Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Guza in "OZ"?? AIDS Walk NYC and more!!

Quite a rumble was heard around the Twitter-Verse this week. No, it's not that LAW and ORDER is canned after 20 years-it's the new and gruesome rumor running around about Michael Corinthos Jr. If you haven't heard it...Daytime Confidential is speculating that Guza just might GO THERE with this prison romp. Where? Well...think HBOs "OZ"..or "Prison Break" and what happens to young men known as "Fresh Meat". Now, I can't say I've confirmed this. My sources have a beating and Jason getting beaten badly FOR Michael. I did hear that it was IMPLIED that Michael gets raped. Meaning we see the after effects, not the real thing in any way, shape or form. I'm figuring that Guza, wanting to secretly write for The Sopranos all these years has found a new dream to focus on: Brutality in Prison. Hey, you know our head writer!!

Hi, I'm here to fill in when I can.

That brings me to the lastest bitch I have. Why on EARTH does GH bring on character after charater only to let them languish in back burner hell time after time? Lately it's Maya Ward. Ok, we got doses of her on and off for a few Zip. Do we see her at the Q mansion? Nah. (you'd have to show the Q's more than 2-3 times a month for that). Warren Bauer and his wife? We got them thrown in after Keifer died (I would have loved to have seen a backstory on that death..making us care about the kid a bit) and now...they've been off canvas so much I forgot what they look like. Steven Lars? He babysits Liz' kids and Lisa every once and awhile. Claire, the legal-eagle...someone with NO ties to the history of GH is on more than these people. Let's not even go to the Dr. Matt travesty. :eyeroll: Bajeebus. Even if he DOES get a story in the next few months, who the hell cares by now?? Valentin? Never mentioned again after a pretty big build up with Helena cringing like a baby in GH because of his "evil"  Whatever. I really believe that the story arcs on this show are thrown out there and then abandoned at will depending on a certain someone's whim at the moment.

Ok, enough of that. Lante made the love-- people were giddy over the scenes as you know but now they are in the Carly cross-hairs, which may prove entertaining or really, really contrived. Brooke Lynn had better interact a LOT with the Q's, damn it.  Her gram Tracy won't be around, so who knows what will happen.

NUMorgan...making me cry...

New Morgan go to me this week in his scenes with Maurice. Very touching. The whole Yankee thing is a bit much, but it serves it's purpose. I do miss Aaron R..and now that his pilot didn't get picked up, could he be back??

Did you like the OLTL musical? Let me know. I thought some of the numbers were good, others a bit uh...tacky? Still, it's different and something to watch and lose track of time for awhile.

Today, Wubbers are walking in the NYC AIDS Awareness Walk-- with one Alberta the Lobster!! She'll be right there, taking part. Thank you for all the ad clicks on the site, we raised over $100 for the cause. Can't wait for some pics.

There are some spoilers up on the WubsNET as you know... and it doesn't look like we'll have a whole lot of "Summer Lovin' right now. There's always hope though. Always hope.


  1. cause it's the sonny/jason/carly show. No one else matters.

  2. I can't stop with the GH-related horse names...

    Big Alice,
    Nurse Jeesie
    What a Lulu
    It's My House...I Gave It To You Haunted Star
    Miss Star Eyes
    Back In Bensonhurst
    Pink Cadillac
    Asian Quarter
    Ruby's Chili
    Sam's Hot Tub
    Launch To Wyndemere
    Mayor Floyd
    Mr. Big


  3. I myself find it hard to believe that Sam supports Jason going to prison for 5 years. When he was going to confess for claudia's murder, granted it would be several more years, but still Sam quickly said no, his parents were responsible blah blah. But now she says it's jason's "place" to go to prison to protect michael? Yet he refused to be part of his sons life? Whatever.

    I can't tell if they are trying to redeem nik or have him go dark. he's great as a protector/savior ala Emily's cancer story so perhaps they will redeem him with him helping Alexis per the spoilers. As for Lucky, I don't see him with Claire one bit. I really like her, but the only one I want Lucky with, is Liz. Who knows how they will fill the time when Becky goes on maternity leave.

    I am so bored with Spixie! Give maxie to someone else, maybe Stephan. That would bug Liz which would be interesting.

  4. GH should just save the money and get rid of all the other characters but Sonny/Carly/Jason and crew. re name the show "the Corinthos' " it would save Guza the pretense of having stories for the other characters. He always wanted to write the Supranos anyway It is soo past time for a Head writer change.

  5. If they "go there" with Michael, they will lose this viewer. I am not into this kind of drama. That is why I don't watch shows like Oz.

    If you want to make it on GH, you have to be in with Sonny/Carly/Jason storylines. If you are not, sionara!

  6. I have been watching GH for 30+ years and I swear if they "go there" with Michael I will shut it off for good. While I love Maurice Bernard, and don't really get too wound up over the violence there is no way I want to the aftermath of THAT!

    I long for the days of Lois, Brenda, Ned and least there was some fun back then.

  7. I've been done with GH for about a year.
    After hoping for eons the storylines would get better, I get it that Guza is off his effing rocker.
    Done, done, done.

  8. Count me among the numbers that will be done with GH if they 'go there' with Michael. Absolutely ridiculous - PLEASE don't!

    Anyone see the chemistry between Jason and Claire? I just can't see Jason and Sam together - once Liason was ripped apart I don't see anywhere for Sam and Jason to go either.

  9. I know how many people really loved Kish, so when I saw this, I had to post it. named Scott Evans #2 in its Hot 100. Here is the link:
    Number 1 was Neil Patrick Harris.