Friday, May 28, 2010

Ratings: General Hosptial Falls...

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Ratings for the week of May 17 - May 21, 2010
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,095,000 (-18,000/+221,000)

2. B&B 3,246,000 (+59,000/-123,000)

3. DAYS 2,552,000 (+108,000/+25,000)

4. GH 2,499,000 (-199,000/-51,000)

5. AMC 2,460,000 (-40,000/-58,000)

6. OLTL 2,341,000 (-75,000/-219,000)

7. ATWT 2,226,000 (-11,000/-168,000)
What happened at the end of last week?...Michael in jail! It will be interesting to see how many people stay/leave the show in this time...a LOT of negative comments about the entire show lately. Can Brook Lyn and Luke's crazy accents raise it back up?! And, btw...I'm not talking huge numbers here really-- all the soaps only move a tiny bit anyway anymore. Then again, 200,000 people didn't watch from the week before!! DID YOU WATCH LAST WEEK?!

BIG NEW SCOOPS up!! Also, Monday is a repeat due to Memorial Day...Michael testifies.


cyndib said...

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I did watch. I caught part of it one day and thought it was just too bleak for me. If I want to get depressed I'll watch the news and then step on the scales. There are so many great actors on GH that I feel almost guilty not supporting their efforts after all the years I've been a fan of the show. Since 1968! Too many stories wind up unfinished, too many good actors and fun characters languish somewhere in the background. This show is all about death when it comes right down to it. And that's not a fun 60 minutes in the middle of my day.
I still love checking your blog, though, Karen and keep hoping I'll read something about Guza getting fired. Sigh.

delcodave said...

I agree. I have not watched a full episode for months. I check in with the wubs every day to see what is going on and then if it sounds really good (few and far between) I will watch a few scenes online.

this show lost me, for all the reasons that are stated on this site, and all the reasons that are not.

but it is fun to see what is going on and to monitor the trainwreck

thanks for all you do for us Karen!

Leesy said...

I saw the very first episode of GH, many many moons ago. And all of this just makes me very sad. It's just a shame that no one can see what's happening and put an end to this slide into oblivion. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!! We want to love this show or we wouldn't still be here...give us something to love!

kdmask said...

thankd Dave and Cyndi! I'm glad you still take the time to read my blog!! ;) xxoooooo

Anonymous said...

Hey Wubs, I haven't watched for so long because it has become obvious that they do not write this show for the viewers but for their own desires. The show has become a cartoon for the HW to play with.

As for last week I made sure to black out and not because of Michael in jail but because of what the promo was about. They have manipulated the characters so much I don't even recognize them anymore.
Seems to me they need to listen to the word of Douglas Marland an iconic soap writer.
Thanks for giving us this forum to voice our opinions.

hrmom26 said...

i stayed far away last week because of the Jasam yuck fest every time they promo them i know not to watch or i may just be sick lol and if you look at the history the last year or so every single time the promo jasam the ratings sink hmm now why could that be....oh yeah we hate them!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely not -I can't watch Dark Shadows oh I mean GH it makes me depressed. I just recently found the real mob Sopranos on another channel so I'll get my mob fix there TY they do it better.

Michael/Jason in prison may have seemed like a good idea but no it isn't throw in rape and it really isn't.

Jasam and wanting to have sex in prison is so not right on so many levels that I can't begin to describe it. You are in prison man don't you have more important things on your mind get a freaking grip on your reality.I say let them get married and Billy Idol can sing at their "White Wedding" stupid crap.

I am interested in seeing what will happen with the Spencer/Cassadine War so I'll catch that on YT. They are striking out in the ratings and it is indeed poetic justice.

Italianoj7 said...

"It will be interesting to see how many people stay/leave the show in this time...a LOT of negative comments about the entire show lately."
I've left after watching for over 40 years. This is the lowest I've ever seen the show. I will not return until all the garbage gets cleaned up - i.e. Guza, Phelps, Frons and whoever the writers are who have caused the downfall of GH.

Italianoj7 said...

Karen, I forgot to add you are a breath of fresh air. Your site is the only one I look at anymore because of your truthfulness and wit and most generally speaking we are always in agreement with you. I still say we should get a petition going to send to Disney to make you head writer of GH. Your the best Karen. Keep up the good work.

Andrea said...

I have given up on GH. I won't watch until the get a new writing staff.

BetseyD said...

The Mob Crap just takes over the entire show - makes it boring, and generally ruins it. If I hear the words "Mob War" uttered one more time on this Train-wreck, I may just have to vomit!

They need to kick some Butt, and take names here (Guza, I am looking at you!), and completely overhaul this show.

People do not want to watch storylines that are insulting to their intelligence (the whole trial/prison storyline), and they do not want to listen to characters repeatedly referring to "Mob Wars" (Barf!) breaking out. I, for one, do not find the Mob (or Franco) storylines to be the least bit cool, entertaining or edgy; they just come across as moronic and totally unrealistic - pretty much an embarrassment to the world of Daytime Drama!

I know that I am embarrassed for them whenever I am unfortunate enough to find myself watching snippets of this show. Really, if I have it on at all, I tend to use it as background noise, unless I get really angry/disgusted/insulted and just turn it off!

Just, please, someone needs to get a clue about this show - and get in there to fix things - before it's too late!