Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Flatlined; The Day The World Stopped

'Daytime soaps are starting to look like a game of survivor. I hope we dont have to start eating bugs....or each other' ~ Nancy Lee Grahn via twitter

When I saw this tweet posted on Saturday I thought that it was so poignant--especially coming from a daytime actress that has been in the business a long time. As we all know, As the World Turns...53 years old, went off the air on Friday. Although I wasn't a regular watcher, it's still a sad day in daytime.  That leaves six. Only one in NYC. You have to start wondering just how long they are going to last.
At least one actor on General Hospital has said they give the show "six years, tops". Another has said that the future for them might lie in production of a web-based serial series. Notice how many people are already involved with that genre? Well, buckle up for some more.  Of course, you'll never hear that from the producers-- but the ratings are really bearing out the idea that alternative programming will not only cost less, but will free up a lot of time for newer syndicated shows like "The Doctors".  It will be interesting to see how the new talk show does on CBS--can another show make it along side "The View"?? If their ratings are better than the soap numbers, look out.
AH HA!! What's the wild card here?? THE FANS!! That's right...we love our soaps damn it. They have a great deal here--people that watch that spend money. I do think they'll keep some of the shows on the air, and I do think we can weather the storm. NOTE to producers: THE WRITING  needs to captivate us. Buzz needs to be created. You can do that with big time guest stars, or you can  do it with knock-out writing. OR, hey, here's a concept: BOTH!!
Ratings for last weeks GH? 2.0!! Nice work. I guess people tuned in for S&B. Just think if they had done that a month ago!!

On to GH..! There are a ton of new Spoilers are up. Looks like Lucky's going to be locked up in Ireland and receive a surprise visitor--Daddy Dear? Siobhan is going to end up in Port Chuck, and so is Suzanne. As you can see, Brazen steps out on the town--and Brenda will be drugged with heroin. Claire and Sonny will do it again...guess where?

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Hope you had a good week. Although Sonny slept with Claire, quite a few people enjoyed the Brazen scenes and also the Crazy-Lisa stuff is going over well.  (and into a well soon! LOL). What do you think about the whole Ireland thing? I'm glad JJ has a storyline, but you know I'm laughing at most of it. heh. Mr. Geary should be back on screen in the beginning of October...and Becky is already back taping.
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inbal said...

Nancy comment sadly was true....
we can see many of GH cast doing other things...

the problem is that even when we watch GH and want to see it work, the writing is awful.. This week wasn't that bad but it had its weak spots..
Like ,CarJax how many times did we saw the same scenes???
BTW I am betting with you all that Morgan will not be adopted by Jax,
and Sonny will see him,and then something will happen and she again will say you can't see him!!!UGH

Brenda - that story is dragged too long ,just now, it got interesting, I am happy the Brenda/Sonny days got high ratings, but to tell you the truth what worked in the scenes was the chemistry between Mo and Vanessa not the actual scenes...
I think her with Jason was better,the writing was pretty good when we saw them bickering and had the funny lines when they each describing their marriage to other... and of course then, phone scenes with Brenda/Carly that was just hilarious and probably the funniest scene in GH for a long time...

Scrubs S/L is probably the best now the writing is just amazing and the acting is just brilliant BBR who got criticize just being his year surprise...
I have to admit that I fond their scenes boring this week but from the spoilers I think it will improve better in the next few weeks..

Lucky, I think the story is good JJ is rocking his scenes yes the accent can be problematic, but the acting is just great.. and I am enjoying it. I am happy JJ got a story of his won.. sadly it won't last long when he will be pushed from his storyline with the Lante..

Good week all

Anonymous said...

Love Scrubs' story, can't wait for brenda Robin's BFF to come into the picture and help console her. KM & JP are doing great even though I agree with posters that said how dumb for Lisa to have overheard right there at the hospital duh. I do love that Maxie is in this story. Love how she is supporting Patrick but not condoning his one night stand. One thing they aren't touching on is it was more than that, after all patrick was jealous of Steve & Lisa. That writing was just awful. He went out of his way (embarassing way) to let everyone know he was interested in Lisa. love The actor but the character has some splaining to do.

Loved the Brazen scenes. So much more interesting than Jasam, IMO. Chemistry is a wonderful thing. I am a diehard Liason fan and know that no one has even a glance shared the way Jason & Elizabeth do. But since these two haven't been in a scene since Jake was hurt at the carnival, I will settle for the humor of Brazen. So glad becky is back taping, I hope they jump into the baby story soon and not put her back with Nik, or show her jealous of Brooke, etc. I too am glad for JJ to have a story but am i the only one yawning through it?

AntJoan said...

There are several plot devices used in soap operas that I SWEAR aren't used anywhere else (or at least not as regularly). One is that everyone will tell all their biggest secrets out loud so that they can be overheard by the one person whom they don't want to listen (on GH, this usually takes place on the docks, sometimes in the hospital, like with Patrick/Lisa); and the other is the "evil twin" where they are not related BUT LOOK AND SOUND SO MUCH ALIKE that even their friends, lovers and families can't tell them apart. JJ is a great actor, but I can't get past the conceit of the storyline, so the whole thing makes me uncomfortable.

AntJoan said...

I just read the spoilers. I would have guessed that Sonny & Claire do it on the island (in her new dress bought by Sonny, after he lets her win at the tables).

Lindsay said...

Brazen is so much fun. That is exactly what the show needs, more fun stuff! I think that Brenda moving in with Jason will provide some comical moments, especially with Spinelli and of course Carly.

Karen, I'm surprised you didn't mention Friday's One Life to Live surprise ending.

Mamaspat Ole said...

OLTL was a fantastic cliffhanger Friday.I love yalls feelings on GH since I have quit watching it.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Jason and Brenda together- such a fun, love-hate-brother-sister type relationship. So fun to watch!

I'm on the fence about the Lucky/Ronan storyline. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I adore Jonathan Jackson and I'm so glad they're giving him a storyline that's all his own (until everyone connects the dots about the Balkan and it becomes all about Sonny and Brenda anyway).

Scrubs/Lisa- looks like some exciting stuff coming up! Anxious to see the scenes with Robin envisioning Stone!

TFC said...

I've watched GH since I was a little girl-30 some years! It saddens me to see the state the show is in today.

Fans do need to speak up! Please support the Time for Change at General Hospital Facebook page!

This is a group devoted to change at GH. A twitter page is coming!!

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the Sonny scenes, last week did a lot to up the anty for good soap opera storytelling. Sonny is a wornout, old, boring character now. Over-exposure does that to a character.

We know now that JJ can do a very credible Irish accent, so now we can get on with the story. I understand Lulu and Dante are to blow Lucky's cover. Another misstep and highly improbable. Yet again we will have Lu and Dan sucking face instead of actually moving their storylines forward. Enough already.

Loved the Brenda-Jason confrontation. There is lots of chemistry there if the writers would only exploit it rather than rubbing more Brenda and sad old Sonny in our face.

Looking forward to the culmination of the Lisa storyline. Now that was excellent writing and acting.

Anonymous said...

i heard on the radio today that Adrienne Barbeau will be interviewed tomorrow on the local radio station. I am assuming she is going to talk about GH and what she is doing. For those of you who arent in Philly to hear it live on WMGK, the interview is supposed to be podcast online at their website to listen to after it takes place.