Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TODAY's GH and Tomorrow is Emmy Nod Day!

Loved AZ/Michael playing "Kevin Bacon" in the pokey. "Six Degrees of Separation"....May has so turned into The Jail Month. How spooky to do scenes with BW!! eee! His voice makes me shiver. He's so good as Anthony, I've missed him.

Carly's telling Dante that Olivia was much smarter than her. And baring her soul to Dante? Uh, ok, she was going to kill him...now she's all ...spilling her guts.  LOL. She forgives him. If you know the spoilers, you know it's a snowjob but it would have been amazing if true!! LOL Laura Wright did a great job. So did JMB.

Today's show was dragging!!!!!!!! I did love when Jason told Sonny It's NOT ABOUT YOU!!

Line of the day Liz to Lucky "Don't you think it's a bad idea that you're hanging around in a bar with your former drug dealer"?! LOL

A CHURCH! Sonny! A Church... well, I guess it's as good as place as any to talk to Livvy.

Here's a HYSTERICAL GH JIBJAB from Wubber Crackie. I swear you will LOVE it. Takes awhile to load but so worth it! Let me know how you like it.

Emmy Noms will be on the CBS Morning Show Tomorrow. Last year it was almost at the end. I'll try to have the nominations up here as soon as I can. So, if you are at work, check back.  GOOD LUCK TO GH PEEPS!

GO over to abc.com and see Laura Wright's commentary on yesterday's show! LOL.."Orange is not Chad's color".  Very fun.

LAST 10 HOURS TO BID for the FABULOUS SIGNED AIDS Walk Bears!!! GET your bid in today!! AIDS walk is Sunday.  Alberta the Lobster is in NYC looking on 5th Ave last time I heard.


Frank Strovel III said...

Chad Duell shares your fear of Anthony Z. During commentary on Monday's episode over at abc.com, the scene where AZ walks in to speak with Michael for the first time, Duell typed "Oh crap."

Andrea said...

She yells at Lulu for standing by her man, yet that is what she has done for Sonny. Always.