Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Scoops UP! Get 'em while they are HOT!

My fave Niecy Tweeted this in the morning hours. I loves it!

Still not a lot of stuff at all on the whole Keifer story.  I'm thinking it's going the way of the whole Mayor thing. You know, it will pop up one day, finish up and that will be that. Sources keep saying MATT will have a story but I'm not believing it until I see it with my own Wubbly Eyeballs. How do they expect us to care about anyone when they keep dropping stuff? :throws up hands: It's going to be all jail for awhile and of course, "Carly's Revenge". I am  looking forward to the Helena/Tracy stuff. Guess Skye's hanging out until TG gets home.  (Filming now)
GO! Get to WUBS NET and check them out. Now, there are no shockers up there. IT's the way the writing's been going lately.

Albera was at the POZ event in NYC last night! Can you guess which OLTL hunk she's biting!?

I won't be here to blog today so please use this to put your comments on! Let me know how the show was and if I should bother watching. xxoo!


  1. Helena was on so you should definitely watch:)

  2. Why would Sam and Jason have to get married for her to visit him in the pen? Jason is not married to Anthony and he visits all the time. Not to mention Olivia and Sonny have both visited him and they aren't related. OK, I guess technically Sonny was by marriage.

  3. Maybe Sam wants to get married to Jason so she can get conjugal visits and not just regular ones. :-)

  4. Actually the writers are wrong as usual. You don't need to be married to have conjugal visits in New York State.

  5. Helena was on and Nik was being a true Cassadine. You could see how nervous Liz got about that!
    Diane and Alexis had some good dialogue together, so that would be worth watching.
    Carly told Jax to adopt Morgan at the end.
    Morgan and Sonny talked. It was ok.
    Steven told of Helena...kind of.
    FF Sam and Jason, so you will have to ask someone else about that.

  6. I thought the show was a waste of the 15 minutes it took me to FF through most of it...

  7. Helena 1972