Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scott Clifton GOES To B&B!

Well...that spunky little SOAP IS GETTING ALL OUR GH PLAYERS! Dang!! Soap Opera Digest announced on their facebook page that Scott Clifton (Dillon Q/GH Schyler/OLTL) is going to be on The Bold and The Beautiful. His character is yet to be named.
Do you know how BADLY I wanted him to come back to GH???! :/ While I'm really glad he's got work (and he's fabulous, we all know that) I'm mad as hell another fine actor (Sarah Brown, Rick Hearst) is going there.

Also, did you hear about Bret Michaels?? He's back in the hospital with a TIA and they just diagnosed a hole in his heart!! What the heck!? He needs to take a break for awhile. NO appearing on Sunday with Trump! (my orders) LOL.
Tons of Franco news...he's over in Cannes at the film fest. Sigh.
Summer Spoilers are looking boring to me--other than the HELENA ones. Looks like the ol' Spencer Cassadine war will heat up. That is if it doesn't get BUMPED by a certain someone (see above).


Leesy said...

Oh GRRRR...couldn't the powers that be see what a wonderful addition Scott would have made? Imagine him involved with Dante and Lulu (and Brooklynn?),and then Luke and Tracy and Hels!... just gets dumber and dumber

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll give you kudos about Scott--he was great as Dillon and the Quartermaines are sadly lacking these days, but personally, I'm thrilled that Sarah Brown and Rick Hearst are gone. Their stories were not realistic. But then again, none of the "legal" stuff is realistic on GH, there's so much going back and forth and conflicts of interest that it makes a mockery of the legal system. I've said it before, I'm sick of the Sonny & Carly show and GH needs to get away from the mob stuff, it's borrrrrring

AntJoan said...

Oh, no, I saw Sonny and Claire in the same sentence in your spoilers. Months ago I wrote here begging the powers that be, PLEASE don't have Claire be Sonny's millionth baby momma!

Andrea said...

Yesterdays episode was a mess. Sam giving Claire crap even though this was Jason's idea.
Maybe Sam and Ethan should hook up while Jason is in the slammer. She apologizes for the beatdown and he said he will show her some of his moves!!
I know Carly is going to use everything against her, but she gave Lulu some pretty good advice. I can't believe Carly would use Spinelli like that though. He is so guillible.
I am really hoping to see some Sam brranching out without Jason now, but I know that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Carly confused me yesterday. She gives Lulu awesome advice about trusting Dante to understand that Lulu was in a different situation than his mom and made the best choice for her at the time. Yet, I could tell she was cataloging Lulu's responses to see the best possible way to hurt Lulu - or was she trying to get Lulu away from Dante per her speech to Spinelli about how Dante is just like Sonny? A womanizer?

Has she met Dante? Does she not get that most people are a product of their environment NOT their genetics? Nature vs nurture? We've been shown and told that Dante was raised by a strong woman who taught him to respect the law, women and religion.

So what is Carly's ultimate plan? Does she want Dante to suffer by losing Lulu? Or does she want Lulu to go through another horrible break-up with yet another boyfriend cheating on her? Either of those options, seems poor consolation for having a son in prison.

And it will probably bite her in the behind anyway.