Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Connie Towers! All Hail Helena!

When Connie first came to GH in the 90's no one knew what to expect. Helena Cassadine was after all, once played by Elizabeth Taylor--how do you follow that? Well, we got a wonderful actress and MORE with her take on the Evil Empress! Her old-school Hollywood charm and theater training wow'd all of us and won us all over in no time. Now I can't imagine anyone else in the role.
For 9 years I ran her website and got to know her very well. She's a wonderful person and just great to each and every fan. If you've received a handwritten letter from her, you know what I mean! Sending snail mail to the studio is the best way to show her your appreciation and I know she loves hearing from all of us. Her fan group "The Hells' Belles" is one of the many things she treasures about being on GH. 
To have her back on the show is wonderful, isn't it? Helena can be such a great part of the whole fabric and I wish she had been on more over the years. Love having her in Wyndemere and with Spencer!! "Grammy Hella" is perfect.
In addition to her TV appearences, she's also been staring in a stage production of "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks" which recently had a limited run in Canada this winter.
Please think about dropping her a note at the studio, she'll love hearing from you!

Constance Towers
c/o General Hosptial @ ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Fun Facts about Connie:
She is married to John Gavin who was ambassador to Mexico under Ronald Regan.
She overcame polio as a youngster in Whitefish Montana
She loves Lilacs
She appeared as a NICE character on Capitol for several years, the polar opposite of our evil Helena!
At age 11, Connie was offered a contract with Paramount Pictures. She says this about the offer:
"Here I was, this scrawny little girl who sang...and the Paramount executives made an offer. Though I could have killed myself ten years later for turning down the contract, at the time I wanted no part of it."
Thank goodness she returned to Hollywood to star in many films including " The Horse Soldiers." "Shock Corridor" and "A Perfect Murder".

SO Happy Birthday to my fave actress who makes GH watching a pleasure every time she's on the screen!!


  1. FAB tribute to an amazing lady! She is grace and elegance personified and brings that to every role she plays. Connie is a role model for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Happy Birthday to the reason I watch GH!

  2. How nice, Karen, great tribute! John Gavin, Connie's hubby, was one of the most gorgeous actors in hollywood way back when...Ala George Clooney. Nice to see two people stick it out all these years.Shows what being grounded in reality can do..HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNIE!