Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Red, White and Blueberries! are you spending this fine day? I got my poppy down at the grocery store to wear and am hanging out our flag. Truth about me? Both my Grandfathers were in WWI --that's ONE! They were both close to 50 when my parents were born...strange but true. No one in WWII. Dad was in the Navy for a year. That's as close as I get to the service.

Today is a rerun of Michael's testimony to Judge Hayseed. I keep wondering how Drew would have played it. I like Chad a lot, but I also wonder what it would have been like if the other had stayed.

Here's a wonderful charity opportunity I'd like to tell you about involving a former GH actress. Annie Wersching was on GH in 2007 as Amelia Joffe-- and is now on "24". She is having a baby and her fans are asking for donations to Project Precious Life. You can send donations or goods to help Precious Life Shelter which provides residential and supportive services for homeless pregnant adult women before, during, and after childbirth. It is located in Los Alamitos, California.

Who can tell me why I mentioned blueberries in the title of this--what does it have to do with GH??! (one of the most hilarious scenes ever, imo)!!

BIG SPOILERS (well, you know....kinda big) are up!! Tomorrow it's back to the grind. Hopefully, I'll live tweet during the show and blog after. Have a great day.
THANK YOU for all your comments below!! WOW, a lot of you have quite a few great things to say about the show.


AntJoan said...


Happy Memorial Day! I'm getting ready to go to my second family BBQ this afternoon (my sister had a great one on Saturday, and the weather's been beautiful here!).

Did you read my post about forwarding all the comments to TIIC? I was serious about this, and hope you find a way to do it, we are all obviously so frustrated, and on the same page!

And, yes, I love Liz and Jason together, too!!

P.S. Ashamed to say that I don't know what the blueberries mean!

Anonymous said...

I'm just chilling out today. Did some homework for my criminal law class tomorrow, but i'm basically listening to my pandora stations and reading.

My grandfather and a bunch of my great uncles were in WWII--a few of whom died there. My aunt is actually trying to get the street my great uncle lived on named after him.

Anonymous said...

Both my grandfathers were in WWI, just like yours. One an Irish immigrant; one a second generation born New Englander. Guess which one never left the U.S. shore and which one had a bullet go in his wrist and come out his elbow (or the other way around) b/c he was sent to the frontlines. If you guessed the Irish immigrant, you are correct. Dad was at Ft. Knox during the Korean Conflict.