot line! I say go for it! lol

Andrea said...

Thanks Karen. Why do I forget that Dante is Michael's guardian...probably because Dante never seems to care where Michael is!!

Leesy said... has announced that Massi Furlan will be playing Giovanni, THE BALKAN. Nice enough looking man, but I bet he isn't over 5'9 so he can play against Sonny. Well, I thought you guys had better ideas, and I'll miss the guessing.

Watchintele said...

How awesome would that have been to see Spinelli as the "Balkin"? Thank you Frisco for your meticulous and thought out reason for it.
As for making Dante the "Balkin", that would only serve the purpose of making Jason look good and justify why he doesn't like him. Again, making the mob good and the cops bad. Also, I like the fact that he's Sonny's son and is a cop, though a redux of Luke and Lucky, it gives another dynamic to the character and his struggle to love his father despite his lifestyle. But that's just me.

But I was kind of hoping that the Balkin was Jerry Jacks. I know, he's got too many aliases to begin with...but he's such a good villian.
Or even Valentin would have been a good choice, another way to tie him into the canvas, but as long as it didn't monopolize his reason for being there...meaning they focus on his Cassadine roots too. Who am I kidding? It's always about the lets not make it him.

Faison, great choice as the Balkin... and maybe he's Valentin too!! Now that would be a twist.

GHfan94 said...

Karen, where do you get the Getty promo pics from?

Rita Pita said...

I remember Julia Barrett! She was involved with Bill Eckert (Tony Geary's look a like, blech!!)right?
Someone that's a dead ringer for that actress plays on parenthood. The lawyer sister on ABC.

Rhonda said...

carly is such a bitch! I am not a fan of Jasam but did she really say that w/ no come back from Sam? Like Jason's sick ties to you revolt me?