Friday, May 14, 2010

NuMorgan makes me sniffle...OLTL Gleefully Sings

OLTL..I enjoyed the second half of the show. The group numbers were "off" to me. Don't like the lip syncing at ALL..especially if they can sing IRL (Kassie DP, Brody). Hannah could belt it out! Someone said she's a broadway actress. Who knew!!? Not keeping up am I?? As much as it's not Glee, gotta hand it to them for trying something different.
NEWS: Shanelle Edmonds (Destiny) was signed to a contract !! woot!

GH: NuMorgan got me a sniffling today..geesh. He and Maurice were great. This Morgan seems younger to me than Aaron R.  How about the prison "yard" LOL... although the one guy the did cast well--bald, tatts on neck...straggly goatee thing. 
Lucky trying to skirt the law with the judge? He IS Luke's son.
Carly handing over Morgan to Jax. And Jax being the level headed guy-- and wanting to actually ask Morgan?? The whole "Morgan Jacks" thing is interesting. Maurice KILLED it today. It was heartbreaking.

And they mention the Bauers again. Diane and Alexis are on, finally talking about the storyline that's been pushed under the rug for eons. There's the civil suit. Finally.

Jake's mentioned. Jason.
"I just make people wish they were dead" says Nikolas! GET your Cassadine on!! I love it when he acts all Prince-like. Loved his talk with Krissy.
Luke is back!
So, Jason's off to Pentonville, or as I like to say ATTICA! ATTICA! ATTICA! ...he'll be in a jean shirt soon !LOL!

Aw, big rumor about Hank/Kendra breaking up over her sex tape. Just goes to show you girlies never ever make things you may regret.  (and you WILL regret them!!) Sad.  Maybe it's just a rumor..but Hugh Hef tweeted his "Support" to them both this afternoon. (See the things you learn from me?!)

Who saw Real Housewives NYC last night? GOD, Kelly is so INSANE!! She really is. I am loving Alex and Bethenny. I bet even the Hooters girlies thought those ladies were being over drama on the yacht! LOL.

EEEEE! I think Diane Downs' daughter is on 20/20 tonight! WOW..loved that book. Amazing movie with Farrah Fawcett


  1. Odd that after so many recastings of Michael C 3 that they are setting it up for him to be killed. Think maybe that's where they are going with that storyline?

    Saw the old Morgan on a show last night or the night before. CSI NY. Did a great job.

    Just my two cents. Vikki at

  2. I loved Carly today. LW did a great job with the material and I loved her in jeans. And Nu-Morgan is all right... it will take a while to get used to him. I loved Aaron. Couldn't believe Sonny said he would take Kristina to a baseball game "even though she was a girl." Are you kidding me? My mother is absolutely insane about baseball and last I checked, she had did not have a Y chromosome. Chauvinist pig.

    Nikolas and Kristina was so nice. Family bonding. And Alexis and Diane will always make me smile, no matter what they are up to.

    Which brings me to the low point of the show. No matter how hard I try, I cannot like Lulu. I once read an article that said she was only concerned about her womanly parts. And I have to agree. Whatever guy she is with, she cheerleads for disregarding EVERYONE else. Her pleading for Dante is like listening to her plead for Johnny a few years ago. I can't blame Carly for wanting to kick her butt. The absolute NERVE and arrogance of this girl to go to Carly to plead for Dante was unbelievable. It actually made me want to throw things at the tv. She never wants to deal with the consequences of her actions- just wants to pretend like she knows best and it drives me crazy. Ugh.

    That being said, I feel for Dante because he did what he thought was right. Everyone ganging up on him is awful.

  3. All the singing on OLTL got on my nerves...Hannah can sing though. Brodie, sadly, cannot- at least not that song. I think it's funny how the "adults" are involved in all the "high school musical/prom" drama. Roxie singing with the kids was hysterical though.

    As far as GH, I just cannot get into NuMorgan. I do think Chad is doing a good job as Michael. Beyond that I am completely done with the whole Claudia killing as well as the whole Kiefer's dead drama- I just don't care. I pray this show gets good again soon...

  4. katiekat: it sounds more like you are mentioning carly than lulu imo when you said she doesn;t deal with the consequences of her actions. That has Carly written all over it. And the gull of jason, don't even get me started, But I do agree that lulu did that when michael first was in a coma re Johnny. I don't know if its the actress that annoys me or the character. She doesn't bother me when she's with Dante so kudos to him. Kinda liked the zingers Liz gave maxie earlier in the week (drug supplier, faking the pg).

  5. I also loved Nik/Krissy talk. As for Jason, why couldn't he get himself a shorter sentence, say 2 years, instead of risking being put away for 5 when Michael most likely will get out in 2 (or, even sooner, as we all know).

  6. SID announced tonight that Dominic Zamprogna's wife, Linda, is pregnant with their first child and it is a little girl. Best wishes!!

  7. Rita Pita: I think you're right- Carly is exactly the same and I was thinking that as I was typing lol I think maybe it is JMB that might drive me a little nuts. I feel like Lulu is a whiner as opposed to LW's Carly who at least takes control (And I am NOT a Carly fan). It might be the way the character is played.

  8. I like Lulu for some reason--she reminds me of the Old Laura. Selfish ;)
    For me, the biggest thing GH is doing is chopping up it's stories again and making them too drawn out. Like Keifer-and why bother bringing back Maya or Steven Lars if they are just filler people?

  9. I myself can picture Stephan as Gay. Anyone agree? Would be nice if GH tackled that storyline and did it right. maybe Gasp!) bring Lucas back and have a cougar story, lol. Scott Reeves is too yummy to waste this way. Bring in someone for him, or test the waters with robin or Sam. I love scrubs, but they are really pushing Patrick towards Lisa.

  10. In defense of Lulu, I think this time around she is different than with her other boyfriends. She hopped on the Johnny bandwagon practically minutes after meeting him. With Dante it has been a slow build for them. She hasn't gone around town proclaiming her love and devotion to him like she has in the past.

    For once she is standing by a man of the law. She shouldn't have to defend her actions or his. Carly, Jason and Sonny are the criminals. They covered up an accidental murder when they had no reason to. Carly had just given birth, Claudia was stealing her child and Michael happened to cross paths with them. Instead of calling the police and being upfront about it, they covered it up, perjured themselves on the stand and now want to blame every single person in town for Michael being in prison except for themselves.

    Lulu probably shouldn't have gone to Carly to ask for her help in keeping Dante alive. But she was reacting out of love and concern for the man she loves. She knew Jason would be on the warpath and wanted to stop him. Carly is the best person to approach Jason for that. Was she wrong? Hell yes, but I can't blame the girl for trying.

  11. Kudos to NuMorgan. Tough scenes to tackle on short notice and he's doing fine. Seems like a lot of the new younger actors on GH lately have been baptized by fire. Thrown right into big storylines. Probably the most credit goes to Mark Teschner and GH's casting department.