Friday, May 28, 2010

General Hospital Friday: Rejoice in OLD SCHOOL Cassadine/Spencer sheeze!

First of all, let us take a moment to say goodbye to Gary Coleman. When I was younger, he was just the best thing on TV for awhile. His life seemed sad towards the end though.

TODAY'S SHOW: OMG, is Pentonville a SILENT PRISON? (like MTV's Silent Library?!) because it's DANG QUIET there. I'd pipe in some background noise at least. Carly asks Michael what happened. UGH...CARLY he's in JAIL..peeps get BEAT UP in there!

Claire is SO falling for the Dimples. She might say one thing to Lucky but we all know better. They all end up in the same place, girlie. Don't try to fight it!!
I loved the Shirley stuff. ML is such a great actress. Just comfortable. I hope they do her death as well as her 'life' on here.

Brooke Lyn and LULU?

I don't know why but Lulu/Dante/Brooke Lyn remind me of The Hills in some weird way. LOL. Maybe it's the banal talk...or the hair styles.

Lucky and Nikolas' talk was enjoyable. Like it when they fight..and LOVE that Nik is a Cassadine!! LOVE having JJ and TC back together-- old school feta, baby!! Stefan mention, the RAPE-- wowza. NICE. Liz is SO Laura inbetween those two!!

 And why couldn't they have had a scene with Helena and Kristina?? I blame block taping.
Speaking of-- some o the scenes shown today were supposed to air next week...I think due to Memorial Day. Remember that Monday, GH will be a rerun of Michael's testimony.

Nice: Let's get married to have sex cause of the jail sentence!!  ROMANCE!!

HEY, have a great weekend. See you on the Sunday Surgery Blog!!


dar said...

Count me among the growing number of people who are reading your blog instead of watching the Scummy and Snarly Show. After 30 years of viewing, the prison rape was the last straw for me. I bought my first vcr back in the day for GH. It sounds stupid but I feel as though an old friend has died.

kdmask said...

WOW, a lot of people are NOT watching, I'll have to keep a big eye on those ratings!!

Frisco said...

I have not been able to post for a while so will try to keep my comments brief.

As much as I liked Carly and Jax if Jax takes her back he is a totally jellyfish. There seems to be another chem test with Jax and Skye. I could get behind these two (again) but I have a more thinking outside the box idea. There is someone else on the show whose spouse takes them for granted - Tracy. What about a Jax and Tracy pairing?

Then there is the question of who to pair Carly with since she has been with just about everyone. With Brook Lynn back in town what if daddy Ned was to return and hook up with Carly? Imagine the reactions this would get from Jax, Alexis, Brook Lynn, etc. Then imagine Edward, Monica and Tracey when Ned moves Carly into the Q mansion! Perhaps Jax will be living there with Tracy!

Then there is Spinelli and Maxie. I use to like Spinelli but too much of a good thing is sickening and I am beyond sick of him. The scene Maxie had at Jakes with Johnny, Matt, Maya, etc. was the type of Maxie I have been missing. It is time to write Spinelli off the show...but don't kill him...Maxie has too many dead boyfriends.

Similar to Spinelli I use to like Dante but too much of him lately. He also seems to be morphing into Sonny which makes me dislike him all the more.

The whole Claire's biologicial clock is beyond annoying...obvious a set-up to make her look like a suspect when Liz's baby goes missing.

I leave the room during any Sonny or Jason scene so can not comment other then to say WHERE THE HELL HAS BOBBIE BEEN DURING THE WHOLE TRAIL AND IMPRIOSONMENT OF HER GRANDCHILD?

Also, anyone notice the hired help, Max, dresses better then his boss, Sonny? Enough with the shiny suits Sonny.

For the next sweeps period I would like to see GH do something truly unheard of and not show any of their main characters, ie., Sonny, Jason, Carly, Sam, Dante, Lulu but do a full week with Maxie, Matt, Robin, Patrick, Monica, Tracy, Edward, Coleman, Diane, Max, Milo. Oh, and kill off Lisa, Claire, and Olivia.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "Daytime Confidential"?I can't seem to get it.

kdmask said...

testing the comment thing! People haven't been able to leave them.