Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco DeMayo Sex and Whale Talk!!

Today's GH was full of fun. Lante starts out with some good ol' food sex. Slicing tomatoes, sucking on blood from cut fingers, cheese discussion.

Jolivia got cozy at his new apartment that is crammed full of flowers. Does he actually water all those? Remember when Crazy Daddy talked to the plants? If Johnny does that we know things are going south!!

Michael gets an army of visitors in jail. Geesh. He and Steve Burton did a fab job today!! Jason told Michael to "think of the whales" when he went to sleep. I made whale noises today on twitter. LOL. EEE eee EEE eee!!! Michael laid there, thinking of them whales. Ok, it was "Mexico" but hell, I like the whale noises better.

THE BIG SHOCKER TODAY?????????? Giant HUGE SHOCKER??????? JASON apologized to ROBIN-- !! For being mad at her for telling the truth about who Michael's father was! :thud:!! Wow. Carly better not hear him talking like that. Nice use of the past today. Robin telling Patrick her heart was put back together by Jason so she could "give it to him". Awwww!!

Lante sex finally happened around 3:53ish? SO, tomorrow will be even more of the hotness. That was pretty nice. Good heavy breathing, black lace bra... tattoos...geesh. It was pretty detailed and H-o-T!! AND they said I LOVE YOU 2x to each other!!
Alert: They even BLURRED HER BOOBS on TV...whahahahahhaa!! sizzzzzzzzlah.

SEE you tonight for the Happy Town tweets!!


TwilightEternity said...

here is a link to an article about a bakery in Santa Monica that made a special cupcake in honor of they're favorite GH couple,its called "Lante"! Too cute and the pics of JB and DZ are cute!

I purposely have not watched tuesday or wed shows just to hold out,but damn even more on thursday! Awesome!

TwilightEternity said...

here is another, video interview of Julie and Dominic rehersing the big scene from ET.

Sorry,but I do love these two!

Lori said...

Holy Hotness Batman!!! lmao

I want to thank Julie and Dom for doing such a great job for the fans. We waited a long time and they did not disappoint!!

Side Note: Kudos to Steve Burton. His performance today was really great and to see him on the verge of tears the whole hour was heartwrenching.

AntJoan said...

Great Lante sex!! Loved the song, and I thought the scene was tastefully done, showing lots of tenderness rather than raw lust, very sweet.

TwilightEternity said...

WOW,JB boobs did get blurred out! I have never seen that happen on a soap before. And I have to say it but geez,Dante really got "in there" too didn't he! That was pretty hot for daytime!

Danan said...

I really didn't care about Lante..

the all hour I was just crying with Michael and Jason..
I liked the nod of the history when Jason came to Robin.. I liked the scrubs scenes
Steve Burton really rocked his scene he was the performer of the day.. also Chad did amazing job

Susan said...

Here is another article about the "Lante" cupcake and an interview with Julie Berman and Dominic Zamprogna.