Friday, May 7, 2010

Look Who's Back Together!! General Hospital VETS...

Tristan Rogers and John Reilly will star together in the the Webseries: Reality Bytes!! That's right folks, how fun is that!!? Producer Jim Romanovich is in the center. YEAH!! I can hardly wait until they start filming. 

OLTL--The guy that plays Kelly's mystery guy is really BAD.  Not only can't he act, he has NO "It" factor. NONE! Painful to watch. Hannah...ugh, hate. Tea's toomah? Sniff.  All in all OLTL is really not bringing it for me. Sad, but true since I used to love the show so damn much. Good to see some Native  Americans on there-- authentic and all. Sort of a Northern Exposure vibe with the necklace. 

GH: New Spoilers are up. News? Well, seems Aaron Refvem's pilot didn't get picked up so MAYBE he'll be back to GH!! Here's hoping. Man, that kid yesterday was NO MORGAN. ;/
Today was the big "The Police and Justice are A-hole  Day"!!! Get your popcorn. Dante is going to go down and big. There goes my hopes that he could have SAVED Michael. Guza could have written this all differently. But, hey, he wanted his OZ fantasy-- and Jason saving the day. Whatever. I can only hope Dante finds out the judge was bribed and that's how Michael gets out of prison. 
"Sorry,  Morgan, you're completely overlooking the fact that everyone hates Dante"... says Molly
At least Mike i s still around. 
Jolivia mentioned MAINE!! WOOT! ;) I think they were showing the Queen some lobstah love.
Oh, Helena is getting some choice moments, isn't she? I'm so happy!!  "You American Nouveau Riche" LOL. "OUR" Luke as Hells says. Luke can be quite thrilling when properly stimulated.
Johnny's impact statement was interesting. He was actually pretty good about Michael. 
Maxie and Lucky-- trying to get them together in WHATEVER way possible!?

ALMOST FORGOT! Chrissie Fit's SUBRANOS has it's new WILD Friday Eppy! 

WHO watched Oprah's 10th anniversary of her mag show? WOW..tons of stars! LaLucci was on with her son. She looked awesome. Oprah had on a "Glinda" skirt or what? WOW. Dr. Phil shaved his mustache. heh. 
Anyway, have a great night. Hopefully some good GH news will come on in this weekend. xxoo

James Franco NEWS: You could star with him in a short film!! Yes YOU COULD! 826 Valencia is sponsoring this once in a life  If any of you enter me...I shall kill you. LOL


Curlygirl715 said...

I haven't watched today's episode yet, but seriously, they need to watch some Law and Order.

Sonny was pleading not guilty becuase of self-defense. Why was Michael never given that option? Did he even get to speak to Diane at all before being sentenced?


Anonymous said...

I read in the GH wikipedia, that Vanessa Marcil is returning June 24th.

AntJoan said...

Be still my heart . . .VM coming back?

Lori said...

Dear Karen darling... I not only entered you in the Franco sweepstakes once, I entered you a dozen times. You may thank me privately. I know your secret lust for Franco knows no boundaries and I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that you two meet face to face. (After all he seems to stalk you regularly)

Much love... Pooks ;)

Anonymous said...

The judge said Michael plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and agreed to forego a jury trial.
If Michael did not have access to his attorney, that could be appealed, but we did not see Diane protest the deal, so she probably talked with him offscreen.

Michael did plead down, to involuntary manslaughter, given it was not premeditated and was in defense of others. It wasn't self defense because Claudia never threatened him, just Carly and Josslyn. He came in swinging before she knew he was there.

Having said all that, I do believe Michael will be freed. With Franco due back, why not have Lucky and Dante work together to find the evidence on Franco? No corrupt judge, but good old fashioned police work frees Michael and makes the police the heroes. And make it be the evidence would have been found much sooner without the coverup. It's happened before, when everyone covered up
Michael "killing" AJ and it was actually his therapist. We already know Franco was there, so why not have him be the real killer, who finished the deed, as he did in the shootout? Then again, this is GH so of course it will be "Prison Break" and a bribed judge.

But turning this into a corrupt judge sends a really sad message. Too many people already distrust the justice system and even though this is only a story, many opinions are turned with fiction. How many people believe "CSI" is accurate?

Diane described the judge as tough but fair and never turned over on appeal. The judge explained why he made his decision, and imposed the lowest penalty. He ruled what he felt was fair under these circumstances. If this was a prime time crime show, without the "need" for Michael to stay on the canvas, the decision might even be seen as lenient.

Lee said...

Anyone else think it might be Edward who paid off the judge? To turn Michael away from Sonny and Jason- I kept thinking that during the judge's speech.
Maybe the Ward girls will uncover the truth?

Would LOVE to see Brenda back but not if it is only for a day or two.

Italyanboy said...

I saw this on Entertainment Weekly website. This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok. so I watch 7 straight episodes of GH this weekend. All I have to say is...Ok. I don't have much to say.
I want Lulu to give it back to Carly 110%.
I LOVE Tracy for telling Carly how it is. Is Carly really this thick headed to not even think that the reason Michael is in this mess is because of HER and Sonny and their choices? Quit blaming everyone else already!
I also LOVE Tracy for digging up the dirt on Helena. Is Tracy the only smart person in PC? If so, us viewers are in trouble.
I must have missed the part where the judge got paid off, but I am assuming it is in the spoilers? If this is the case, I will be completely disgusted. Why must the writers always make the law look ignorant/corrupt? This sends no message I want to see.
Helena/Nikolas is ridiculous. Nik knows the mess Helena can cause. Why let her near his kid OR near Liz.

finally, this is a rant on last weeks episode: How in the WORLD did the jurors get to stay at a plush hotel like the Metro Court? First of all, it is owned Carly, who is the ex-wife of Sonny?
Second, how do they still get access to roam around free/go to the workout room/walk into the courtroom unatteneded by a cop? (all pertaining to Lisa). First of all, any person I have met that has been on a jury has had to stay at a crap hole hotel, no access to the outside world. Cannot get newspapers, watch tv or listen to the radio, in case there is something about the trial in them.
Finally, all jurors are supposed to go to the courthouse together with a guard. Sheesh. Lets not make a total mockery of our legal system writers. I know this stuff is fictional, but even other tv shows (and even soap operas) do a little more research than this and try to get some of it right. Seems like GH didn't even try.

PS. Lulu and Dante Love scenes were the best part of the week. WOW!!!

Sorry for the rant. I have kept this bottled up for a week and a half!

Andrea said...

the last anonomous was me.

jill said...

There is a "defense of other" that has the same result as self defense... said...

Surely, the guy is totally just.