Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why Jimmy Carter?


Hey, in a hail to the old banner days, chew on that one for a bit!! BTW, the credits will be ROTATING so the whole "Where's Epiphany/Matt" is answered. 

Tracy has a fever..and a few dreams!!

New Spoilers are UP! Luke Finds Tracy..who's had some hallucinations of her own. Pretty funny ones by the looks of it!!
OMG, Tracy and Hells were fun today. Wizard of Oz--then the whole fiber thing!! LOL. Skye realizes that Luke really loves Tracy. Although Robin Christopher being reduced to a basic plant stand is just stupid.
Brooke Lyn might be great for the show. Sure perked people up! Johnny, Dante...Lulu and Olivia. People were more fun than they've been in a LONG time. Her accent keeps coming and going though.
Claire--Lucky...zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Although she is someone different for him I guess. I wish she had family in town though. She so needed to be related to Diane.
Michael and Jason talking in Jail...this is going to go on foreveah!!
Lulu and Dante, powerful stuff.  Although making the abortion such a HUGE ISSUE in 2010-- I don't know how I feel about that. Lulu shouldn't be scared to tell him, I guess. Just my OPINION. I LOVE how they had Dante react!! THANK you writers! "It makes me love you even more"!! I guess I can eat my words, that was  great scene.

please: EVERYONE needs to boycott Scum-boy Jesse James on Nightline tonight. If that scum gets ZERO ratings maybe we'll never EVER SEE his face again! HE comes off more of a douche (if possible) than before. ugh. HATE!!


Dana said...

I loved the Michael Jason scenes I thought it was the best part on today show..
I think we are seeing more clues on what Michael has been trough..
and I love how Jason talked with him..
Steve and Chad did amazing work today

Sorry can't go on the Lante Hype

I am happy to see more action at Jake's finally

Anonymous said...

Amen to the boycott. Can't wait to see Dante's reaction! Exercise, then GH as a reward. Nicky

Love4dogs said...

I agree Brooke Lynn's accent goes in and out. She did NOT have that accent during her last go round on this show.

And geesh, I am not great at math...however....how would Dante and Brooke Lynn have grown up together...SOARing or not, that just does not add up. Olivia and Dante are supposed to be age range appropriate (but Sonny throws a wrench in that).

Anonymous said...

I must admit I loved the Dante and Lulu scenes. Especially after all of his proclamations about abortion being the easy way out. I was expecting him to get a little flustered or upset. I do agree that in 2010 there shouldn't be a reason for a woman to feel the need to disclose to her boyfriend whether or not she had an abortion in the past, nor do I feel said boyfriend should feel the need to get upset about it. However, in Dante and Lulu's case, it needed to be brought up and discussed between them, mainly because he was raised by a teen mother and he was raised Catholic. A lot of Catholics are pro-Life and this could have been a huge obstacle for them.

I loved the scenes at Jake's. It was great to see Brook Lyn being welcomed back and to see how they all knew each other or were related. I like how Maxie showed she didn't like her much and her worry over whether or not she posed a threat to Lulu's relationship. Great acting in just those few glances between Maxie, Lulu, Dante and Brook Lyn . . . even Johnny and Ethan.

Rita Pita said...

Well Ned is aorund the same age as Olivia and Sonny and he's brooklyns dad so it actually makes sense to me. Dante is just a tad older looking

Andrea said...

I was so very happy that they didn't drag out the Lulu telling Dante about her abortion or had Carly use it against them. Lulu told him, he was a great boyfriend and was very understanding. Now Carly can't use it as leverage.
I didn't see a spark with Johnny and Brook Lynn. Maybe more will happen later. Would be interesting to see Olivia and Brook going after the same man!!

Leesy said...

Could we get a definitive spelling on "Brook Lynn"? They are pronouncing it like it is one word, brooklyn, but as I remember Lois named her Brooke Lynn (with a wink to her home town area). Or, we could just call her "Brookie" like her mama did, hahaha. She's a bit thinner than before, and her voice is lovely...but that girl is up to nooooo good!(does she know Johnny? or is it an instant attraction deal?) lololol....thanks Carley..

Love4dogs said...

Yes, Rita Pita, Ned is the same age as Olivia and Sonny...that's my point...Olivia had Dante at 15/16 yrs old. Ned was no teenager when Brooke Lynn was born. It just doesn't quite add up.

No matter...it's not like I haven't suspended belief before while watching soaps. :-)

Andrea said...

I'm only half way thru yesterday's show.. but Olivia putting her arm around Johhny in front of Brooke Lynn. PRICELESS!!!!!!!! It was soo spot one!

Andrea said...

Oh and I def. see a spark between Johnny and BL